Cleo Communications Maintenance and Support Services
Maintenance and Support
Cleo is committed to providing the very best in products and services. Streem solutions are designed,
implemented, and fully supported by Cleo.
Platinum Unlimited Remote Diagnostics and Software Support – Cleo Technical Support Service operates
on a callback basis. Each customer is given email and Toll-free access to Support with unlimited remote
telephone technical support during Cleo's normal working hours. Cleo Technical Support hours of operation
are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT, Monday through Friday, except holidays.
Service requests will be addressed in the order they are received by the next available Support analyst,
normally within 4 Business Hours, though response time may vary depending upon Company’s daily call load.
Production Down service requests will be escalated and handled prior to other requests.
Platinum PLUS Unlimited Remote Diagnostics and Software Support – In addition to the standard
support, our enhanced Platinum PLUS provides live pickup to our Technical Support Team with a quicker
turnaround time of 2 hours. Platinum PLUS level customers are provided with a toll free phone number to
access standard support during normal business hours. For ‘Production Down’ situation, we also provide
access to after-hours support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a toll free number. Our Technical
Support Analysts will provide Platinum PLUS customer with the highest level of support.
Software Subscription – Software revisions, software upgrades, and software fixes within the current version
of the software purchased are included in the subscription for the life of the agreement. The cost of any
hardware required for implementation of the features of a software revision, upgrade, or fix is not covered.
Fixes to defects in Streem software products, still being supported by Streem, will be made available
electronically to the customer.
The customer is responsible for downloading and installing software and providing any additional hardware or
software required to enable the download. If the customer requests assistance downloading and installing
software, remote assistance will be provided at no additional cost. On-site assistance will be billed at
$1,500.00 per day plus travel and living expenses, which will be billed to the customer at cost.
Hardware Coverage – The Hardware is covered by the Cleo Warranty. To see more details on the Hardware
Warranty, see the EULA at the following link:
Maintenance and Support Renewal
Cleo will automatically invoice for a renewal of coverage within in 60 - 90 days prior to expiration of the current
maintenance and support agreement. Agreements that are permitted to lapse through failure to renew will be
subject to full renewal from the date of expiration should renewal be desired and also subject to system recertification by performing an on site visit by a Cleo technical representative. Standard charges for recertification will apply.
How to Contact Support
So that we can better assist, the system administrator or appropriate person with administrative rights should
contact Cleo Support and have the following information available:
Company name and contact information
Streem product and module
Type and model of voice/fax board
Relevant OS environment and network information
Problem description and if applicable, screen shots of errors
Platinum Support Phone:
Platinum Plus Support Phone:
Contact Your Cleo Sales Representative
Platinum Support Hours:
Platinum Plus Support Hours:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday
24 hours daily, Monday through Sunday
Terms and Conditions
This limited agreement does not include service to repair damage to the product from accident disaster,
misuse, abuse, electrical malady, or from modification, repair, relocation of the product by other than Cleo
personnel or customer personnel authorized by Cleo to modify, repair or relocate the product, or operation of
non-Streem software on the system or connection of the Streem system to non-Streem systems.
Any attempt by persons not authorized by Cleo to repair or modify Streem hardware or software products in
any way voids this agreement. Determination of the occurrence of attempted service or modification of
products by unauthorized or untrained persons is solely at the discretion of Cleo. This agreement is nontransferable without prior written consent from Cleo.
These terms are conditioned upon Cleo receiving notice of any defect subject to these terms within thirty (30)
days of discovery by its owner. In no event shall any liability of Cleo (whether based on an action or claim in
contract, tort or otherwise) to the buyer or any other party exceed the purchase price charged by Cleo for the
Cleo Communications, PO Box 15835, Loves Park, IL 61132
Phone (815) 654-8110 or 800-233-2536 Fax (815) 654-8294
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