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Downtown Urban PS-8
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Orange County, Florida
Williams Company Building Division, Inc. / ACY Construction Managers
Trade Bid 26A - Electrical
2301 Silver Star Road
Orlando, Florida 32804
P: 407-295-2530 F: 407-297-0459, email:
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Trade Bid 26A - Electrical
Division 1 General Requirements (In its Entirety)
07 84 00 - Firestopping
08 31 13 - Access Doors and Frames
11 31 00 - Residential Appliances
11 40 00 - Food Service Equipment
12 35 53 - Laboratory Casework
14 24 00 - Hydraulic Elevators
26 00 13 - Power System Study
26 02 00 - Basic Materials and Methods for Electrical Systems
26 05 00 - Test and Performance Verification
26 05 19 - Wires and Cable
26 05 26 - Grounding and Bonding for Electrical Systems
26 05 33 - Raceway and Boxes for Electrical Systems
26 05 38 - Floor Boxes for Electrical Systems
26 05 43 - Primary Ductbank Systems
26 05 53 - Identification for Electrical Systems
26 08 16 - Demonstration of Completed Electrical Systems
26 22 13 - Dry Type Transformers
26 24 13 - Distribution Switchboards
26 24 16 - Panelboards
26 24 17 - Distribution Panelboards
26 27 26 - Wiring Devices
26 28 19 - Enclosed Disconnect Switches
26 41 13 - Lightning Protection System
26 43 00 - Surge Protection Devices
26 51 13 - Lighting
32 31 17 - Gate Operator
Trade Bid 27A - Communications
27 05 00 - Common Work Results for Communications
27 26 26 - Voice-Data Cable Infrastructure (includes cabling)
27 38 10 - Two-way Radio Repeater and Antenna System
27 41 20 - Instructional Audio Video Equipment (include Audio Enhancement in your
proposal using OCPS contract rates - reference specs for contact info and reqm'ts)
27 41 60 - Educational Multimedia System (by others)
27 51 23 - IP-Based School IntercomSystem with Time Program Clock
27 51 25 - Sound Reinforcement Systems
Furnish and install complete firestopping in smoke and fire-rated penetrations.
Locate and mark all underground and above-ground utilities prior to excavations. Identify any
Participate in coordination meetings as requested.
Furnish and install complete communications system; including, but not limited to: grounding,
Coordinate with electrical subcontractor prior to submittal process. Incorporate coordination into
Perform signal strength test for the entire system from sources to outputs and provide formal
All communications cabling to be Category 6.
All cabling to be clearly and permanently tagged at the point of distribution.
Provide a list of equipment serial numbers by room number.
Trade Bid 28A - Electronic Safety & Security
28 13 10 - Access Control System
28 16 16 - Intrusion Detection System Infrastructure
28 23 00 - CCTV System
28 31 00 - Addressable Fire Alarm Detection System
Furnish and install complete firestopping in smoke and fire-rated penetrations.
Locate and mark all underground and above-ground utilities prior to excavations. Identify any
conflicts with the building or canopy foundations.
Participate in all MEP coordination meetings, food service coordination, casework, etc.
Provide redlined electronic documents to HVAC contractor in format required by CM.
Coordinate with Owner's intrusion detection firm for conduit and wire location prior to casting tilt
Redline tilt panel shop drawings to indicate location and rough openings for all penetrations and
boxes, conduits, lighting and receptacles (interior and exterior) in panels.
Redline provisions for all systems conduit and outlets for surveillance cameras, alarm devices,
sound, etc.
Allow for leave-downs for tilt wall panels to be cast on slab-on-grade.
Attendance at all concrete pours to locate, identify and protect all piping/conduit in the Work.
Temporary power permit.
Provide temporary power for building construction; including, but not limited to: three-phase
service to power elevators and HVAC, task lighting, tools, etc.
Provide additional task lighting when required for drywall and finish trades.
Provide temporary power for construction trailer.
Provide temporary phone and data for construction trailer.
Transfer electrical system from temporary to permanent power.
