Coffee Press/Chocolatera
Slotted Cover
− The Coffee Press/Chocolatera is a multi-purpose beverage
maker. Use on stove top or Induction Cooker to prepare a
variety of hot beverages including coffee, hot chocolate,
teas, and Yerba Mate.
− Enjoy all the benefits of a French press, without needing to
boil water in a separate utensil!
No filter is used so coffee retains essential oils for a fuller, more robust brew.
Press method allows more of the unique flavor characteristics of coffee beans to be released.
Not using filters is more environmentally friendly.
Press Cover
− Make more than delicious beverages; make memories your family will treasure.
− Start a tradition - family hot chocolate time. The Coffee Press/Chocolatera makes up to 8 large
beverage servings at one time, enough for the whole family. Children can help froth the chocolate by
twirling the included molinillo.
− Boil and brew convenience - you heat liquids in the Coffee Press/Chocolatera on top of the stove - no
need to heat in a separate utensil and then pour into another utensil for pressing.
− Press method captures more flavor and essential oils from brewed coffee.
− Special Slotted Cover keeps milk from boiling over when making hot chocolate.
− Accepts the Little Jewel cover for more versatility.
− Family sized - make up to eight 8-oz servings at one time.
− Includes a wooden molinillo for frothing hot chocolate.
− Induction compatible
−Single-ply, 18/8 stainless steel with extra-thick magnetic Nutri-PlexTM diffusion bottom.
− 18/8 stainless steel Slotted Cover and Press Cover.
• Use coarsely ground coffee. It is possible to use fine ground coffee; however it will allow more of the
grind to pass through the screen causing the coffee to be gritty.
• Place a paper coffee filter over the mesh portion of the Press Cover to make clean up easier, or when
using very fine ground coffee.
1. Add water to desired fill line. Place on burner closest in size to the diameter of the utensil base or on the Induction Cooker. Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and wait for the bubbles to stop forming.
2.Add coffee (approximately 1 rounded tablespoon per cup of water). Place Press Cover on top of Base with Plunger raised, aligning the arrow that is located on the cover with the spout on the Base. Brew for 4 minutes. Slowly push down on the knob to depress the Plunger completely.
3.Keep Cover on and serve immediately or transfer to an insulated utensil. Coffee left in the Coffee Press/Chocolatera may become too strong or bitter.
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Hot Chocolate
The recipe for chocolate varies depending on the type and density of the
chocolate used. Some recipes call for added sugar. Refer to the manufacturer
instructions for the quantity of milk, chocolate and sugar (if any).
1. Add cold milk to Base. Insert Slotted Cover with molinillo handle positioned through center hole. The Slotted Cover will serve as a guide for the molinillo and reduce splashing of the milk while stirring.
2. Heat the milk to just below the boiling point stirring frequently to prevent scorching by twirling the molinillo handle between the palms and fingers.
3.Remove Slotted Cover by lifting the molinillo (a fork or spoon may also be inserted into the semi-circle
on the Slotted Cover to lift it out of the Base). Add chocolate and sugar according to instructions.
Replace Slotted Cover with molinillo and as described above, gently stir the mixture by twirling the
molinillo handle between the palms of your hands until the chocolate and sugar are completely
4.Bring the mixture back to a boil stirring continuously.
5.Remove from heat, remove the Slotted Cover and molinillo. Serve immediately or transfer to an insulated utensil.
Select a loose-leaf tea for best results.
1.Add water to the desired level and heat as described under instructions for coffee.
2.Add desired amount of loose tea leaves. Gently stir only enough to immerse tea leaves completely in
the water. Place Press Cover on top of Base with Plunger raised, aligning the arrow that is located on
the cover with the spout on the Base. Brew for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on the type
of tea. Some herbal teas require up to 20 minutes of brewing or steeping, so follow the tea maker’s
3.Slowly depress the Plunger completely.
4.Keep cover on and serve immediately, or transfer the brewed tea to an insulated utensil as it will
continue to steep and get stronger.
Yerba Mate
1.Follow the instructions as for Tea, except that the brewing time for Yerba Mate is generally 5 to 6
− Always wash before using for the first time according to use and care directions, and wash after each
− Dishwasher safe using the heat-dry cycle.
− Caution − Never place in a microwave oven.
− Read all instructions in the RW139 Use & Care/Warranty.
− Designed in the U.S.A. and manufactured in factories around the world to Rena Ware’s strict
manufacturing and quality specifications.
− See the product fact sheet RW932 for country of manufacture.
− Rena Ware warrants the Coffee Press/Chocolatera to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.
− A lifetime warranty applies to the Base and Slotted Cover only. See printed RW139 Use & Care/
Warranty for details.
RW 921 Page 1926.01.0311
Copyright © 2011 R.W.I.
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