User manual
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General warning
Read these instructions carefully before using your new coffee machine for the first time.
Keep them in a place where you can find and refer to them later on.
After removing the packaging, and before using the appliance, make sure the appliance and
all the accessories are working well. If you have any doubt, do not use the appliance until
you consult a professionally qualified electrician.
The packing materials (plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, nails, etc) should be kept away
from children since they are potential sources of danger.
Before connecting the appliance, make sure the line voltage is correct. The tag is located on
the bottom of the body of the motor unit.
If the plus does not fit into the wall outlet, have the wall outlet replaced with another type by
a qualified electrician.
The use of any electrical appliance implies observance of certain fundamental rules. In
do not touch the appliance with wet or damp hands;
do not use the appliance with bare feet;
do not pull on the electrical cord or the appliance to pull the plug out of the mains outlet;
do not leave the appliance exposed to atmospheric conditions (rain, sun, etc.);
do not allow the appliance to be used by children or disabled persons without
Before performing any cleaning or maintenance operation, disconnect the appliance from
the mains outlet by removing the plug from the socket or by switching off the electrical
If the appliance breaks down or functions improperly, shut it off and do not tamper with it.
Repairs must only be carried out by an after-sales centre authorized by the manufacturer.
Always insist on genuine spare parts.
Non-compliance with what has been stated above could compromise the safety of the
If you decide not to use the appliance of this type anymore, it is recommended that you
make it inoperable by cutting off the mains cord after removing the plug from the mains
You should also render harmless those parts of the appliance that could be dangerous,
especially for children who might use an abandoned appliance as a toy.
This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as:
- Staff kitchen areas in shop, offices and other working environments;
- Farm houses;
- By clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
- Bed and breakfast type environments
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Installation must be performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Incorrect installation could cause damage to person, animals and things, for which the
manufacturer cannot be held responsible.
To avoid dangerous overheating, it is recommended that you unwind the electrical cord to its
entire length and that you use the appliance as recommended in "Precautions".
Do not allow the power cord to pass around corners, over sharp edges, or over very hot
objects, and keep it away from oil.
Do not leave the appliance connected when not in use for an extended time. Remove the
plug from the mains outlet when the appliance is not used for an extended time.
If the electrical cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by an Authorized
Customer Service Centre since specialized tools are necessary.
Keep the appliance at a distance of at least 60 cm from washbasins, taps or flames.
This appliance has been designed to make coffee from capsules and must only be used for this
Any other use would be improper and therefore dangerous.
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage deriving from improper,
incorrect or unreasonable uses.
Before using the appliance, make sure it is in perfect working order. Likewise, the electrical
plug and sheath should not be cracked or broken. If the conditions described above are
observed, immediately unplug the appliance from mains outlet and take it to an authorized
CAFECAPS dealer for necessary checking.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Do not leave the appliance unattended while turned on.
The electrical safety of this appliance relies strictly on its connection to an efficient
grounding system, as set forth by current safety standards in force. This safety requirement
is of paramount importance and must be ascertained by a skilled electrician.
The appliance must only be connected to the electrical system with a grounded plug.
Do not carry and/or pull the appliance holding it by the cable.
Never submerge the appliance in water when cleaning it.
The surfaces get hot during use.
Set the appliance on a flat, even, and stable surface.
Place the coffee machine in a safe place, where nobody can tilt it or be harmed by it.
Do not use the coffee machine in the open air. Never leave the machine in areas where
temperatures are lower or equivalent to 5°C if it is filled with water.
Do not place the appliance on hot surfaces or close to open flames, as this will damage the
If the appliance will be not be used for an extended time period, empty the water tank.
Should there be a problems with the appliance, contact an authorize CAFECAPS dealer.
Avoid repairing the appliance on your own.
English Version
Any repairs carried out on the device by unauthorized personnel will automatically
invalidate the warranty, even if it has not reached the expiry date.
Legal notice
These instructions contain essential information for proper operation and accurate
maintenance of the appliance as well as information on appliance functions.
Understanding such information and adhering to the instructions given in this booklet is
critical for hazardless, safe operation and maintenance of the appliance.
Please contact your local retailer or the manufacturer if you require further information or if
you encounter problems that you feel have not been adequately covered or explained
clearly in these instructions for use.
