Suma Café Tabs
Cleaning tablets for filter coffee machines
Suma Café Tabs coffee equipment cleaning tablets are specifically designed
to offer the functionality of one-step cleaning for coffee brewers and servers.
By running a brew cycle with a Suma Café Tabs tablet in the basket, users can
simultaneously clean both the brew basket and server beneath.
Additionally Suma Café Tabs may be used directly in servers to quickly clean
systems with multiple vessels. As an added safety feature, Suma Café Tabs
tablets contain a blue dye which helps ensure proper rinsing in busy service
• Phosphate free formula.
• Dual application tablet optimizes portion control and cleaning.
• Cleans brew basket and server in one simple step.
• Blue color ensures proper rinsing.
• Clean-in-place tablet format eliminates dust, waste and operator error.
Use instructions
1. Place one Suma Café Tabs per 2 liters vessel capacity in brew basket.
2. Run brew cycle into server and hold.
3. Discard solution and remove any residue.
4. Rinse all parts with clean water.
Tip: Clean inside of additional servers with one Suma Café Tabs per 2 liters hot
water. Solution can also be used to wipe spray heads.
Suma Café Tabs
Technical data
light blue solid
pH value (10g/L):
11.2 – 11.5
These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications.
Safe handling and storage information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.
Store in original container. Avoid extreme temperatures and exposure to sunlight.
Product compatibility
Under recommended conditions of use, Suma Café Tabs is suitable for use on stainless steel materials commonly
encountered in the kitchen. Do not use on aluminum.
This product carries Kosher, Halal and NSF certifications.
16471 en-EU 05/13
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