Kogan Premium Ez-Press Coffee Machine User

Kogan Premium Ez-press Coffee Machine
Quick Start Guide
Keep a copy of these instructions for future reference.
Read these instructions for use carefully before using the coffee machine. Any use
which does not comply with these instructions will invalidate the warranty.
Before connecting the coffee machine, make sure that the mains voltage is the same
as the voltage indicated on the ratings plate on the unit.
Always turn the appliance off on the on/off switch before unplugging it.
Do not pull the power cable when unplugging the unit from the mains power. Always
grasp the plug itself.
Do not allow the power cable to be twisted, crushed, stretched or come into contact
with sharp or hot surfaces.
Do not use the coffee machine if the power cable or other important parts are
Never touch the coffee machine with wet hands or feet while the cable is plugged
into the mains.
Do not use the coffee machine near a bathtub, shower or anywhere near exposed
Never immerse the coffee machine, the cable or plug into water or other liquids.
Do not use the coffee machine with toxic substances.
Do not place the coffee machine on hot surfaces, or onto surfaces that are sensitive
to heat.
Do not leave the coffee machine exposed to wind or rain.
Do not place the coffee machine near a live element, an electric stove or any other
sources of heat.
Do not expose the coffee machine to extreme temperatures.
Never let children or people who are not familiar with the coffee machine use it.
Do not press the buttons hard or with pointed objects, such as a pen.
In the event of a fall, damage or malfunction of the coffee machine, never attempt to
disassemble it yourself. Contact the Kogan customer support team for further
Do not wind the power cable around the coffee machine, especially when the unit is
still hot.
Check that there is water in the reservoir before turning the machine on.
Always fill the water reservoir with cold, clean water. Do not use mineral water,
distilled water, milk or any other liquid.
While refilling with water, switch off and unplug the coffee machine.
Do not wash any of the accessories in the dishwasher.
The presence of water in the capsule collection drawer is normal and is due to the
emptying of the circuit after making each cup.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
This appliance is intended for use in household and similar applications such as:
◦ Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
◦ Farm houses;
◦ By clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
◦ Bed and breakfast type environments.
Please read the instructions carefully and keep a copy of them.
Product Layout
1 – Water Reservoir
2 – Reservoir Lid
3 – Main Switch
4 – Short Coffee Button
5 – Long Coffee Button
6 – Stand-by Button
7 – Capsule Compartment
7a – Capsule Compartment Door
8 – Coffee Dispenser
9 – Used Capsule Collection Drawer
10 – Drip Tray
11 – Adaptor for Small Cups
12 – Power Supply Cord
13 – Outer Casing
Usage Instructions
Setup – Preparation of the Coffee Machine
Carefully remove the machine and accessories from the
Open the lid, remove the water reservoir (1) as shown right, and
wash it with clean, cold water.
Fill the reservoir (1) with clean cold water only, put it back into the
machine and close the lid. Do not fill the reservoir with carbonated water
or any other liquid.
Insert the power cable (12) into a suitable power socket.
Turn the appliance on by pressing the main switch (3).
The machine will begin the heating phase, and the three buttons (4, 5 and
6) will light up sequentially.
Wait for the buttons (4, 5 and 6) to light up permanently. At this point,
the coffee can be dispensed.
The maximum quantity of coffee that is possible to make is approximately
Warning: each time the coffee machine is turned on, it is advisable to dispense
water for a few seconds without inserting a capsule in order to stabilize the
temperature and clean the inner brewing instruments.
Making Coffee
If you are using small cups, use the special adaptor (11), as shown
Put a cup under the coffee dispenser (8).
Open the capsule compartment door (7a) and put a capsule into the
compartment (7), in the position as suggested by the shape.
Close the door, pushing the capsule in all the way.
WARNING: The capsule is automatically pressed into the compartment
when the door (7a) is closed. Never push the capsule in with your finger.
If you want to make a short coffee, press button (4). If you would prefer a
long coffee press button (5). In either case, the supply can be interrupted
once the desired quantity is reached (if it is less than what is
programmed) by pressing the same button used to start the supply.
To program the length of the coffee, follow the instructions in the
“Programming Coffee Length” section.
The used capsule will automatically fall into the collection drawer (9)
when a new one is placed into the compartment (7).
Programming Coffee Length
The length of the coffee can be set to be long or short. Once the machine is
turned on and the coffee capsule is inserted, proceed as follows:
• Hold in the stand-by button (6) and the short (4) or long (5)
coffee buttons together, as shown to right. After about 3
seconds, dispensing of the coffee will begin.
• Once the desired amount of coffee is reached, release the
• The quantity dispensed thereafter will be equal to the memorized
If the coffee machine has not been used for 10 minutes, it will enter stand-by
mode. That is, it will turn off the heating system automatically in order to avoid
the unnecessary use of electricity.
• The stand-by mode will be shown by button (6) being lit up. To reactivate the unit, press the button (6).
Always unplug the coffee machine before performing any maintenance
• Clean the outside of the appliance with a damp cloth only. Never use
solvents or detergents, as they can damage the plastic surfaces.
• Periodically empty the used capsule collection drawer (9) and the drip
tray (10).
• Each time the coffee machine is turned on, it is advisable to dispense
water for a few seconds without inserting a capsule in order to stabilize
the temperature and clean the brewing instruments.
Cleaning cycle
Run the cleaning cycle once a year if you are averaging approximately 3
capsules per day. For greater use, run it more often. Proceed as follows:
• Fill the reservoir (1) with water and add a bottle of Clean Espresso (or any
other special descaling/degreasing products designed for capsule coffee
machines), following the instructions on the packaging.
• Place a large container under the coffee outlet.
• Open the lever (7a) of the capsule compartment, making sure that the
current capsule in the machine falls through into the capsule collection
compartment. Then close it again by pushing it all the way down.
• By pressing either of the buttons (4 or 5), the machine will dispense
water. Repeat the progress until all the water in the tank (1) is dispensed.
• Repeat the process again with water only. Do not use the
• To exit the cleaning cycle, turn the machine off and on again.
• At the end of the program, the machine is ready for brewing drinks.
Buttons 4-5-6 are off.
Mains cord is not plugged Connect the power plug
to the mains power.
Main switch (3) is off.
Turn on the main switch.
Button (5) is lit up red.
Water reservoir (1) is
Fill the reservoir (1).
Reset the alarm by
pressing (5).
Button (4) is lit up red.
Capsule Collection
Drawer (9) is full.
Empty the drawer and
return it to the machine.
Capsule Collection
Drawer (9) won't close.
Drawer is full of used
Empty the drawer and
return it to the machine.
Appliance appears to
work fine, but isn't
dispensing coffee.
No capsule is in the
Put the right capsule in
the compartment and
repeat the process.
Buttons 4, 5 and 6 all
flash simultaneously.
Turn off the appliance,
unplug it from the wall
and contact the Kogan
customer support team.
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