Roll Laminators Troubleshooting Guide

Roll Laminators Trouble Shooting Guide
Below are some common questions and troubleshooting tips for your roll laminator.
Please always refer to the user manual which comes with your machine, and operate the
machine in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
Oh no! The laminate is not bonding to the document I am laminating.
Always ensure the laminator has had time to heat up. Ensure the heat shoes and rollers are
at the correct operating temperature prior to use. Always insure you are using high quality
HELP! My laminated document has come out all wrinkled.
Always run a test document through the roll laminator before you laminate your final
documents to ensure the heat temperature, rollers and breaks are all set correctly.
If you notice the document is coming out all creased and wrinkled, it is highly likely your
machine temperature is set too high. Reduce the temperature and allow the machine to cool
down before laminating again. Refer to your user manual with the machine for correct
temperature settings and adjust accordingly.
If the temperature is correct, check the breaks. They may be too lose. Contact our service
department and one of our friendly technicians can talk you through the process on 1800
818 582
Oh dear, the finished product is milky or hazy.
Always ensure you are using a high quality film. It is likely the temperature is set too low or
you may be using inferior film.
If there above instructions do not fix your issue or there is an issue that is not stated in the
troubleshooting guide please contact Direct National on 07 3352 4222.
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