Model SSD 1001

Model SSD 1001
SSD & Flash Memory Shredder
Destroys SSD media via new
patent pending destruction shafts
with pyramidal shaped elements
Destroys a wide variety of solid state media including, SSD
drives, tablet boards, cell phones, smart phones, thumb
drives, micro SDs, SD cards and more.
Produces end waste that meets DIN standard E-3 when
destroying SSD systems including phones and tablets with
boards included and DIN standard E-4 when destroying
only the SSD board.
Compact, self-contained system: all components
housed in a custom cabinet for maximum sound, odor
and dust control.
Also includes waste bin full/door open indicator with auto
stop and energy savings mode.
Circuit boards E-3
Chip carrier ≤ 90 mm²
Cell phones E-4
Chip carrier ≤ 30 mm²
SSD drives E-4
Chip carrier ≤ 30 mm²
Thumb drives E-4
Chip carrier ≤ 30 mm²
1 item every 10 seconds
Security level DIN 66399 E-3 without case
DIN 66399 E-4 with case
Particle size
E-3 ≤ 90 mm²/E-4 ≤ 30 mm²
Throat size
6” x .700”
Motor (1 HP)
110/120V-60Hz and/or
220/230V-50Hz/1 HP
32” x 20” x 18”
170 lbs
SSD’s and other electronic media are crushed between
two rotating hardened pyramid shafts and fall safely
into a waste container.
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