GT-18 Glasswasher Rotary Rack Fill &

The GT-18 produces superior results
The GT-18 glasswasher is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The wash cycle is the first 70 seconds of the
120 second cycle. During the wash cycle, eleven applications of detergent and water are performed on the rotating
glassware providing extended dwell time and complete spray coverage for superior results. A rinse aid applied
during the rinse cycle prevents spotting.
Six Different Top Configurations
Additional top configurations with integrated glass landing areas are available to enhance
efficiency and increase throughput.
● Can wash up to 600 glasses per hour, easily handling
the output of two bartenders using typical glassware
The door extends only 7½"
past the front of the machine
to minimize work flow impact
● Fill and dump operation means no
maintenance heater and low utility bills
Polypropylene racks (two included)
are sized to fit on standard depth
underbar drainboards
Incoming water line has built-in air
gap so no separate vacuum breaker
accessory is required
Viewing window allows easy visual inspection of
chemical inlets and drain stopper during operation
Glasswasher Accessories
Examples of accessories specifically designed for use with the GT-18 series glasswashers
are shown below. For a complete list of accessories, please refer to our product directory.
chemical rail
Peristaltic pumps for detergent, sanitizer, and rinse aid
mounted in front recess for easy visual inspection
Durable water recirculating pump has
stainless steel housing and impeller
(shown with cover removed)
Stemware rack insert
(shown installed in
polypropylene glass rack)
Control board delays cycle start
until incoming water is at least
120°F (49°C) to ensure excellent
wash results and allows easy
chemical pump adjustments.
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Drain stopper is controlled by a quiet
and reliable gear motor with linkage
cam instead of a noisy solenoid valve
Wet waste sink
Glassrack holder
with shelf
Glastender, Inc. • 5400 North Michigan • Saginaw, MI • 48604-9780 • 989.752.4275 • 800.748.0423 • Fax 989.752.4444 •
Easy maintenance is the key to superior results
Every NSF listed glasswasher performs well when new. The real challenge is to perform well after long-term
use. This is where simple maintenance becomes critical. The GT-18 glasswasher disassembles quickly for
cleaning. No tools are required. The stationary spray box easily unclamps and has only 15 spray holes that need
to be checked. Cleaning is so straightforward, we can illustrate the entire process in the steps below.
1. Remove the front splash guard.
5. Remove the tank screen
and dump any debris into
the trash. Rinse and clean
the tank screen thoroughly.
6. Remove the drain stopper and any debris from the lower wash
tank. Make sure nothing is clogging the pump inlet screen, inside
the lower wash tank.
2. Remove the top of the
glasswasher to provide complete access to the wash tank.
Only 1" of clearance above
the glasswasher is required to
remove the top.
3. Remove the conveyor wheel. Any large debris found inside
the machine, like broken glass, lemon seeds, stir sticks, and so
on, should also be removed.
4. Check the spray box, making
sure none of the spray holes
are clogged. If a clog is found,
the spray box is easily removed
by lifting up on the spray box
clamps. Use a nylon brush to
scrub the spray box holes clean.
Inlet screen
7. Remove the scrap tray
and empty out any debris
that may have passed
through the tank screen.
8. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire wash tank. For
more stubborn stains, use a nylon brush or a Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner® pad.
Never use steel wool
to clean stainless steel.
Steel wool will cause the
stainless steel to rust.
Re-assemble the glasswasher and you are ready to start the next day. Over time, mineral deposits from water will build up inside the
tank. A chemical deliming agent used while running a cycle will remove mineral deposits.
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