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Abstract of the catalogue
Motorhomes 2004
Hymer C-Class GT
Between Ulm and Lake Constance lies Bad Waldsee
– the home of HYMER motorhomes.
In March 2002, the new office building on the B
30 opened for business. The elegant simplicity and
light, airy nature of the premises lends them a
transparency in keeping with the philosophy
behind our products - an open corporate culture
which serves to reinforce the motivation of our
staff on behalf of our customers.
Hymer C-Class GT
Living area
Sleeping area
Layouts of
Hymer C-Class, Hymer C-Class GT,
Upholstery fabrics
HYMER – motorhomes for the future;
as seen in all the best spots!
Time after time, HYMER motorhomes have
achieved top ratings – a resounding confirmation
of the path we have chosen and a sign of our high
quality standard and popularity.
This year HYMER has done it again and topped the
ratings in a market survey by the biggest
motorhome magazine, with the B-Class
Hymermobil gaining first place for the 13th time
in succession - the only series to have done so
without interruption.
The assessment criteria:
high reliability
good workmanship
high resale value
good customer service
well-designed layouts
attractive appearance
spur us on to new innovations in order to offer
the customer a futuristic, sophisticated product
and maintain our successful track record.
Who needs to fly?
With Hymer, you can experience freedom and
independence without leaving the ground.
And concealed in the floor of the Hymer C-Class
GT models is the patented HYMER double floor,
providing extra storage space and long-cargo
channels with an overall height of just 295 or
300 cm.
New in model year 2004 is the rounded, isolated
B-pillar at the transition from driver’s cab to living
area. This design improvement has enabled us to
create an extra 10 cm headroom.
Hymer C-Class GT
Hymer C-Class GT
The elegant room architecture gives the
Hymer C-Class GT models a distinctive
character all of their own.
Quality-finished furniture with soft edges
and rounded corners are hallmarks of the
furniture design.
The delicate grain of the pear wood underlines this timeless elegance, with a choice
of harmonious textile combinations to
Choose your own
upholstery fabrics
(see also page 86/87):
Hymer C-Class GT
The generous alcove
offers an astonishing
amount of space.
A folding partition
provides a clear separation from the living
area, enabling you to
shut out the light and
enjoy privacy and
Complete and functional: the kitchen with
Ceran-look hob and
double sink unit, the seating arrangement with
standard three-point
belts, the spacious bunk
beds . . .
everywhere you look,
you’ll find practical
solutions for everyday
A harmonious
language of forms
”Form follows function” – the HYMER concept
speaks for itself. The everyday functionality of our
vehicles is written in every detail. And nowhere is
the perfection of the craftsmanship more apparent
than in the practical features. Here attention is
paid not only to functional purpose, but also to
visual harmony.
From the optimal comfort of the beds and seating
arrangements to the tried-and-tested hinges and
fasteners on flaps and roof lockers.
This combination of high utility value and timelessly elegant furniture, design free from trendy
gimmicks is also reflected in the high resale value
of HYMER motorhomes – an investment that will
give you many years of pleasure.
The perfect living
The innovation of HYMER is reflected in a variety
of useful details, e.g. in the quality of upholstery.
This is made from high-grade cellular material and
has a high elasticity which ensures that the original shape is maintained even after constant use.
Everything in its place and readily to hand: the
functional bottle holder in the luxury seating
arrangement of the Hymermobil-B-Class and BStar-Line.
The front of the seat frame is diagonally positioned to ensure maximum legroom, and an optimised opening system allows easy access to the
bench storage space.
The adjustable back cushions provide individual
comfort for sitting, relaxing and reclining.
In the Hymer C-Class models, the multifunctional
table can be converted to a bed in no time using
the swing lever on the wall.
You’ll find useful details wherever you look:
The luxury seating arrangement offers the perfect
place to relax in comfort. The upholstery cushions
lend softness as well as support.
The free-standing table is individually adjustable
and the storage space in the seat frames can be
fully utilised thanks to a smooth-running drawer
Telescopic tables can be continuously lowered via
a simple release system.
roller-mounted drawers
illuminated wardrobes
doors with high-quality, sturdy fittings
individually positioned reading spotlights,
some with built-in adjustability
double-glazed HYMER panoramic rooflight
with combined cassette blind and lighting in
living area
You can choose from a range of fabric combinations to give your HYMER motorhome an individual touch.
And hanging curtains or stores couldn’t be easier
with the new click gliders – simply click in place at
any point on the curtain rail.
Sleep in
The use of a high-quality cellar material gives
the upholstery lasting elasticity and resilience
so that it keeps its original shape.
A place to sleep, relax and dream.
Whether an alcove bed, single bed, twin bed,
double bed or pull-down front double bed – all
are equipped with comfortable mattresses for a
good night’s rest, e.g. the well finished inner
spring and micro pocket spring mattresses.
The other beds and convertible seats are also designed for maximum comfort when seated or reclining.
The beds have inner spring mattresses with inner
springs made from well-tempered steel which
offers firm support for the body.
