Perfect maintenance for Dad this Father’s Day
Effective yet gentle milk system cleaning
JURA’s fine foam technology allows you to enjoy speciality coffees such as latte macchiato, cappuccino,
espresso mac­chiato and flat ­white in outstanding quality. To keep things that way, we developed the milk
system cleaner. Together with the automatic cleaning ­programme, the JURA milk system cleaner effective­
ly removes milk fats and proteins. This keeps the pipes clean and hygienic for consistently fine, light-as-air
milk foam.
Effective cleaning – long-lasting protection
In combination with the integrated, electronically controlled cleaning programme, the 2-phase cleaning
tablet reliably removes coffee fats between the brewing unit and the coffee spout. As well as cleaning it
also seals all the pipes, delaying the deposition of coffee fat with ­lasting effectiveness. Everything happens
at the touch of a button and with­out the user having to reach into the machine.
CLARIS removes the need for descaling
The right water is crucial to the taste of the coffee because coffee c­ onsists in fact of 98 % water. In addition
to calcium, minerals and ­f luorides, the tap water in many areas contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium
and chlorine. Positioned directly in the water tank, the C
­ LARIS filter freshly filters the water every time
coffee is prepared. It completely absorbs harm­ful sub­stances while retaining important f­ luorides, which
help the flavours to really develop. With the optimum water quality, every cup of coffee becomes a full-­
bodied taste expe­rience. CLARIS eliminates the need to descale the machine.
Father’s Day Offer
Say Happy Father’s day with a bonus JURA Care Kit valued at $100
when you purchase any* JURA fully automatic coffee machine.
Each Care Kit will include 3 CLARIS Blue or 3 CLARIS Smart filter cartridges, 1 Milk System Cleaner (250 ml),
a packet of 2-Phase cleaning tablets (6 pcs) and 2 milk pipes.
*GIGA 5; Z8, Z6, J90, J6, F9, E8, E6, IMPRESSA A9, ENA Micro 90 or ENA Micro 1.
Valid on purchases made between 01/08/2017 and 10/09/2017 from any nationwide participating JURA stockist. Register online at by 17/09/2017. For full terms and conditions visit
Father’s Day Promotion 2017
Terms and Conditions
The promotion gives consumers the opportunity to receive a Care Kit from the promoter
via redemption when a consumer purchases any *eligible JURA automatic coffee machine
from any nationwide participating JURA stockist between 1st August and 10th September,
2017 (‘The Offer Period’).
Terms & Conditions:
Open to Australian residents only. Promotion starts 01/08/2017. Ends 11.59 pm AEST 10/09/2017.
Please retain your original purchase receipt for entry. Register online at by
17/09/2017. Copy of original receipt and claim form must be received by last mail 24/09/2017.
Valid claims will be mailed a Care Kit within 30 business days of receipt of claim. For full terms
and conditions, please visit
JURA Australia Espresso
Hotline: 1300 285 872
*GIGA 5; Z8, Z6, J90, J6, F9, E8, E6, IMPRESSA A9, ENA Micro 90 or ENA Micro 1.
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