CM 250
Special accessories
(order as spare parts):
Part No. 467873 Water-filter cartridge
Part No. 311138 Descaling agent
Part No. 310575 Cleaning tablets
Anthracite glass frontage
Width 60 cm
Stainless steel-backed glass frontage
Width 60 cm
Aluminium-backed glass frontage
Width 60 cm
water filter cartridge
cleaning tablet
descaling tablet
measuring spoon
assembly screws
milk container
Espresso / 2 x Espresso.
Coffee / 2 x Coffee.
White coffee.
Latte macchiato.
Milk froth.
Warm milk.
Hot water.
LCD function display.
Clear text display in 15 languages.
Rotary knob and touch key operation.
Personalisation function, up to
6 beverages can be personalised and
3 cup size settings.
5 coffee strength levels from mild to
extra strong.
3 coffee and hot water temperature
4 grinding level settings.
Height-adjustable coffee dispenser up
to 15 cm.
Automatic slide-out function at the
push of a button.
Grinding unit with ceramic discs.
Separate container for second ground
coffee type.
Water pump with 19 bar pressure.
Continuous flow heater.
Aroma brewing technology.
Double shot function for strong
Double grinding and brewing cycles
for two beverages.
Dispenser with integrated milk system.
Insulated milk container for up to
0.7 litres.
Integrated lighting with 3 LEDs.
Bean container for up to 1 kg.
Removable 2.5 litre water tank.
Electronic fill level control for water
and coffee beans.
Electronic water filter exchange
Electronic fill level control for drip tray
and container for coffee dregs.
Operation indicator.
Child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Single portion cleaning after every cup.
Fully automatic rinse programme when
machine is turned on/off.
Automatic quick rinsing of milk system.
Automatic cleaning and descaling
Removable brewing unit.
Coffee dregs container and drip tray
Milk frother dishwasher-safe.
Espresso machines
Ideal installation height 950 mm.
When installing in a corner a side
clearance of 200 mm is required.
The façade of the appliance extends
47 mm from the furniture cavity.
The cabinet must not have a rear panel
behind the appliance.
Mount directly above 14 cm high
warming drawer in 59 cm standard
Total connected load 1.7 kW.
Connecting cable 1.5 m with plug.
Planning notes for the installation of ovens and oven combinations.
Applies to BO/BX/BS/BM/WS/CM
General notes
Installation behind kitchen
furniture doors
Appropriate measures must be taken
to prevent these types of doors from
closing when the appliance is heating
or while it is cooling down (fan operation).
Installation side by side
Combination of ovens and
Vario cooling 400 series appliances
Please check the planning notes in
the information for Vario cooling 400
series appliances in order to prevent
the refrigerator door from colliding with
the oven handle.
Installation side by side
When appliances are installed side by
side, the clearance between the
appliances must be at least 10 mm
(corresponds to the standard outside measurement of the furniture
cavity of 600 or 762 mm). For best
possible door opening, the handles
should be positioned in the middle (i.e.
opposite each other).
Air cross section at the door edges above/below
Necessary air cross section
at the door edges
Gaggenau 200 series ovens are supplied with fresh air for cooling at the
top edge and side edges of the door.
Hot air is blown out at the door bottom
edge. Combi-steam ovens, steam
ovens and combi-microwave oven have
the air inlet at the side edges of the
door and the hot air and steam outlets
at the top edge of the door.
In order to prevent appliances from
overheating and to ensure that they
cool down as required after operation,
appropriate minimum cross sections
of free space must be maintained from
kitchen furniture edges.
The measurements given in the drawing apply to all appliances.
The following should also be checked:
The area above the appliances
Where an edge of a kitchen unit protrudes more than 20 mm in front of the
edge of the furniture cavity, the edge
of the kitchen furniture panel must be
steam resistant as is the case above a
dishwasher. Steam may possibly penetrate into the shelf compartment.
Above the BS no other electrical
appliances are to be installed.
The area below the appliances
When the warming drawer is operated without handles, care must be
taken to ensure that there is sufficient access to the lower edge of
the appliance if the thickness of the
kitchen furniture door is greater than
20 mm in front of the furniture cavity.
BS/BM above dishwasher DF:
Only permissible for BS 2.4/2.5 or
BM 274/275 with controls at the top.
18 Ovens
At the sides
In cases where kitchen furniture door
door thicknesses are greater or where
sidewalls protrude up to 34 mm from
front of the edge of the furniture cavity,
the minimum distance on the hinge
side is sufficient for the air supply and
a door opening angle of 120°. Above
that, a distance of 10 mm or even more
is required.
The handle side may, if required, be
covered by a side panel provided that
the minimum distance is maintained.
Air cross section at the door edges
max. 34
Installation in corners
Door clearance at the sides
When the pull-out drawer is used with
the cast roaster (in prepara-tion), a
larger door opening angle of 200 mm
is required.
For all other situations or with BO 21.,
BS and BM, 100 mm is recommended.
Where there are smaller side clearances down to a minimum of 50 mm,
restrictions in handling hot baking trays
should be expected and the userfriendli-ness of the side-opening door
can no longer be taken for granted.
Installation in corners
BO 22., 24., 25., 27., 28.,
BA 016 103 +
cast roaster
Ovens 19
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