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JA-163A RB Wireless outdoor battery-powered siren
The JA-163A RB is a component of the JABLOTRON 100
system. It is used for system alarm indication outside a building. It
can also be used for supplementary acoustic signalling (PG
activation, setting / unsetting chirps, etc). The siren is powered by
just one lithium battery with no other external power. The JA-163A
RB consists of the JA-163A BASE with PCB, and a BAT-100A
lithium battery and always has to be completed with a desired cover
from the JA-1X1A-C-xx series (see following table). The siren
occupies one position in the system. The product should be installed
by a trained technician with a valid certificate issued by an
authorized distributor.
For combinations of colour and cover material, see the
following table:
Cover type
Colour and cover
Grey plastic
Stainless steel sheet
White plastic
Grey plastic
Stainless steel sheet
White plastic
Strobe colour
Figure 2: 9 – production code; 10 – LEARN (enrollment) button; 11 – battery
connector; 12 – yellow fault indicator; 13 – mini USB connector; 14 - piezo siren
connection (attention: high voltage); 15 – external antenna connector;
16 - high intensity red LED flashers
3. Proceed according to the control panel installation manual.
Basic procedure:
a. When the battery is connected, the yellow LED (12)
indicates by a permanent light that the siren has not been
enrolled into the system yet.
b. Go to the F-Link software, select the required position in the
Devices tab and launch the enrollment mode by clicking on
the Enroll option.
c. Press the button marked LEARN (10) – the siren is thus
enrolled and the yellow LED indicator goes off.
4. Install the siren cover and attach it using the screw (7).
5. Set siren properties, according to the Internal settings of the
siren chapter.
The whole enrollment procedure has to be done in service mode
of the control panel. There must be a JA-11xR radio module installed
in the control panel.
- The siren can also be enrolled into the system by entering its
production code (9) in the F-Link software. You can find the
production code on the sticker, glued on the PCB. All
numbers under the bar code shall be entered (1400-000000-0001).
- The siren can be powered by up to two BAT-100A batteries and
we recommend this when longer siren operation time is
required. There is a place prepared for second battery use, see
Figure 1. Connect the battery to the other connector (11). The
battery connection order doesn´t matter.
Internal settings of the siren
Pod Skalkou 4567/33 | 46601 | Jablonec n. Nisou
Czech Republic | www.jablotron.com
The siren properties can be set in the Devices window of the F-Link
software. When at the siren position, use the Internal settings option
to open a dialog window, internal setting is separated into 2 tabs:
Settings and PG indication (default settings are marked *):
Settings tab:
Sections: to set for which sections the siren should indicate an
alarm, as well as setting the chirps. The default setting is indication
for all sections disabled.
Reaction: defines whether the siren should indicate EW* (external
warning) or IW (internal warning). Alarm indication can also be
disabled completely (other functions remain enabled).
Siren sound: intermittent*, continuous. Option intermittent saves
Maximum siren time: 1, 2, 3*, 4, 5 minutes.
Acoustic signalling in a section: selection of the sections for
which other sounds mentioned below will be produced. Default
setting is no section selected.
Figure 1: 1 – hole for installing; 2 – piezo sounders; 3 – BAT-100 lithium battery
with reusable battery strap (up to 2 batteries can be used); 4 – PCB;
5 – spirit level; 6 – hole for installation with tamper detection; 7 – front cover
screw; 8 – string with clip connecting the front cover for easy installation
Enabling of any here-mentioned options causes
a reduced battery life time depending on the
frequency of its use. That´s why we recommend
fitting the BAT-100A second battery.
The siren should be installed on a vertical wall,
with the flashing light facing downwards. Avoid
installing the siren near the gutters and on other
places where there is a danger of ice
Higher volume: YES / NO* - affects only entrance / exit delay
indication and sounds indicating PG output triggering. It doesn´t have any
influence on the sound of an alarm.
Beeps during section control: YES / NO* – if enabled, the siren
chirps once after setting, twice after unsetting and three times when
unsetting after an alarm. It only does so when the option Periodical
communication is set to 1 s.
1. Attach the siren onto a suitable place using 2 screws through the
holes (1) and (6). The spirit level can be used for easy
installation (5).