Provide data and phone jacks and wiring up to eight locations in construction trailer.
Construction lighting after dry-in.
Furnish and install circuit and branch wiring with distribution.
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Locate and mark all underground and above-ground utilities prior to excavations. Identify any
conflicts with the building or canopy foundations.
Seal all electrical sleeves penetrating slab-on-grade.
Provide electrical service and make all final connections to food service equipment, ownerfurnished equipment, site lighting and campus monument sign.
Furnish and install complete interior and exterior lighting system.
Center all ACT-mounted items (speakers, sensors, etc.) in center of grid.
Support light fixtures independent of the ceiling grid system.
Provide point-by-point photometric analysis for site lighting with exterior lighting submittals.
Provide confirmation light pole and pole fixture assembly meets wind loading requirements.
Deviation from the specified material and fixture requires structural analysis signed and sealed
by a Florida-registered structural engineer.
Furnish and install all cabling for voice-data cabling system, including all fiber optic and copper
patch cords.
Install and tie-in all equipment service disconnects provided by others.
Furnish and install circuiting for HVAC air compressor.
Provide electrical tie-in for kiln. Hardwire where required.
Provide electrical tie-in for all appliances. Hardwire where required.
Furnish and install electrical service fittings for laboratory casework.
Fire alarm permit.
Tie-in fire alarm system to gas system.
Provide interconnection with food service equipment and related Ansul system.
Mount and complete alarm wiring to security box as required. Key box provided by others.
Furnish smoke detectors to HVAC contractor for their installation. Final inputs to FACP by
electrical contractor.
Include furnishment and installation of 20 additional fire alarm A/V devices and 4 additional
smoke detectors for installation as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Furnish and install complete CCTV system; including, but not limited to: grounding, trim, Jhooks, surge suppression and terminal cabinets.
Coordinate with Owner's CCTV equipment vendor and/or installer prior to submittal process.
Incorporate this coordination into the submittal document prior to providing to CM.
Perform signal strength test for the entire system from sources to outputs and provide formal
written verification to CM when complete.
Furnish and install rough-in (including wiring) to openings requiring intrusion detection. Final
terminations by others.
Furnish and install J-hooks above acoustical ceilings and conduit and cabling inside wall
cavities where installation above acoustical ceilings is infeasible.
Provide elevator telephone service.
Furnish and install conduit and cabling to point-of-sale units in Kitchen and ceiling-mounted
Install and tie-in hand dryers provided by others.
Furnish and install intercom phone conduit, wiring, phone unit, lock box and precast pole at the
bus loop. Tie-in to building intercom system.
Provide rotational "bumping" power to HVAC system.
Energize permanent fixtures as areas are ready to provide lighting for finishes. Ballasts and
lamp warranty starts at the date of Substantial Completion.
Early start-up of chillers, AHUs, DX units, split system units, fans, etc. to condition building air
for installation of finishes.
Perform power system study and submit by date requested by CM.
Provide partial testings and inspections of electrical and fire alarm system as required.
Furnish and install complete lightning protection system.
Provide power and data to all gate operators.
Demonstration to Owner's maintenance personnel, including videotaping in Ownerrequired media format.
Commissioning per Contract Documents.
Read the General Requirements including the following:
Schedule of Value Requirements
Plan Grid Requirements
BIM Requirements
ODP Requirements
Clean Up Requirements
Safety Training & Badging Requirements
Project Closeout Requirements
Warranty Plus Requirements
Include Freight
Include Installation
Include Tax
Include Warranty per specifications
Onsite Supervision & General Conditions
Cleanup - Trash to dumpsters
Insurance as Required
Full Review of the BID REQUIREMENTS PACKAGE and Agreement. Where conflicts
occur, the most stringent shall apply.
ITEMS NOT LISTED ABOVE (Add items here you have included)
By signing this document bidder agrees that all information is accurate and true. Bidder agrees that all items marked with an "X" under the Included column are to be included 100%
complete and not a part thereof. Any costs to add for additional work will be held for a minimum of 90 days.
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