These guidelines will address the requirements for snow cone and shaved ice stands
If you are planning on buying a pre-existing unit, it is best to contact the City of Irving before purchase. Structures
and equipment may not meet current codes and must be updated before a permit can be issued by the department
For assistance or questions contact the Inspections Department at (972) 721-2371
 Snow cone and shaved ice stands are allowed only for temporary use at a maximum of 180 days per year
 A separate application for each of the following must be submitted: temporary use building permit, food permit,
electrical pole permit, sign permit / tent permit (if applicable). The Fire Department must approve the building
permit application before the permit is approved
 A site plan must be submitted and indicate the following: entire property, all buildings, setbacks, parking areas
(including 3 parking spaces, 1 of which shall be accessible)
 An electrical contractor is required for the temporary installation to obtain power. A separate electrical service is
not allowed for a temporary use site. A general contractor registration is not required for the temporary use
building permit.
 An owner’s written permission or lease will need to be submitted to the department. If restrooms are not provided,
written permission is required from an adjacent building tenant confirming access to their restrooms during the
stand’s operational hours
 100’ minimum distance from a developed residential lot in a residential district
 Minimum setbacks from the building to the adjacent street frontage must be 25’ from the property line, 35’ from
the curb, and 45’ from the edge of an unimproved street (no curb)
 The stand cannot be located in a fire lane, accessible parking, and accessible aisles or routes
 Must be anchored down to resist a 90 mph wind speed (3 second gust). An engineer’s design or letter must be
submitted. The engineer will need to inspect the structure after it is anchored down and submit an inspection report
to the department before the temporary use permit is approved
 The stand must be removed after 180 days
 All equipment must be in good repair and meet NSF/ANSI standards
 A two sink minimum with 110°F water.
 Five (5) gallon water supply tank, gravity or force-fed
 All sinks must empty to either a retention tank that is 15% larger in capacity than the water supply tank or
connected to the on-site sanitary sewer. All waste must be disposed into a sanitary sewer system
 Soap & towel dispenser must be located adjacent to the hand sink
 Sanitizer test strips
 Impervious floor covering, tile, sheet vinyl, steel plate, etc.
 Interior walls and ceiling must be non-absorbent, light in color, similar to white or off-white for ready
identification of any contaminate or dirt
 Supplies must be purchased from a commercial source
 Food service openings must be equipped with sliding screens or windows
 Sanitizing all surfaces and equipment daily
 One 2½ pound (minimum) ABC fire extinguisher
 Food sales are limited to snow cones and/or prepackaged non-potentially hazardous foods or non-potentially
hazardous beverages only. No open food sales will be permitted
 No bare wood allowed
 Restrooms or written permission for restroom use at an adjacent business must be provided
Additional requirements may be deemed necessary by the Inspections Department
Revised 2/2017
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