BWT Premium Drinking Water System
Before you start
This tap is suitable for use at water supply pressures of
2 bar (min.) to 5 bar (max.).
This product must be connected to the water supply in
accordance with the UK Building Regulations. If you are
in any doubt about these requirements, contact a
qualified plumber, your local Water Company, or the
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).
(a) Identify all components and check pack contents.
(b) Turn off mains water supply. The main stopcock is
usually situated where the supply enters the building
(c) It is also recommended that the hot water heating
system is turned off.
(d) Drain the cold and hot water system. It is
recommended to ensure complete drainage, that all taps
are opened. There is no need to drain the central heating
Tap Assembly
[01] x 1
T Piece
[07] x 1
[08] x 1
Hoses M/F
[09] x 2
Hex Key
[10] x 1
Socket Wrench
[11] x 1
1/4" Tubing
[12] x1
Filter Cartridge
[13] x1
Filter Head
[14] x1
This Premium Drinking Water System is guaranteed to
be free from faults arising from manufacturing defects for
a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
Please retain proof of purchase
Do not over bend the flexible hoses.
Rubber Clamp
[04] x 1
[06] x 1
Contains parts which if these become loose could be a
choking hazard to small children. After installation please
check that the bar levers into the tap head are secure, if
required please use low strength thread lock to secure
these parts.
Please pass these instructions back onto householder for
retention for future reference.
Metal Clamp
[05] x 1
After Care
Ensure the tap is fully turned off after use.
To maintain the appearance of this fitting, ensure it is
cleaned only using a clean soft damp cloth. A solution of
warm water and mild liquid detergent may be used where
necessary and then rinsed thoroughly. Abrasive cleaners
or acidic cleaners MUST NOT BE USED under any
circumstances.Avoid contact with solvents.
Braided Flexible Hose
[17] x1
7/16 x1/4
Push - fit
[15] x1
3/8 x1/4
Push -fit
[16] x1
Please check sink thickness before installing.
No. (03) mounting seat is not needed if the
thickness is more than 35mm.
> 35mm
05 Installing the Filter Head and Bracket [14]
To install the filter system, choose a location that enables
simple connection to the water mains and tap. The
distance between the filter cartridge and the floor should
be a minimum of 65 mm to allow adequate space for
installing the filter cartridge. The filter system must be
securely fitted to a suitably robust surface using the filter
bracket supplied. Remove the bracket from the filter head
and use as a template to mark the appropriate location.
Drill two pilot holes and fasten the bracket using two
suitable screws or bolts (not supplied). Correctly fitting the
mounting bracket will support the weight of the filter and
help prevent strain on the attached pipes and fittings.
06 Connecting the filtered water supply
Attach the 7/16 x 1/4 Push - fit adaptor [15] to the
threaded tap tube being careful not to over tighten.
Using a sharp hobby knife or similar cut the blue flexible
hose [12] to a suitable length for it to reach between the
Push - fit adaptor [15] and filter head [14] remember to
allow sufficient length so that it can be routed with out
kinks and be kept clear of any sharp edges.
With the tube cut squarely ensure the end is clean and
smooth before (A) pushing firmly and fully into the
adaptor fitted to the tap, (B) pull back slightly to effect a
water tight seal.
Carefully fit the 3/8 x 1/4 ‘push - fit adaptor’ [16] to outlet
side of the filter head [14] taking care not to over tighten,
and then slide the filter head into the bracket taking care
to observe the direction of flow indicated by the arrow
Now take the other end of the blue flexible tube [12] and
push firmly and fully (D) into the adaptor [16], pull back
slightly to effect a seal (E)
Base of Tap
Filtered Water
07 Connecting the filtered water supply continued
Connect the braided hose [17] to the previously fitted
[07]T piece tightening to effect a water tight seal.
Connect the other end to the inlet side of the filter head
[14]do not over tighten.
08: Installing the Cartridge
Remove the cellophane shrink-wrap and hygiene cap
from cartridge [13]. Before installing the filter cartridge,
mark the installation date and the replacement date (no
later than 6 months) in the space provided on the filter’s
label. Hold cartridge near the bottom when installing or
changing the cartridge. Push the cartridge into the filter
head [14] and the same time rotate anticlockwise when
viewed from above. Installation can be simplified by
turning the filter head in the filter bracket by 90° where
space permits.
Cold water
Mains water
09: Bleeding the system
Open the filter water tap [1] fully to allow for continuous
flow, then slowly turn on the water supply allowing water
to enter the filter slowly and displace trapped air and
loose particles.
Allow water to flow through the system for around 5
minutes or until water runs clear and bubble free
(Minimum 5 litres). Repeat flushing process when ever the
filter is left unused for a prolonged period of time. Always
flush drinking water filter system for 10 seconds
10: Setting the bypass
Your BWT filter head [14] is fitted with a 4 position bypass
valve that can be used to allow filtered water to be mixed
with incoming water from the mains for specialist
applications. For domestic drinking water DSSOLFDWLRQVWKH
11: Replacing the filter cartridge
Turn off the water supply at the water supply valve before
starting work. Unscrew the filter cartridge [13] out of the
filter head [14] in a clockwise motion dismantling can be
simplified by turning the filter head in the filter bracket by
up to 90° where space permits
Install new filter cartridge [13] as described in Section 9.
Flush and bleed filter cartridge as outlined in Section 10.
Dispose of the removed filter cartridge; observe the local
disposal regulations.
Your BWT Filter can be changed
without isolating the water supply
however turning off the water at
the stop cock or other suitable
isolation valve can help prevent
unnecessary water spills.
Model: BWT Premium Drinking Water Filter Kit
Trouble Shooting Guide
No filtered water
Water intake or isolating valve closed
Filter head reversed
Filter not fitted correctly
Check isolating valves and open if necessary
Check flow direction a reverse head if necessary (see section 6)
Unscrew filter by 1/2 a turn and re-insert (see section 8)
Leaking around the filter head
Filter cross threaded
Unscrew filter by ½ rotation and reinsert as far as it will go (see
Section 8)
Low flow rate
Cracked head
System pressure is too low
Isolate unit and replace filter head
Check system pressure is greater than 2 bar
Aquastop in filter head leaking
when filter cartridge is removed
Foreign particles deposited in Aquastop
Flush system with built-in filter (see Section 9)
Threaded connection leaking
Faulty seal
Check seal, replace if necessary
Air bubbles
Not completely bled
Repeat the bleeding procedure (see Section 10)
Water is milky/white in colour
Process-related formation of carbonic acid
that escapes as small white bubbles
Cloudiness disappears after approx. 5 min.
Filter head pipe connections
Incorrect tube assembly or damaged tube
Turn off water supply and turn on drinking water tap. For plastic
tubing, depress collar on Push - fit and remove the tubing from the
housing. Inspect to see if the tubing is damaged. If damaged,
remove problem area by cutting squarely across the tubing. Then
reconnect tubing following procedure in section 6 to 7
Open the water supply valve, then close tap and check for leaks. If
the leaks persist, or if there are other leaks on the unit, turn off the
water supply then call our Customer Service Team.
If your problem persists please call our Customer Service Team during office hours on 01494 838100
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