The alcove models offer a permanent bedroom
above the driver’s cab. This space is particularly
generous in the HYMER models, and has side windows for individual air circulation plus a hot-air
circulation system under the mattress.
The mattresses in the Hymer C-Class are made of
high-quality cellular material and are covered in a
stretch towelling fabric. The micro pocket spring
mattresses in the C-Class GT are covered with
lounge-style upholstery.
The high-quality covering is removable for easy
The permanent beds rest on wooden slats encased
in an aluminium frame. The front double bed,
which is easily lowered via a handle, is equipped
with an integrated lath floor to ensure a healthy
circulation of air. When the bed is lowered, the
three-sided partition curtain is closed. A further
curtain closing off the living area turns the room
into a separate, cosy bedroom.
The micro pocket spring mattress offers breathable, healthy climate control, excellent spot elasticity and a long lifetime.
Practical pockets in the sleeping area provide
additional functional storage space for small utensils. The pockets with wood appliqué at the Velcro
fastener blend in harmoniously with the room.
Additional small pockets for storing spectacles are
located in the wardrobe and in the vicinity of the
lift-up bed.
Optimal privacy and isolation are afforded by the
attractive and easy-to-use folding blind in the cab
A kitchen
for connoisseurs
This concept features a variety of practical details
and a range of equipment catering to every need.
Take the integrated 3-flame hob with automatic
ignition and elegant Ceran-look glass cover.
Everywhere you look, you’ll find drawers, storage
cupboards and cunning receptacles for various
utensils. And in a design which is not only practical and functional but also attractive to look at.
The natural look of fine wood combined with
robust work surfaces creates a highly pleasing
effect. The HYMER kitchen is a triumph of design
– right down to the last detail.
In the new B-Class kitchens, a central locking
system specially developed for the purpose secures
kitchen drawers on both sides to prevent them rolling out accidentally. Some of the drawers automatically retract to the locked position from a fixed
point onwards, while roller-mounted drawers and
pull-out units ensure easy handling.
The gas taps are located at easily accessible points
and the kitchen cupboards in the HYMER-C-Class
have a handy swivel tray with a high-quality utensil
compartment. Especially designed edges in the roof
storage boxes serve to prevent stowed utensils from
falling out.
All doors are equipped with crash-tested hook
fasteners guaranteeing secure closure.
The lever-type mixer taps have a ceramic household-type washer, and the 97L refrigerators are
equipped with lighting.
A fresh new look
for the bathroom
Generous washrooms are a characteristic feature
of HYMER motorhomes.
The new shower/washroom concept allows an
optimal use of space, achieving extraordinary versatility through easily operated sliding and swivelling elements and the flexible positioning of the
High-quality wooden panelling creates a warm,
inviting look. Circular washbasins also contribute
to the overall elegance of the design.
New in the Hymer C-Class is the functional washroom with double side wall which not only provides better insulation, but also reduces condensation and offers the possibility of covering the large
mirror with a protective blind when showering.
High-quality ceramic seals in the taps ensure a
long lifetime.
The innovations introduced as part of the B-Class
facelift are particularly evident in the shower area
of the Hymermobil B 654 and B 655 models: here
the new arrangement of toilet and washbasin not
only creates more space but also allows the option
of a window in the washbasin area.
Practical utensil cupboards, a range of mirrors,
generous lighting and ample storage surfaces
complete the picture.
All models are equipped with a fresh-water flushing toilet with ventilation.
The fresh water is drawn - depending on the
model – from 90 to 135L fresh-water tanks. All
pipes are laid in well insulated areas. The 100L
waste-water tank is insulated and heatable.
HYMER uses superior fabric hoses of lasting quality, durability and reliability to maximise the security of the water supply.
The waste-water tap has a Teflon-coated valve
and is housed in a frost-free environment.
The HYMER double-floor concept of the Hymer CClass GT and Hymermobil B-Class models is the
essence of forward-looking innovation.
This system is based on a special AL-CO low-frame
chassis with an insulated and heated underfloor
storage space.
Generous storage space openings at the side
with long-cargo channel behind the fresh
water tank.
The inboard technology is housed in the double
floor to protect it from frost.
Enlarged rear stowage spaces and storage
thanks to a new axle suspension.
Low tank installation positions to ensure a low
centre of gravity and excellent driving stability.
The overall height ranges between 285 and
300 cm depending on the model.
The interior including driver’s cab is laid out on
the same plane.
AL-CO special low-frame chassis with a maximum permitted laden mass in Germany of
3500 kg or 3900 kg for higher payloads.
The underfloor stowage spaces are 20.4 cm
high and heatable via a frost-protected hot-air
duct for the fresh-water and waste-water tank
and pipework.
The waste-water valves are housed in a frostfree environment in the rear stowage space.
The cleaning holes of the tanks and water
pump are easily accessible from the interior via
The doors to the stowage spaces are mounted
in maintenance-free rubber hinges and doubly
secured with a one-hand lock.
The innovative HYMER adhesive technology system
The floor is glued to the chassis. This elastic
connection between bodywork and chassis reduces
the force acting on the interior fittings.
