folding machine
- Automatic setting of the fold
- 6 standard folds are pre-programmed
for A5, A4, A3 and one format
that you can choose
- Other folds are freely programmable
- Memory space for 9 additional folds
- Stop after the preselected volume
- Folding of single sheets and sheet sets
- Extended delivery increases operator
the excellent A3 machine for the office
Folding has never been so easy. All it needs is
smartFOLD needs 5 minutes
a push of a button and smartFOLD is set
for a job that would keep you
automatically - not just the fold, but also the
occupied for 3 hours.
paper thickness.
Other folds
can be set
and saved
by pushing
Paper sizes:
max. 30.5 x 43.2 cm
min. 9.0 x 10.0 cm
Fold length:
max. 32.4 cm; min. 4.0 cm
a button.
With smartFOLD, you always get the correct
volume. The machine stops automatically
after reaching the preselected number of
Paper weight:
50 bis 180 g/m²
up to 300 sheets/min (depending on material)
230 V/50 Hz
Single sheets but also stapled, glued or loose
sets of up to 5 sheets can be folded without
having to change settings.
Folding better automatically.
Technical improvements may be introduced without previous notice.
The following folds are pre-programmed:
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