The solution for perfect crop control
Point your crops in the right direction
The world population continues to increase and climate conditions continue to change.
These factors not only make successful crops ever more important, but an even greater
challenge, too. To grow more efficiently, use water and energy optimally and produce
vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely, you need to use the right technology.
The number of covered and irrigated crops have increased drastically over the last few
years, and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.
To get the most out of your installations and systems, a process
computer is an essential part of your cultivation. Besides the
optimization of your growing process, there are more demands a
modern process computer should meet. Your computer should be
flexible and able to adapt to your expectations. Reliability is key,
but of course, you want a computer that’s user-friendly, too. After
all, you’ll be using it every day, so you want it to be easy to operate.
An optimal control for every process
The Priva Compass process computer was developed to control not just irrigation, but climate, light, and
CO2 as well. Priva Compass is made up of compact and flexible hardware and software modules and is
incredibly easy to operate. It’s perfect for monitoring your processes any time of day. With its ultramodern technology and affordable price point, Priva Compass is the only one of its kind on the market
today. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi network, you can operate the computer from any device at any time. PRIVA COMPASS
Who is Priva?
We’re here to help business owners take the next step in developing
their enterprise. Whether you’re a grower in Mexico with a plastic
multi-span greenhouse, a Chinese breeder with a simple but efficient
solar greenhouse, or a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech
closed greenhouse system in the Netherlands: Priva has a suitable
solution for you. With every step we take together with our clients,
our top priority is more profit per square foot while using less
energy and recycling water as much as possible. Whether you’re
growing ornamental plants (like flowers and potted plants) or
healthy, high-quality fruits and vegetables, Priva provides the
solutions that help you optimize indoor climate, water recycling,
energy savings, and labor registration. Streamline your business with
process computers, air treatment systems, fertilizer dosing systems,
workplace automation, and management information systems.
A global network of partners
Of course, we don’t work in isolation. Together with our certified
partners, we’re ready to help you in over one hundred countries.
Whether you need advice, technical installation, training,
maintenance, or long-term service, we’re here to give you the support
you need.
Priva Compass in three steps
Deciding on the right Priva Compass for your crops is simple:
1. Select your themes: Irrigation, climate, photosynthesis, water, and/or energy
2. Select your level: Basic or advanced
3. Select the I/O modules that are crucial to your installation
This will give the perfect solution for you, your crops, and your ambitions.
Your crops in the spotlight
Flexible and future-proof
Local and cloud operation
Easy to use in every way
Easy installation
Priva quality and service
Crop control software
Within a crop zone, everything revolves around the crop. Using the
crop zone control modules that are part of Priva Compass, you can
operate your installations directly to control the amount of light, water
dosage, and/or the humidity level and temperature within a crop zone.
Priva Compass supports standard one weather station. In addition,
two universal measurements and two universal time programs are
being supported per zone. This allows Priva Compass to be used
For every crop zone and every theme, you can select basic or
advanced modules.
Irrigation module
Water is essential for any crop. With the irrigation modules, you can
adjust the right amount of water at the right time, to the perfect
combination for your crop. No more dehydration or poor root
Basic irrigation module
The basic irrigation module lets you set one starting strategy for up to
ten irrigation valves. Set the starting strategy to start irrigation manually
or automatically, based on a weekly schedule, time, amount of radiation,
or radiation sum.
The basic irrigation module is ideal for outdoor crops and crops that
require manual and planned irrigation, such as trees, potted and
bedding plants, and a number of types of cut flowers.
Advanced irrigation module
When your irrigation process becomes more complex or scales up,
you could consider using the advanced irrigation module. This module
supports up to forty irrigation valves and ten starting strategies. What’s
more, the module lets you optimize your starting strategies using one
drain sensor and up to ten moisture sensors. You can even connect up
to forty drain valves.
The advanced irrigation module is especially suited to large-scale
cultivation and cultivation on substrate using a mostly automated
irrigation process, such as the cultivation of vegetables, cut flowers,
and soft fruit.
