Avocado 101
How to pick, store and prepare fresh avocados.
How to pick the best fresh avocado
Color & Texture
Not Ripe
Days to Ripe: 4–5
Almost Ripe
Days to Ripe: 1–2
Ready to Eat
Days to Ripe: 0
Past Ripe
Color alone doesn't determine ripeness, but darker avocados may be riper
than ones with lighter skin. Large indentations are signs that the fruit has
been bruised and shouldn't be purchased.
Place the avocado in the
palm of your hand and
squeeze lightly to avoid
bruising. If the avocado
yields to gentle pressure,
you know it’s ripe and
ready-to-eat. If not, then the
avocado will be ripe in 2–3
days. If the avocado feels
mushy, it may be overripe.
How to store fresh avocados
Unripe Avocados Whole Ripe Avocados
Unripe, firm or green fruit
can take 4–5 days to ripen
at room temperature. To
speed up the ripening
process, place avocados
in a brown paper bag with
an apple or banana.
To slow down the avocado
ripening process, place
ripe and ready to eat
avocados uncut in the
refrigerator. They will last
2–3 days.
Cut Avocados
Sprinkle cut, mashed
or sliced avocados with
lemon or lime juice. Store
in the refrigerator in an
air-tight container or
tightly covered with
plastic wrap.
TIP: If refrigerated guacamole or cut avocados turn brown during storage,
discard the top oxidized layer and enjoy the rest.
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Add lemon juice, lime juice
or vinegar to help prevent
browning. Place guacamole
in an air-tight container,
then press clear plastic wrap
directly on the surface and
cover with a lid. Store in
the refrigerator.
Avocado 101
How to pick, store and prepare fresh avocados.
How to prepare your fresh avocado
Cut avocado in half
Wash hands and rinse avocado.
Starting at the narrower end, slice
slowly down the center lengthwise
around the seed. Hold the avocado
and twist the two halves apart.
Remove seed
Slip a spoon between the seed and
avocado and gently work the seed
out of the fruit, or cut the avocado
half into quarters around the seed
and remove it by hand.
Cut into wedges, then grasp the
outer dark layer and pull it away from
the inner green avocado. If darker
portions of the skin remain on the
avocado, cut them away.
Fresh avocados are delicious all by themselves, in guacamole, on salads, soups and sandwiches,
for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Visit LoveOneToday.com for recipe ideas!
Fresh avocados have many benefits
Serving size is a third of a medium size avocado (50g)
Avocados are a heart-healthy fruit.
Many factors affect heart disease.
Eating avocados as part of a diet
low in saturated fat and cholesterol
may reduce the risk.
80 calories per serving, plus
cholesterol- and sugar-free.
A good source of folate (folic acid),
which is important for proper brain
function. Adequate intakes may
reduce the risk of premature births
and birth defects.
Naturally good fats which help the
body absorb fat-soluble nutrients
without raising LDL ("bad")
cholesterol levels when eaten
as part of a healthy diet.
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250mg of potassium — which can
help your body build muscle and
break down and use carbohydrates.
A good source of fiber that adds
bulk to the diet and can help you
feel full faster.
Nearly 20 vitamins, minerals
and nutrients.
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