Black Cordless Kettle
Product Code: 740021B
1. Removable Filter -
Traps scale deposits for cleaner water. Removable for
easy cleaning.
5. Lid Hinged lid opens wide to allow filling kettle easy.
2. Kettle Body 1 litre capacity.
6. ON/OFF Switch Lights up to indicated that the kettle is on and heating.
Kettle automatically switches off after boiling.
3. Water Level gauge Indicates the volume of water in the kettle.
7. Handle Ergonomically designed for easy handling and pouring.
4. Cordless Base 360° cordless power base designed to allow you to
place the kettle on the base in any direction.
zz This appliance is designed for domestic use only and for commercial applications. No responsibility is accepted for
damage resulting from improper use or non-compliance with the instructions.
zz Please keep these instructions for future reference. If the appliance is passed to another person, this instruction
manual should accompany it.
zz Before inserting the main plug into the socket, check that the main supply voltage and current rating corresponds with
the power supply details shown on the appliance model label.
zz Never allow the heating base or the kettle to make contact with or be immersed in water. However, should this
happen, have the unit examined by qualified personnel, including the replacement of the power cord. If repairs are
needed, please send the appliance to our customer service department.
zz Do not operate the appliance if the appliance or power cord shows any signs of damage.
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zz Always remove the plug from the wall socket after use in case of malfunction, or before cleaning.
zz When removing the plug from the wall socket, never pull on the power cord.
zz Children do not recognise the dangers that may occur when operating electrical appliances; therefore keep children
away from such appliances.
zz Do not attempt to remove any parts of the housing nor insert any metal objects into the interior of the appliance.
zz To prevent damage to the power cord, do not let it pass over sharp corners or edges.
zz Do not expose the appliance to rain or moisture and do not operate the appliance outdoors or with wet hands.
zz Use only clean cold water.
zz The appliance operates at very high temperatures, Caution: there is danger of scalding from escaping water or steam.
zz Do not touch any part of the kettle except the handle (when the appliance is in use and ensure that the lid is properly
secured. This appliance is designed for heating water only. Never put any other liquid into the kettle.
Before using your kettle:
Fill kettle with water to the maximum level, boil and discard water. Repeat three (3) times.
Using your kettle:
1. Place base (5) on a firm and level surface.
2. Pour the desired amount of clean water into the kettle (3) and ensure that the lid (1) is closed. Do not touch any part
of the kettle except the handle (7) when the appliance is in use. The amount of water can be measured by the level
mark (4) on the outside of the kettle, always pay attention to the minimum and maximum levels.
3. Place the kettle on the base (5) and connect the plug into a power outlet. Turn power on. Press the on/off switch (8) to
its ‘ON’ position. The indicator lamp (6)will light up indicating that the boiling process has begun.
4. Once the kettle is boiled the on/off switch (8) will return automatically to the OFF position and the indicator lamp (6)
will go out. The water kettle can also be switched off manually by flicking the on/off switch to the OFF position.
5. Lift the kettle from the base and pour the water through the spout.
NOTE: This kettle is equipped with a safety cut –out to protect the appliance from damage. Should the appliance be
accidentally operated without water or if all the water has evaporated the safety cut out will automatically switch
off the heating element. In such a case remove the plug from the wall socket immediately and refill the kettle only
after an adequate cooling down period, about 15-20seconds.
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Cleaning & Care
zz Should the appliance switch off before reaching boiling point this is a sign that decalcifying is necessary.
zz Any regular descaling agent may be used, provided the relevant instructions are observed. Do not fill the kettle to the
maximum mark to avoid spillage if the descaling agent causes the water to foam.
zz To clean the kettle thoroughly of any decalcification residues let it go through several boiling cycles using clean water
with each cycle , Rinse the kettle with clean water afterwards.
zz Before cleaning the appliance, ensure it is disconnected from the power supply and has cooled down completely.
zz Do not use abrasives or harsh cleaning solutions.
zz Do not immerse the base or the kettle in any liquid, to clean the exterior, a slightly damp, lint –free cloth may be used.
zz It is advisable to remove lime deposits from the kettle at regular intervals.
Supply voltage: 230-240V ~ 50HZ
Power consumption: 2200-2400w
Volume: 1.0L
1. Do not immerse in any liquid.
2. For kettle which is used with a connector in operating a thermostat that only the appropriate connector must be used.
3. If the kettle is overfilled. Boiling water may be ejected.
4. The kettle is only to be used with the stand provided.
5. If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard .
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Made in China.
This item is subject to change due to model updates from time to time.
Backed by Nero’s 12 month replacement guarantee.
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