innova egg grading and packing systems

Diamond provides 75 years of experience and new ideas to help the
producer adapt to the changing needs of the egg industry.
The new generation INNOVA series grading systems
The INNOVA is available with a wide variety of options
growth. They establish even higher standards in machine
packing to fully automatic loading, inspection and
are scalable to a customer’s specific needs and future
performance, hygiene and return on investment.
There is an Innova available to fit the needs of every
size of producer. Whether selecting the 6W, 12W, or
18W INNOVA, the very gentle egg handling, from loading
to carton closing and case packing is easy to maintain
with a minimum number of machine operators.
ranging from totally manual loading, inspection and
packing. Lower capacity INNOVA graders can be
upgraded to higher volumes with more options as the
business grows or the egg market changes. The INNOVA
has a very open, accessible design with a minimum
amount of moving parts to clean, maintain, or replace.
It is a simple, straight forward architecture.
Innova 6W shown with an accumulator, Vision system, Multi-station removal system, 4 automatic packing lanes,
and 1 manual packing lane.
Diamond graders are modular in design and can be expanded as your business grows.
Innova 12W shown with single station leak removal, egg
Innova 18W shown with the Vision System mounted in
After eggs are gathered on the accumulator, or the
standard to help expedite customer service. The quality
system, the compact infeed allows all the eggs to
Diamond trademark. The INNOVA efficiency, reliability,
drying, 8 packing lanes and 2 Multicasers.
eggs have been placed on the machine by a loading
be washed, electronically inspected for leakers, dirts,
cracks and weighed for individual egg sizes. Leakers
are automatically rejected while dirts are returned for
a second wash cycle by a conveyor or packed into trays.
the candling area.
of the final pack and high standards continue to be a
and very gentle egg handling combined with the
uncomplicated design gives Diamond customers the
competitive advantage they have enjoyed for years.
Cracks are separated and packed into edible and inedible
The INNOVA loads, inspects, grades, and packages on the
are weighed. Individual and total weights are recorded
labor, floor space and energy requirements. The reliability
categories. All the second quality and first quality eggs
to help manage bird performance and feed conversions.
Eggs can be sent directly to a breaking system and further
6W, 12W, and 18W platforms with a minimum amount of
of the detection systems along with the stainless steel
wash down features, gentle egg handling and many
Knowledge of the egg market, machine systems and customer service provide the
partnership egg producers and processors need and appreciate.
processing operation from egg removal lanes. The wash
other options make it a perfect machine for the producer.
slide out drawers make the equipment easy to clean.
of the finished egg pack with the machine efficiency,
down infeed includes quick disconnect components and
The INNOVA uses the Windows® operating system,
which makes it easy to network with other computers.
This allows management computers to be easily linked
to the Diamond grading system providing total flexibility
along with the use of Microsoft® Office. The INNOVA
is compatible with many popular ink jet printers, and
auxiliary software systems. Diamond modem link is
When you combine the sanitary features and quality
speed, labor savings, flexibility, low maintenance, and
resale value, it is an excellent investment. We also offer
service schools, in plant training and all the after sales
help, spare parts or upgrades that may be needed as your
business grows. It all comes from 75 years of experience
and employees, who know, understand and want to help
their customers and the industry.
1 Accumulator
The Innova accumulator is available to gently
maximize the fill rate for inline operations
complete with a foreign object detector.
2 Egg Washer
Diamond egg washers gently clean the eggs before
inspection and weighing when the market requires
a clean shell with no dirty eggs in the final pack.
The side to side brush motion maximizes cleaning
and gentle egg handling in a minimum amount of
3 Multi-station removal
The multi-station removal system consists of crack
detection, leak detection, leak removal, upstream
digital scales and two optional preferred egg
collection areas. These optional egg collection areas
can be configured to collect any size first or second
quality eggs. Eggs can be routed from there to
other equipment by a conveyor system.
4 Loading Systems
Manual hand loading systems as well as automatic
preloaders and loaders are available for all Innova
platforms. The automatic systems are washdown
and designed to operate with paper or plastic trays.
They can be used for entirely offline operations,
or can be used as a supplemental feed for inline
5 Spring spool
Optional sanitary stainless spring spools keep
the incoming eggs clean and reduce cross
contamination for unwashed egg markets. Washed
eggs dry more completely traveling on open rollers
since there is
less contact area to the eggs.
6 Single station leak removal
The single station removal system consists of crack
detection, leak detection, and leak removal. In this
configuration, the digital scales are located in the
transfer entry area. Leaking eggs are dropped into
the leak chute.
7 Diamond Vision System
The optional Vision system is available to detect
manure, feathers, egg yolk, egg white and other
anomalies on eggs. This unit can be ordered
to function on white eggs, brown eggs, or a
combination of both white and brown eggs. This
unit is used
in conjunction with the leak removal unit to find
leaking eggs.
8 Manual Candler
A manual candling system is available for
customers who are not ready for automatic
candling. Candling lights are standard, and remote
pickoff switches or candling wands are optional.