It also reduces the noise level and allows an aerodynamic body shape.
HYMER body shells are based on the
patented HYMER-PUAL technology.
PUAL body components such as walls and roofs
are cast in one piece and are therefore extremely
tough and resistant. They are 100% water-impermeable thanks to the use of closed-pore PU foam.
The excellent insulation properties of this material
make the motorhome pleasantly cool in summer
and cosily warm in winter. The outer skin in stoveenamelled aluminium is not only fully UV-resistant
but also has an easy-to-care-for, mirror-finish surface.
The heat
corresponds to
an approx.
44 cm
solid brick wall
This design conforms to the highest DIN standards,
including the necessary winter protection.
The developers of HYMER motorhomes can draw
on over 40 years of experience.
Particularly when it comes to technical innovations, HYMER is and always has been a leader.
For example, HYMER was the first manufacturer to
carry the GS mark of certified quality and safety.
6-year warranty
on seal tightness
See separate warranty terms.
HYMER was also the first manufacturer to be certified according to the comprehensive quality inspection system ISO 9001.
For almost 20 years, HYMER has offered a 6-year
warranty on the seal tightness of the bodywork.
It is the first manufacturer in this sector to offer
for your safety and comfort:
– inspected and tested seat belt mountings
– 3-point belts in the central seating arrangements
– height-adjustable headrests in the seating
– two different belt height adjustment holes for
driver and passenger in the B-Class
– extensive, smooth external contours
– the aerodynamically shaped Hymer C-Class
alcove in high-quality glass-fibre reinforced
– flush-mounted window frames in the side wall
(excluding B-Classic, C- and T-Class)
– smooth aluminium skirts on the lower side
edge for optimised aerodynamics
– stainless steel guard in the wheel housing
– optional airbags for driver and passenger in
the B-Star-Line and Hymermobil-B Classic Mmodels
– optional xenon light in the Hymermobil BClass and Hymermobil Star-Line models.
– remote central locking with right/left separation for enhanced security
– single-lever locking for easy opening and closing of windows
– splash water seals in outer section of doors to
prevent the penetration of water in the carwash or in extreme weather conditions
– right and left door in vehicles with large storage capacity – ABS and 3.5 t maximum permitted laden mass for all Ducato 15s.
– ASR and rear-axle reinforcement to 2000 kg in
all Ducato 15s with 2.3 or 2.8 l manual transmission (automatic transmission ABS, without
– ABS/ASR in all Ducato 18s with 2.3 or 2.8 l
manual transmission
– optional BKS lock for driver’s door
– optional double glazing in driver’s door (except
B-Classic and B-Classic M)
– awning light with rain repellent located above
entrance door with moulded interior
– all conductors inside vehicles in safety cable
– manufacturer-tested hot-air installation
– electronically controlled charging station
– compact electrical block with centrally located
fuses, 12 V central unit with optional solar
– maintenance-free gel batteries
– chassis adapted to take motorcycle rack or
trailer hitch
Hymer C-Class, Hymer C-Class GT,
Hymer T-Class and Hymer T-Class M layouts
Hymer C-Class 494
Hymer C-Class 644
Dinette/Rear bed
Hymer C-Class 544 K
Hymer C-Class 644
Dinette/U-shaped seating arrangement
Hymer C-Class 524
Hymer C-Class 524 GT
Dinette/Bunk bed ** or
Dinette/Bunk bed ** or
Hymer C-Class 544
Hymer C-Class 544 GT
Hymer C-Class 594
Hymer C-Class 644 GT
Dinette/Rear bed or
Hymer C-Class 594
Hymer C-Class 644 GT
Bunk bed
Dinette/U-shaped seating arrangement
Hymer T-Class 575
Hymer T-Class M 655
Dinette/Double bed
Dinette/Double bed
Hymer T-Class 575
Hymer T-Class M 655
L-shaped seating arrangement/Double bed
Opposite divan/Double bed
Hymer T-Class 625
Dinette/Double bed
Hymer T-Class 625
L-shaped seating arrangement/Double bed
Hymer T-Class 655
Dinette/Longitudinal bench/Double bed
** Bunk bed
= 1 additional berth
Hymer T-Class 655
3500 kg
Maximum permitted laden mass
External dimensions in cm
(excl. rear attachments
Opposite divan/Double bed
Upholstery variations
Choose your favourite arrangement from the following fabric combinations.
The fabric combinations are an essential
feature of the interior design.
That’s why our wide selection of fabrics
makes your vehicle so unique.
The attractively patterned, high-quality
upholstery fabrics are treated with Teflon
for essential anti-soil protection.
08/2003/130.700 GB
Some vehicles include optional extras which are quoted in the current price list and available at extra cost. The decoration shown is not supplied by HYMER. The details
of scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights are valid at the time of going to press and apply to sale and registration within Germany: they
may change between the present time and the time of purchase or delivery. Deviations within the factory tolerance limits (+/– 5% max.) are possible and permissible. Your
HYMER dealer will gladly provide information on changes and the standard scope of delivery.
Copyright by HYMER AG.
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