2. Connect the BAT-100A lithium battery (3) to the connector (11).
JA-163A Wireless outdoor battery-powered siren
Entrance delay beeping: YES / NO* if enabled, it indicates the
entrance delay time – intermittent beeping.
JA-163A RB Wireless outdoor battery-powered siren
Exit delay beeping with a partially set system: YES / NO* - if
enabled, it indicates the exit delay for the whole time when the system
has been partially set – intermittent beeping. This option is available when
Exit delay beeping is enabled.
Technical specifications
The JA-163A RB parts (lithium battery, front cover and base) are
supplied individually. The reason is the free selection of a wide range
of a front covers and the transportation of lithium batteries.
Exit delay beeping: YES / NO* - if enabled, it indicates the exit delay
time when the system is fully set – intermittent beeping.
Lithium battery 3.6 V / 13 Ah type BAT-100A
(up to 2 batteries can be used)
Please note: Batteries are not included
Typical battery lifetime
approx. 5 years (for dafaultsettings)
Communication band
868.1 MHz, JABLOTRON protocol
Communication range
approx. 300 m (open area)
internal, external can be used, type AN-868
Piezo electric siren
110 dB/m (new battery)
Dimensions (cover included)
200 x 300 x 70 mm
grade 2
According to
EN 50131-1, EN 50131-4
Environmental class
IV general outdoor -25 to +60°C
Security grade
Also complies with
ETSI EN 300220, EN 50130-4,
EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Can be operated to
ERC REC 70-03
Optical indication:
Flashes every 60 seconds: YES / NO* - It sets to one siren flash
per minute. It can be used as a warning that the building is protected
by an alarm system.
When controlled by a section: YES / NO* – it sets if a siren
should optically indicate setting and unsetting of (a) section(s). It
blinks once when set and it blinks twice when unset and when unset
after an alarm then three blinks. This option is available only if the
periodical communication is set to 1 s.
LED indication: red*/ blue, sirens are equipped with dichromatic
LED indicators. According to the colour of the provided front cover it
is necessary to set the same colour of LED indication.
Siren flashing options: During alarms*/ 1/ 3/ 5/ 30/ 60 min of flashes
after an alarm. This option sets the length of siren flashing for only the
alarm time or extended for by a pre-set interval. Extended flashing can be
terminated by new system setting or cancellation of alarm indication in the
system (with a keypad).
JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. hereby declares that the JA-163A is in
compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC and 2011/65/EU. The original of
the conformity assessment can be found at www.jablotron.com Technical Support section
Periodical communication: 1 s / 8 s* – This parameter sets the
maximum delay in siren reaction to an alarm. When the option 8 s has
been selected, then it is not possible to enable some options such as
set / unset indication.
PG output activation sometimes might not be indicated when
periodical communication is set to 8 s and a PG output is
switched ON for a shorter time than 8 s.
When periodical communication is set to 1 s it can reduce the
typical battery lifetime by half.
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful
materials we suggest you return the product to the dealer or
directly to the producer after use. For more detailed information
visit www.jablotron.com.
PG output indication:
The siren can indicate the activity of selected PG outputs with its
Chirp 1 – slow chirping - 1 per second (for the whole period when
the PG is active)
Chirp 2 – rapid chirping - 2 per second (for the whole period when
the PG is active)
Chirp 3 - 1 chirp when the PG is activated, 2 chirps when the PG
is deactivated
Chirp 4 – a long 20 sec chirp when the PG is activated
Sound priorities
The siren sound has the highest priority, the control chirps have a
lower priority and the PG output activity indication has the lowest
priority (PG1 has a higher priority than PG2 etc). A chirp with a
higher priority always terminates chirping with a lower priority.
External antenna use
To improve the communication quality between the control panel
and the outdoor siren you can connect an external antenna
(AN-868). Plug the antenna into the connector (15) on the PCB.
Battery replacement
The product checks the battery status automatically. When a battery
fault is triggered, the system informs its user (or service technician).
The siren remains fully functional, but we strictly recommend to
replace the battery within 2 weeks. Never try to charge the battery!
Use the BAT-100A type only. The battery can be changed in control
panel service mode by a service technician. When replacing is
finished, test the siren’s functioning. Take the used battery to an
official collection point, don´t throw it into the trash.
JA-163A Wireless outdoor battery-powered siren
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