Be Food Smart quiz sheet Be Food Smart quiz sheet

Be Food Smart
quiz sheet
1. It doesn’t matter how much sugar you eat.
FALSE – eating more than 5 sugar cubes (for 4 to 6 year olds)
or 6 sugar cubes (for 7 to 10 year olds) can harm your health and
make you ill later on.
2. Water or milk are healthier choices to drink.
TRUE – water and milk are both healthier choices. Sugary drinks like cola should not form part
of a child’s daily diet.
3. Breakfast cereals are always a healthy choice.
FALSE – some cereals contain lots of sugar. Choose low sugar options like plain wheat biscuits,
plain cereal, shredded wheat or plain porridge.
4. One can of soft drink doesn’t contain much sugar.
FALSE – one can of sugary soft drink contains 9 cubes of sugar – that’s more than we should
eat in a day! Swap sugary drinks (soft drinks and sugary juice drinks) for water, lower fat milks,
diet drinks, sugar free drinks, or no added sugar drinks.
5. You don’t need to worry about the sugar in fruit.
TRUE – you don’t need to worry about naturally occurring sugar in fruits. Fruit makes a great
snack and we should aim for at least 5 A DAY of fruit and vegetables.
6. Sandwiches can contain a lot of saturated fat and salt.
TRUE – not all sandwiches are healthy. Sandwiches containing sausages, ham and cheese,
or lots of sauce, like mayonnaise and ketchup, can contain a lot of saturated fat and salt.
7. Flavoured yogurts are always a healthy snack.
FALSE – many contain a lot of sugar and not a lot of fruit. Choose plain, low fat, or lower sugar
yoghurt instead, and add some fresh berries or other fruits for flavour that counts towards
your 5 A DAY.
8. A pudding a day is A OK.
FALSE – just one little pot of pudding or a couple of scoops of ice cream can contain over
5 cubes of sugar (and check out the saturated fat with your Be Food Smart app, which makes
an interesting noise!).
9. Fruit juice counts towards your 5 A DAY.
TRUE – but only 150ml a day. Too much fruit juice can also mean too much sugar.
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