Climate module
The environment conditions are important for the performance of your
crop. With the climate modules, you can simply control and optimize
temperature, air humidity and airflow. Now your crop can develop itself
optimally with minimal risks of diseases.
Basic climate module
The basic climate module lets you control the climate in one zone of
your crop area. Use it to control two groups of vents, two cooling
stages, two groups of hot-air heaters, and one screen based on one
temperature and humidity measurement inside the greenhouse over
two periods within one 24-hour period. The basic climate module is
perfect for use in garden centers and tunnel greenhouses, and ideal
for the cultivation of bedding plants and trees.
Advanced climate module
The advanced climate module has everything you need to fully
control a crop area. All controls are based on four periods per day,
with the possibility of installing four measuring boxes per crop zone.
Using this module, you can control four vents, six cooling stages, four
groups of hot-air heaters, and two wire beds with two screens each.
In addition, you can connect four more temperature sensors, four
plant temperature sensors and four separate heating systems.
The module supports four mixing valves for use with tube heating.
To even out your climate, you can also manage fans. The mist and
humidity strategy control lets you manage humidity levels in
your greenhouse. You have the possibility to connect up to twelve
temperature influences. The advanced climate module offers you
a great deal of flexibility based on outside parameters and its fully
configurable custom control programs. You could, for instance, set
the fans to stop running when the vents are opened. In this way, the
module allows you to attain the perfect climate at any given time.
The advanced climate module is perfect for you if you run a complex
installation for the cultivation of cut flowers, vegetables, or house
plants in plastic or glass greenhouses.
Photosynthesis module
Photosynthesis is the starting point of every
crop. With the photosynthesis modules, you
can control and optimize light and CO2 to
have the right balance in your photosynthesis
process. This results in a higher quality of
your crop and a higher yield.
Basic photosynthesis module
The basic photosynthesis module lets you
control one growing light circuit within one
system. You can select manual switching or a
lighting strategy that switches based on time
or radiation intensity. To keep your climate
stable during lighting, your lighting strategy
control can also manipulate your temperature
strategy control.
The basic photosynthesis module is ideal for
the cultivation of various cut flowers and a
number of ornamental plants in (plastic) multispan greenhouses and glass greenhouses.
Advanced photosynthesis module
Do you want to control multiple growing
light circuits or dose CO2? Then the advanced
photosynthesis module is the perfect choice
for you. This module lets you manage up to
four growing light circuits, based on manual
switching, time, or radiation intensity. CO2
dosing is automatically controlled based on
high or low radiation levels.
The advanced photosynthesis module is the
key to optimizing your photosynthesis. This is
especially beneficial for the cultivation of cut
flowers, vegetables, and various ornamental
plants in glass greenhouses.
Technical installation
control software
Water and energy are scarce, but necessary
for your growing operation. With Priva
Compass, you can control your water systems
and boilers with minimal use of those natural
resources. This is not only sustainable, but will
also save you a lot of money.
Energy module
The realization of an optimal climate is
indispensable without energy. With the energy
modules, you can control your boilers in the
most efficient way.
Basic energy module
If your system makes use of heating tubes,
your heat is probably supplied by a boiler. If
this boiler has its own control system, you only
need to manage the pump and you’ll find the
basic energy module is great for you. This
module can control up to two boiler pumps.
Advanced energy module
Using the advanced energy module, you can
control not just the pump, but the entire boiler
with Priva Compass. This module handles
up to four boilers plus one heat manifold.
In addition, the advanced energy module offers
completely customizable control programs.
These programs allow you to control other
installations based on the status of your
energy installation. It’s the flexibility you need
to respond to your crop’s specific needs.
Water module
At the moment your crop needs irrigation, you
need to have a water system in place to supply
it. With the water modules, you can provide
your irrigation valves with the right amount of
water and fertilizers.
Basic water module
Using the basic water module, you can control
one pump and connect one flow sensor. It’s
the ideal water module to use if your water
system has its own controls, when you don’t
apply fertigation, or when you use mechanical
dosing systems.
