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5,000 GPD Treatment Module
Advanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment System
Proven Design
Utilizing proven suspended growth activated sludge
treatment, Sequencing Batch Reactors are recognized
as an industry leading wastewater treatment technology.
Sustainable Performance
Utilizing naturally present bacteria, the OnSyte treatment system achieves greater
than 80% reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. In order to provide an ideal
environment for the bacteria to optimally treat the wastewater, the IOT compatible
controller tailors a treatment process optimized for each site.
Real Time Monitoring
Each OnSyte System is continuously monitored through an IOT compatible
controller located at the site. This optimizes performance while reporting any
preventative maintenance needs.
1: Sewage enters a traditional trash/grit
tank – Settling and Dosing Occur (Not Shown).
2: Sewage gravity flows to the Dosing
Chamber (2) – Dosing and secondary
settling occur.
3: The controller determines an
appropriate batch size and pumps
(A) the selected volume to the Reaction
Chamber (1) – Mix-Fill (B) occurs.
4: The above grade blower initiates
aeration through twin fine air diffusers (C) – Reaction occurs.
5: After Settling and Decanting (D), the effluent is discharged to the specified disposal means.
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Limited Product Warranty
Period of Coverage
Other Provisions
OnSyte™ Performance, LLC warrants the parts in each treatment unit to
be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years
from date of system start-up at the site where residential wastewater is
to be treated. An Extended Warranty shall be made available by OnSyte
Performance, its authorized dealers or service providers after the initial
two-year coverage period.
This Warranty only applies to the OnSyte Performance, LLC treatment
processing system and does not include any wiring, plumbing, drainage,
disposal or leaching systems. OnSyte Performance, LLC or its dealers or
authorized service providers also reserves the right, to furnish a component
part which, in their judgment, is equivalent to the company part replaced.
Further, owner agrees to provide to OnSyte Performance or its authorized
dealers or service providers with clear access to the treatment vessel
covers on a year round basis.
Obligations of OnSyte Performance, LLC
At its sole expense, OnSyte Performance, LLC will service and repair the
installed unit including all parts and labor that show evidence of defect
or unacceptable performance for any reason when operated within design
parameters, provided that all financial obligations of the owner/purchaser
are in compliance with the Sales Agreement provided by an authorized
dealer of OnSyte Performance treatment systems.
Determination of defect or unacceptable performance shall only be
made by an authorized OnSyte Performance dealer, distributor, and/or
service provider.
Under no circumstances will OnSyte Performance, LLC be liable for direct
or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits, lost
income, labor charges, delays in production or idle production time or
habitability which results from any defects in material and/or workmanship
of OnSyte Performance, LLC’s system or units.
This Warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed or implied
warranties. Further, any implied warranties for merchantability and fitness
for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.
This Warranty provides the owner/purchaser specific legal rights. You may
have other rights, which vary from state to state.
This Warranty does not apply to OnSyte Performance units that have
been tampered with or altered by unauthorized persons, improperly
installed or have been subject to external physical damage or acts of
god. Further, this Warranty does not cover systems that have been
flooded by external means or damage done by altered or improper wiring
or overload protection.
Extended Warranty
Please contact OnSyte Performance directly to discuss and/or purchase an
extended warranty.
Additionally, this warranty does not apply if the system has been:
Operated beyond its maximum design capacity or permit
If the approved design has been altered after the fact
Contaminated with disinfecting tablets, excessive use of bleach,
or other chemicals injurious to biological growth.
© 2017 OnSyte Performance™
5073 Bristol Industrial Way, Buford, GA 30518
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