9 Touch screen
The touch screen system is used to control the
Innova grading system. The user friendly screen
is ICON based and runs through the Windows®
operating system. This system allows the user
to interface with other windows based software
programs. Standard “dial up” service help comes
standard with each machine, where a Diamond
technician can log in to the system with permission
of the customer to help with production,
operational, and troubleshooting issues.
10 Digital washdown scales
The Digital washdown scales are located either in
the entry point of the transfer or in the removal
system if a multi-station removal system is
required. These rugged scales are mounted on
a pull out drawer, which makes cleanup and
maintenance very simple.
11 Transfer
After inspecting and weighing, the multiple rows
of eggs are transferred with a continuous motion
servo drive from the infeed to a 3 row egg conveyor
through blood detection to the packing lanes.
The servo drives are continually monitoring motor
performance and will stop the machine if a foreign
object were to enter the transfer. This simple, new
generation wash-down transfer is a rugged design
with an exclusive self-synchronization feature
eliminating complicated timing adjustments
12 Message Center
The Diamond message centers are located up and
down the basket conveyor, and continually update
the user of the size of eggs assigned to each packer
as well as messages explaining any machine stops
that may occur.
13 Blood Detector
Optional blood detection maximizes the speed
of graders, reduces manual candler labor, and
improves the quality or the finished pack.
It also reduces the over inspection and rejection
of good eggs. The blood detector has sensitivity
adjustments so the size of the blood spot being
rejected can be determined. Electronic blood
detection is much more accurate than using
manual candling lights.
14 Manual Hand Packer
Manual hand packers are available for customers
who are not ready for automatic packers. These
units are very simple and cost efficient.
15 Denester Options
Several different denester options are available
for the AP series packers
16 Packer reservoir
The packer reservoir receives eggs through soft
brushes, where eggs are gently transferred to
the packer reservoir or manual hand packer.
The automatic packers are used for high volume
locations, where the manual hand packers are
used in low volume applications.
17 AP Packer
The AP packer is capable of packing 80 cases per
hour and has advanced continuous motion air cell
end alignment. It also has automatic variable speed
based on incoming egg flow, along with a stainless
variable speed large hopper denester. The carton
closer automatically closes all popular packaging.
18 Multicaser ™
The Diamond Multicaser is available to pack paper,
foam and plastic egg cartons, and 30 egg trays
into a variety of corrugated boxes. A wide variety of
pack configurations are available. The Multicaser ™
saves labor and reduces the risk of breakage from
manual packing.
Optional software features:
Dynamic reroute – Allows the user to route eggs, as
Ink Jet Panel – Allows all Ink Jet message editing and
difficulties. Any number of things could cause a packer
It also establishes which messages can be selected
fast as possible, away from packers that are having
to start filling up or go into a red-light condition:
take away belt backed up, egg flow on the reservoir
bed ceases or a pack has problems moving through
the carton loading area. Though these problems are
rare, large operations with many packers are more likely
to see these issues and are less likely in a position to
accept one packer stopping the whole machine.
assignment takes place using the touch screen computer.
during production and will dictate how the messages
will appear on the egg when they are selected with the
Egg Printer Panel. The Egg Printer Panel replaces the
normal inkjet screen and offers not only the ability to
start/stop printing at each packer but also the ability to
choose which messages will be used.
With standard software, graders will automatically
Breaker Flow Control – This option gives the user the
condition. However, this standard rerouting takes place
system. A collection belt is installed where a packer would
route away from a packer exhibiting a red-light
back at the transfer so all eggs in the basket conveyor
must continue on toward their original destination.
If you consider the amount of eggs in a moderately
sized basket conveyor, and take out those eggs not
going to a single packer, the remaining eggs still cannot
fit on one packer bed. With the dynamic reroute option,
the machine is broken up into multiple routing points
for groups of packers receiving the same kind of egg.
Because the machine knows the classification of each
egg and also knows which packers are accepting these
different classifications, it can form packer alliances.
ability to send eggs of selected quality to a breaker
normally reside, which carries chosen eggs to a breaker.
Typically, the belt speed is fixed so it is up to the grader to
control the flow rate of eggs headed for the breaker. This
software sets up the targeted CPH flow control onto the
breaker belt. The operator can choose any grade of egg
to send to the breaker. Eggs routed to the breaker have a
separate daily report and do not appear in the standard
daily counts. When the red light signal for this belt is
activated, eggs that would normally go to the breaker
belt are diverted by appropriate grade to the packers.
Three packers taking medium eggs could be allied
Supplier reports – Keeps track of the actual number of
packers could immediately be rerouted to the other
the number of cracked, dirty, leaking, and eggs with
together. Therefore, any egg going to one of these
should that packer start to fill up or go into a red-light
Max capacity [cph]
Max capacity [eph]
Number of infeed rows
Innova 6W
each size egg that comes from each supplier as well as
blood spots. This report is not affected by any upgrading
of cracked eggs into grade A eggs.
Innova 12W
Innova 18W
Vision System (Dirt Detection)
Crack Detector
Leaker Outlet
Washdown Scales
Preferred Egg Outlet 1
Preferred Egg Outlet 2
Electrical Cabinet
Position of Blood Detection and Inkjet
Manual Packing Lane
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