Advanced water module
If you’re looking for a water system with
automatic fertilizer dosing, the advanced
water module is what you need. This module
supports not only pump control and flow
measurement, but up to five dosing channels.
Use them to add EC, acid, lye, or other fluids
based on your flow, EC, or pH measurements.
You can configure and use up to eight
irrigation recipes.
Using completely customizable control
programs, you can control other installations
based on the status of your water installation.
The advanced water module is perfect for you
if you want a completely integrated way to
control and manage your dosing channel
water system.
Enterprise water module
If you use more than five dosing channels, the
Enterprise water module is your ideal choice.
It has all the features of the advanced water
module, plus an extension of three dosing
channels so you can control up to eight
channels at a time. On top of that, this module
supports EC pre-regulation software. With the
Enterprise water module, you can manage up
to eight silos and one filter flushing program.
In short, this module gives you everything you
need to control an enterprise water system.
Irrigation valves
C /RH measurement
Irrigation strategy
Strategy Periods
Heating on/off
Cooling stages
Boiler pump
Water supply pump
Flow sensor
Irrigation valves
C /RH measurement
Boiler pump
Water supply pump
Irrigation strategy
Strategy Periods
CO2 dosing
Boiler control
Flow sensor
Irrigation sensors
Heating on/off
Ring line valve
Dosing channels
Drain valves
Custom control progr. 6
Drain measurement
Cooling stages
Local temp. sensors
Localized heating
Soil temp. sensors
Water supply pump
Soil heating
Flow sensor
Mixing valves
Dosing channels
Recirculation fans
Misting strategy
Custom control progr. 6
EC pre control
Humidity strategy
Irrigation tanks
Temp. influences
Backwash control
External overrides
Custom control progr. 6
Custom control progr. 6
Hardware installation
The Priva Compass is available in two basic versions: Priva Compass 2S
and Priva Compass 4S. Depending on the number of measurements
and controls you need, you can select the version most suited to your
Every Priva Compass 2S or 4S comes with the following:
> Priva Blue ID C4 controller(s)
> Priva Gateway
> Flexibility thanks to small I/O modules
> Multi-voltage power 100-230 Vac 50-60hz
> Separate power supply to Priva Compass and
field devices (two 24 Volt DC supplies)
> Industrial quality enclosure
Priva Compass 2S
Controlled by Priva Blue ID
C4 controller
Priva Compass uses a Priva controller: The Priva Blue ID C4 controller.
You can expand it with various modules: A mixed I/O module, a
universal input module, and a relay output module. As the modules are
easy to install and the system is transparent and user-friendly, set-up
and commissioning are wonderfully simple. The main controller uses
a powerful microprocessor and a combination of various inputs and
outputs. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose to expand
the controller with universal input modules and/or relay output
Priva Compass 4S
Priva Gateway
The Priva Gateway is the platform on which the user interface
application Priva Operator runs. The Priva Compass installation
application is also available via the Gateway. Like Priva Operator, it is
a web-based application, meaning you don’t have to install a separate
application on your local device. The Gateway also secures the storage
of historical data and is equipped with the foundation for a connection
with the Priva cloud environment, enabling you to control the system
remotely. The Gateway is an industrial-quality PC that allows for
fast and reliable management of your system. This PC is the divider
between the technical control network and the client network. It’s this
division that allows the Priva Compass system to operate independently
from the rest of the network, making it an extremely reliable system.
Installation instructions
A clear instruction manual is available for Priva Compass to help you
install and set up your computer step by step. A mounting template is
included, making installation especially simple!
Priva Compass setup
After you’ve installed the hardware, setting up your software is next. All too often, you come across
highly technical applications you have to battle in order to get the system up and running. But when
we developed the Priva Compass, we paid special attention to making this process as simple and
straightforward as possible. First, you select and install the right software module. Thanks to our
modular system, building your perfect package is a breeze. Based on this package, you only have
to enter your Blue ID C4 serial number and we’ll send you an activation code (license key).
