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Game Explanations
This is a list of Pool games that would be a fun and exciting way to keep kids occupied while they are at the pool. It will also
make them want to come back. This is a select list so do not feel limited to the list. Games will be played periodically at the pool on
weekends based on pool attendance. We want to be a fun and involved staff so be creative and outgoing and the kids will have a blast.
Marco Polo
This can be played with as few as two people. Game play begins when "it" either is blindfolded or closes his eyes. He ducks into the
water and then comes out shouting “Marco.” The other players, who have scattered around the pool, reply “Polo.” Game play
continues until Marco tags one of the other players. The tagged player becomes the new Marco.
Treasure Hunt
To play treasure hunt in the pool, requires numerous objects that will sink, and are not sharp. Homemade treasures can be made from
plastic Easter eggs filled with rocks or coins. Have the players close their eyes, then scatter the objects around the pool. Count to three,
have them open their eyes, and start diving for treasures. Whoever gets the most treasures wins the game.
Ice-Cube Pick-Up
This works best in a wading pool. First, add some food dye to water and freeze in several ice cube trays. Another option is to place
marbles in the ice cube trays and freeze. Throw the ice cubes in the water. Players try to pick up as many ice cubes as possible with
their toes and throw them out of the pool. The player who eliminates the most ice cubes wins.
Beach Ball Race
The object of this game is for players to push a beach ball with their nose, while swimming, to the other end of the pool. The first
player whose beach ball reaches the end of the pool wins. This game can also be played as a relay race. In this version, when the
player reaches the end of the pool he must turn around and continue to push the beach ball with his nose until his beach ball reaches
the starting position. Then, the next team member takes over.
Doughnut Float Race
This race is best for long pools. Racers sit in a doughnut float at the shallow end of the pool. When they are told to “go” they must
race to the other end of the pool using their hands as paddles. This can also be a relay styled race.
London Bridge
This game can be played at the shallow end of the pool or in deeper water, depending on the swimming abilities of players. Two
players hold each other’s hands high, while each of the other players walks under the bridge. After each player walks under the bridge,
the bridge is lowered. Eventually players will have to swim under the bridge. However, the bridge can be raised to accommodate
younger players.
Exact Change
Want to work on math while improving swimming skills? Throw a handful of change on the bottom of the pool and ask the children to
bring back a certain amount, such as 24 cents. Add to the challenge for older kids by increasing the figure to something like $2.23.
Sharks and Minnows
One child volunteers to be a Shark in the center of the pool while the rest of the children become "Minnows" and line up on one side.
At the Shark's command of "1-2-3 Minnows," the minnows attempt to swim across the pool without getting tagged by the Shark. As
the minnows get tagged, they become the sharks and join in catching people for the following rounds. Continue until the last person is
tagged and declared the winner.
Over the River
All that’s needed for this game is a water hose. Hold the hose low to the ground and children line up to jump over the hose. After each
round the stream gets higher, if anyone hits the stream, they are out. The last person wins the game.
Sponge Relay
Fill two buckets with the exact same amount of water. Form two teams and give each team a big car-wash sponge. At the start of the
race, the first person on each team soaks up as much water as she can in the sponge and carries it to another bucket, squeezes out the
water and runs back to hand the sponge to the next person on her team, who repeats the process.
Water Bucket Relay
This is a fun game for a large group of kids. Divide them into two teams and set up an obstacle course with lawn chairs. . Fill four
buckets to the top with water. Put two full buckets at each end of the course. At go, the first racer on each team picks up a bucket and
runs to the end of the course, trying not to spill the water or bump into the other runner. Then the runners each grab a second bucket
and run back to the starting point. The next runner on each team grabs the two buckets and runs the course. The team with the most
water left in the buckets wins. This would have to be done on the lawn not on pool deck.
Hula Hoop Water Balloon Toss
One person (a non team member) holds a hula hoop to his side and the other person tries to toss a water balloon through the hoop. The
team with the most made water balloons wins the game.
Beach Ball Bumper
Rope off one section on the pool. Each player will be given one beach ball to balance themselves on with their arms hugging the ball
and locked. All players will do this inside the roped off section. The swimmer will swim around trying to push other players against
the rope or make them lose balance. If that happens that player is out of the game. The use of feet to kick out other players is not
allowed. The last player that survives the bumper is the winner.
Fill the Bottle
Set up however many teams, but at the least two. On each team one person lays down holding a 20oz plastic soda bottle on his or her
forehead. Give each team mate a cup and they have to take turns trying to pour water into the 20oz. soda bottle. The key is though that
they have to stand with out bending over or touching the cup to the bottle. Once one of the bottles are full that team wins the race.
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