Also, please note that the contents of this instructions manual are not part of any earlier or
existing arrangement, legal agreement or contract and that no future arrangement,
agreement or contract will alter the substance of the contents in this manual.
All of the manufacturer's obligations are contained in the appliance sale agreement, which
also contains the full and exclusive terms and conditions of guarantee.
All the terms of guarantee contained in the sale agreement are neither restricted nor
extended by way of these explanations.
These instructions for use contain information protected by copyright.
These instructions for use may not be photocopied or translated into another language
without the prior written permission of the manufacturer.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage caused by:
• Use which is improper or which does not conform to that which is intended;
• Repairs that are not carried out at an authorized CAFECAPS dealer;
• Tampering with the power table;
• Tampering with any component of the appliance;
• Malfunctions caused by water scale and by failure to periodically de-scale the unit;
• Malfunctions caused by operating the appliance at voltages other than that specified on the
• Use of non original parts and accessories.
In such cases the warranty shall be null and void.
For more information, or for issues either not covered or not sufficiently covered in these
instructions, please contact your CAFECAPS dealer.
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Product specifications
• Pump…………………………………………….……………… 19 bar
• Water tank capacity…………………………………….………...1 L – 33.81 FL.OZ.
• Appliance size……………………………………………….….. (cm) (L*W*H): 33 x 18 x 25
…………………………………………………………………….(in) (lxpxh): 13” x 7” x 9.8”
• Weight……………………………………….….……..…………4.0 kg – 8.82 lb
• Capsule container……………………………...............…………12 CAFECAPS capsules
•Power………….………………………………………………….1200 W – 230 v 50-60 Hz
Figure 1
1. Handle
2. Capsule window
3. Machine body
4. Decoration-circle
5. Button cover
6. Cup
7. Stop-light-block
8. Spout-top-cover
9. Capsule box
10. Cup frame
11. Drain tray cover
12. Drain tray
13. Power switch
14. Power cord
15. Water tank
16. Water tank cover
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Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
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Figure 6
Figure 7
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Water filling
Before filling the tank, ALWAYS disconnect the plug from the electrical socket
Remove the water tank cover (Figure 2) and pour cold water into the tank (maximum
1000ml), then close the water tank cover.
Connect the machine to the electricity by inserting the plug (Figure 5) in the socket.
Use cold top water only to fill the water tank. Use fresh water every time you fill the tank. Do
not use sparkling mineral water or other fluids.
Always ensure that there is water in the tank. Running the water pump with no water in the
tank will cause the pump to overheat.
Rinsing the appliance/inner circuits
When using for the first time, or if the appliance has been switched off for a long time, you must
rinse it first. By performing this quick procedure, you will ensure that all inner circuits are rinsed.
Remove the tank (Figure 4) from the machine, wash it well and fill it with cold water
(maximum 1000ml) and put it back in the machine making sure it is fitted in properly
(Figure 5).
Make sure the handle(Figure 3)is down, and then place a cup on the drain tray cover
(8, Figure 1).
Press the power switch (13, Figure 1) to switch on the power then the power lamp flash
(red) Wait for the water to reach temperature then the coffee lamp light permanently
Without inserting any capsule, press the control button (5, Figure 1) and wait until water
starts coming out from the nozzle, then press the control button again, the machine stop.
Starting/warming up the coffee machine
Before the preparation of the coffee, the appliance has to warm up
Fill the tank with water until the indicated maximum level
Insert the plug of the power cord into the electrical socket.
Switch on the appliance by pressing the power switch (13, figure 1). When switching on
the appliance, the pump is activated and light (7, figure 1) start flashing and the appliance
perform a short heating and system cleaning cycle. (Heating-up phase).
When the correct temperature is reached, the button cover will light up constantly.
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Making a Coffee
Use only coffee capsules.
Make certain that there is enough water in the tank (12, figure 1). Do not us the machine
without water in the tank.
Press the power switch (13, Figure 1) to switch on the power then the power lamp light
(red). Wait for the water to reach temperature then the coffee lamp light to be light
permanently (green).
Open the handle (1 Figure 6).
Take a CAFECAPS capsule (Figure 6) into the capsule window (2 Figure 6)
Close the handle (1 Figure 3).
Take a cup on the drain tray cover and press the control button the coffee start brewing.