You enter this activation code in the Priva Compass setup tool. Next, the software modules you
selected become available in the application. You’re free to assign modules to your various zones,
exactly how you see fit. Based on your choices, the I/O assignment list is filtered accordingly. That
means that controls that aren’t available in the software aren’t shown in the I/O list, so the process
is clear and transparent every step of the way.
Next, you select the zone in which you want to
connect an actuator or a sensor and if needed,
you select the type. The setup tool will
automatically generate a proposed I/O point for
you to connect your sensor or actuator. Of course,
you can select an I/O point yourself if you prefer.
When you save this configuration, it’s added to
the I/O list and your control is immediately visible
in Priva Operator. When you’ve completed the
installation, one press of a button will save the
I/O list as a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet to make
maintenance and possible errors that much easier
to handle.
Priva Compass Operator
Gone are the days when all we used were desktop computers. In all probability, you use different
devices for different goals: Your smartphone, your tablet, and your PC. Priva Compass is made for you.
You can use Priva Compass Operator on any device that has an Internet browser. This way, you can
operate your installation from anywhere, at any time. The application automatically adapts to your
screen size. No wired or Wi-Fi network available? No problem! Priva Compass comes equipped with
built-in Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, enabling you to control your Priva Compass system wirelessly from
within a radius of about 30 feet (10 meters).
Dashboards for easy operation
Whichever device you use, you always have insight into your operation in the form of a clearly laid-out
dashboard. Your dashboards show you the information that is most relevant to you in a clean and
simple layout. Thanks to the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, it only takes a glance
to see the status of the various components of your system, including the components that may need
adjusting. The dashboards gives you control over all the parts connected to your installation, leaving
you in charge of your processes at all times.
Historical data and alarms
When we developed the Priva Compass Operator, we didn’t just focus on making it as user-friendly as
possible. We also made sure you can use it to generate excellent graphs and reports. Once you have
insight into your process and you’re able to analyze it, your job suddenly becomes a lot easier.
For every setting within the Priva Compass Operator, there is a clear predefined graph, enabling you to
quickly analyze the process. In addition, graphs have a Quick Analysis function. This lets you add graph
lines based on pre-defined sets. For instance, consider combining the vent controls with your weather
station data and use it to optimize your strategy. Priva Compass Operator stores all your data for 14
days, so you can come back at a later date to analyze your past processes.
Of course, Priva Compass Operator comes with a crystal-clear alarms page. If one of your processes is
not going as planned, an alert will appear in the alarms overview. This tells you the location the alarm
occurred, the time and date, and more. You can search the alarms page and filter for specific types of
alarms. This helps you take appropriate action right away so all your processes run as desired.
The easiest setup
We’ve created a number of different scenarios within Priva Compass Operator. By combining separate
settings, it’s now easier than ever to understand the relationship between settings and use that
knowledge to benefit your crops.
Manual operation
Even though your system runs automatically, you can always manually override it to take control of
your process. In Priva Compass Operator, there are manual overrides for every connected installation.
This feature of the software allows you to see the results of your manual override instantly. Your
actions are reflected on the dashboard too, making sure you’re always completely on top of your
system’s status.
Online and offline help
We’re ready to help you if you have any questions about your Priva Compass. Simply pick one of two
> Online help. This help function will always contain the latest support information.
Please note that your Priva Compass needs an Internet connection for this feature.
> Offline help. You can install the support documentation on your system.
Go to to download all currently available documentation.
Technical specifications Priva Compass Operator
> All internet browsers, Google Chrome is preferred
> Maximum number of clients: 8
> Date notation: D-M-Y, M-D-Y, Y-M-D
> Time notation: 24 hours, AM/PM
> Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit
> Velocity: Feet per second, km/h, knots, m/s, mph
> Evaporating pressure: Pascal, bar
> Pressure: Pascal, bar, psi
> Volume: Liters, US gallons
More information?
Go to for more information and available languages.
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