Kentucky 4-H Communications Program
Mock Job Interview Contest Rules
What is a Mock Job Interview Contest?
The Mock Job Interview Contest is a Public Speaking contest that gives members an opportunity to
practice the real-life skill of applying for a job. The contest involves a set of fictitious Job Descriptions for
senior 4-Her’s that the members can go through the process of applying for. To enter the Mock Job
Interview Contest the member must:
Pick one of the four job descriptions for a job the member feels qualified for and interested in
from the list below.
Develop a resume of their real-life education and experiences that they feel make them a
good candidate for that job selected. Bring this resume with you to the mock job interview (For
confidentiality purposes, please do not put your actual address or phone number on resume.)
Prepare for the interview.
Participate in an actual interview where they are judged on all of the key elements in the process.
Members are encouraged to review the interview tips and resume writing ideas and supporting materials
provided in the Kentucky 4-H Communications Expressive Arts Core Curriculum: The Perfect Fit Level 3.
• 14-15 age category
• 16-18 age category
Senior 4-H member may participate in the 4-H Mock Job Interview Contest. Senior 4-H members are
youth ages 14-18. All ages are as of January 1 of the current 4-H year. Two winners per district per age
category (exception District 3, which may have 3) may move on to the State Communications Day Mock
Job Interview Contest.
The Perfect Fit, Level 3
Job Descriptions:
Vet Technician
Coffee Bar Attendant
Retail Sales Associate
Position: Vet Technician
Position Overview
The Bluegrass Veterinarian Clinic is seeking a vet technician for their office. Duties would include taking
care of overnight animal patients, assisting the veterinarian, checking in animals and updating records.
Other duties would include assistance with billing and payments. Technician would also be responsible
for communicating to the pet owners about special opportunities or vaccination drives.
Essential Job Functions
• Take care of animal patients
• Assist the veterinarian
• Update animal records with weight, addresses, etc.
• Assist with billing and payments
• Communicate with owners about vaccination drives and special opportunities
Other Necessary Skills
• Disease Prevention
• Problem Solving
• Communications
• Keeping Records
• Concern for Others
Position: Coffee Bar Attendant
Position Overview
Bright Starts Café is seeking a motivated and friendly individual to work the coffee bar. No previous food
service experience is necessary. Position’s duties would include brewing and preparing coffee drinks for
customers, and serving breakfast food. Friendly and helpful service is a must. Attendant would also assist
in making signs for coffee specials. Attendant would assist in the inventory and ordering of products.
Essential Job Functions
• Brewing and making coffee drinks
• Serving breakfast food
• Providing excellent customer service
• Assisting in making signs and displays
• Assisting in inventory and ordering
Other Necessary Skills
• Teamwork
• Social Skills
• Problem Solving
• Self-Responsibility
• Keeping Records
Position: Photographer
Position Overview
New Vision Photography provides excellent service to cover some of life’s special moments. This position
of photographer would cover general photography, birthdays, and sports photos. Training will be
provided to a novice photographer. Duties would include setting appointments, shooting photo shots,
and assisting in the photo shop. These would generally include assisting customers with package deals,
showing proofs, deciding photo backgrounds and payment or orders. Some special projects may be
assigned by manager.
Essential Job Functions
• Set up appointments with customers
• Assist customers in selecting backdrops for photos
• Take photos (general, sports, birthdays)
• Assist customers with proofs
• Work with customers on package deals and payment
Other Necessary Skills
• Self-Responsibility
• Problem Solving
• Social Skills
• Team Player
• Planning and Organizing
Position: Retail Sales Associate
Position Overview
In Town Closet is seeking a motivated and friendly individual to assist customers with purchases. No
previous experience is necessary. Position’s duties would include assisting customers on the floor,
restocking inventory, and manning the cash register. Friendly and helpful service is a must.
Essential Job Functions
• Providing excellent customer service
• Assisting with displays
• Assisting in inventory
Other Necessary Skills
• Teamwork
• Social Skills
• Problem Solving
• Self-Responsibility
• Computer skills
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