Est. 1992
e v e ry d ay s o l u t i o n s
Length (Fully assembled) Min. 70cm , Max 102cm
• Please respect the environment.
• Dispose of the packaging according to the local recycling regulations.
• Dispose of the appliance at the end of its life span according to environmental consideration.
Model No. EL2014
Please read carefully before use and keep for future reference
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Est. 1992
e v e ry d ay s o l u t i o n s
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing the Tornado PondVac™.
Designed and patented in the U.K., No. GB 2413482, this clever device uses the Venturi
system to suck dirt, silt, dead leaves etc. from the bottom of your pond, depositing it in the
filter bag attached. The filtered and clear water then passes through back into the pond.
To prevent the hose causing obstruction, use the
cable tie supplied to fasten your hose to handle of the PondVac™
• Will clean and vacuum debris from ponds up to 4ft deep.
• Suction efficiency controlled by your tap water pressure (min. 5psi*).
• Harmless to fish and pond life.
• Place the Tornado PondVac™ in the area that requires
cleaning before turning on the water tap. The water
pressure can be controlled by turning the tap.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Pond debris makes excellent garden fertiliser
• Simply roll the Tornado PondVac™ across the bottom of the pond.
• To extend the PondVac’s reach, twist then pull out the telescopic handle and screw to lock. You
can adjust the length to reach further along the pond.
• Empty the filter bag when it is 3/4 full, rinse and replace. Each pack comes with two filter bags
and they can be cleaned with tap water. After rinsing, leave to dry before reusing.
Slide the Tornado PondVac™ head into the handle.
Ensure the two locking pins slot into the holes towards the end of the handle to secure the two sections.
Put the filter bag on top of the outlet, securing with the attached Velcro.
Before attaching your garden hose to the hose pipe connector of the Tornado PondVac™, make
sure the connector has been screwed in place securely to prevent the leakage during use.
Now attach your garden hose to the connector and the other end of your hose to the water tap.
Slot the brush attachment into the inlet.
• Your Tornado PondVac™ can be used many times a year depending on the amount of fish in your
pond and how much debris your pond collects.
• The efficiency of the PondVac™ depends on your water pressure. Most mains water pressure is
around 10psi. If the water pressure is less than 5psi, the PondVac will not work efficiently.
• Your PondVac™ is fitted with a non-return valve, this is to prevent any pond water siphoning
back along your garden hose in the event of a sudden loss of water pressure e.g. due to a mains
water failure.
• Turn the water tap off before disconnecting the hose from PondVac™.
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