Until you reach your desired amount of coffee, please press the control button again the
machine stop the working.
At the end of the brewing, open the handle (1, Figure 1). The used capsule will drop down to
the capsule box (7, Figure 1).
Emptying the capsule container
Every 10 to 12 coffee, the capsule container will be full; you will need to empty and rinse the
capsule box.
Lift up the drain tray (12, Figure 1) slightly and extract it from the appliance.
Remove the container (Figure 7) from the tray, empty it and rinse it.
Clean ail residues of water and coffee from the tray and the drain tray.
Reassemble all the parts and insert the complete drip tray (12, figure 1) back into the
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Daily Cleaning
Without inserting any capsule, press the button and wait for dispensing to finish. The water
dispensed will be collected in the drain tray (12, figure 1).
Empty the drain tray.
Cleaning the appliance
Before cleaning, ALWAYS unplug from the main outlet,
Never immerse the body of the appliance in the water or other liquids nor wash it in the
It is forbidden to dry any part of the appliance in conventional and or microwave oven.
Do not wash any component in a dishwasher
Use a damp cloth to clean the body of the machine but do not use abrasive detergents.
Remove the capsule box and drain tray (Figure 7) empty any capsules and wash them with
an ordinary dishwashing detergent.
Periodically remove the water tank (10, Figure 1) and rinse it with clean water then put it
back properly in its place.
The formation of lime scale is a natural consequence of using the appliance. De-scaling is necessary
every 5-6 months; if the water is very hard, you need to de-scale the appliance more often. To descale your machine, you can use any commercially available non-toxic, non-harmful de-scaling
Switch off the appliance.
Remove the tank and empty it.
Fill the tank with the de-scaling solution following the instruction on the product package.
Switch on the appliance.
Without inserting any capsule, press the start button and wait for dispensing to finish. The
water dispensed will be collected in the drain tray (12, figure 1).
Switch off the appliance.
Leave the de-scaling solution in for about 10-15 minutes, with the appliance off.
Repeat the procedure from point 4 to 6 until the tank is empty. Switch off the appliance.
Remove the water tank, rinse it accurately and fill it again with fresh water.
Switch on the appliance.
Without inserting any capsule, press the start button and wait for dispensing to finish.
Repeat the operation until the tank is emptied. The water dispensed will be collected in the
drip tray (12, figure 1).
When the tank is empty, switch off the appliance.
Fill the water tank again and repeat the procedure from point 11.
When the second rinsing cycle is complete, fill up the tank again. The appliance will now be
ready for use.
English Version
If the machine is not working properly, make the simple checks set out below. If the problem is not
among those listed or if it still persists, even if you follow the advice given, contact an authorized
CAFECAPS dealer.
Machine won’t start
The coffee is too cold.
Possible causes
Possible solution
• Not properly plugged
• Make sure it is properly
into the power
plugged in.
• The machine is not • Wait until the temperature
is reached, shown by the
indicator light.
• The heating system is
• Contact your CAFECAPS
The product is not
Coffee tastes sour.
The tank is empty.
The water tank is not
fully seated. - Capsule
drawer full.
The ducts are blocked •
with lime scale.
The pump is defective.
The machine was not
rinsed properly after descaling.
Make sure that the level
of the water in the tank is
right and, if necessary,
add cold natural water.
Seat the tank properly.
Contact your CAFECAPS
Re-rinse the machine.
This produce complies with the Directive 2002/96/EC.
The symbol representing the crossed out trash can on the appliance indicates that the
product, at the end of its useful life, must be treated separately from domestic waste. It must
be taken to a recycling center for electrical and electronic appliances or turned in to the point
of sale when purchasing a new, equivalent, appliance.
The user is responsible for taking the appliance to the recycling center at the end of its life,
under penalty of the sanctions foreseen by the current legislation on waste handling.
Correct consignment of the no-longer used appliance to a recycling center for treatment and
environmentally compatible elimination contributes to avoiding a negative impact on the
environment and public health, and permits recycling of the materials from which the
product is made.
For more detailed information regarding the available collection systems, contract the local
refuse center or the store where the product was purchased.
The manufacturer and the importers comply with their responsibility for recycling, treating
and environmentally compatible disposal of waste both directly and in a collective system.
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