Field House RFQ - Mount Vernon City Schools

Field House RFQ - Mount Vernon City Schools
Project Name:
Project Location
Criteria Architect
New Multi-Purpose Field House
300 Martinsburg Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Mount Vernon City School District
300 Newark Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Contact: William Seder Jr., Superintendent
Phone: 740-397-7422 ext. 6025
Email: [email protected]
Green Valley Design LLC
112 Harcourt Rd., Suite 5
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Contact: Jeff Salva
Phone: 740-397-2282
Email: [email protected]
Delivery Method
Design-Build (DB)
RFQ Issue Date
March 15, 2018
Response Deadline
March 30, 2018 @ 2:00 PM Local Time
Submit one copy of the Statements of Qualifications in an electronic PDF format directly to William Seder Jr. Email:
[email protected] See Section F of this RFQ for additional submittal instructions.
Submit all questions regarding this RFQ in writing to Jeff Salva at Email: [email protected] with the
project name included in the subject line (no phone calls please). Questions will be answered and posted to the
school’s website at on a regular basis until one week before the response deadline. The name
of the party submitting a question will not be included on the Q&A document.
Project Overview
Project Description
The Board of Education of the Mount Vernon City School District is accepting statements of qualifications to
provide Design-Build services for a New Multi-Purpose Field House. The construction of the proposed project
will utilize the services of a Design-Build company as permitted under Sections 153.65 through 153.73 of the
Ohio Revised Code. A modified AIA contract will be used for this project.
The project consists of a new multi-purpose field house containing a gymnasium, wrestling room, weight lifting
room, locker rooms, coaches’ rooms and miscellaneous storage, restrooms, etc. The proposed building,
consisting of 40,600 total square feet, will include 2 full size basketball courts. An alternate will be considered for
a 50,350 square foot building that will include 3 full size basketball courts. The proposed structural system is a
pre-engineered metal building consisting of a metal roof and a combination of decorative concrete masonry and
metal exterior walls.
Design Criteria and Schematic Design (“SD”) architectural drawings will be provided by the Criteria
Architect/Engineer (“Criteria A/E”). This information will be provided to the short-listed firms in a subsequent
Request for Proposal (“RFP”) phase of the selection process. Short-listed firms may propose additional benefits
in their proposal to the Owner and Criteria A/E that fit within the project budget while meeting the design criteria.
The Program of Requirements (“POR”) will be developed as a part of this project by the Criteria A/E.
The short-listed firms will be required to submit a Guaranteed Maximum Price (“GMP”) along with their RFP.
Document 00 43 53- BMP Proposal From (Design-Build Contract with GMP at Selection) will be used for this
1 project. All costs associated with the development of the GMP will be the sole responsibility of the short-listed
DB firms.
State Prevailing Wage requirements do NOT apply to this project.
EDGE participation is NOT required for this project.
LEED certification is NOT required for this project.
Additional project details will be made available during the RFP phase of the selection process. The DesignBuild process has three phases briefly described as:
RFQ: Interested firms submit qualifications. Firms are rated and the Owner selects a short list of no
fewer than three candidates that is considers to be most qualified.
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and RFP Phase: Proposals will be evaluated and Best Value
Selection will be made.
Pre-Design and Construction Phase: Design-Build Contract secured and D-B completes design with
GMP. Design and GMP will be reviewed by the Owner and Criteria A/E.
All aspects of the project and related issues will be implemented and operated consistent with Contracting
Authority and/or Owner’s policies and procedures.
B. Scope of Services
As required by the Agreement, and as properly authorized, provide the following categories of services: develop
and maintain estimates of probable construction cost, value engineering, project schedules, and construction
schedules; lead and manage the Schematic Design, Design Development, Subcontractor Prequalification and
Bidding process, Construction Documents, Construction and Closeout stages.
The preconstruction and construction services are generally described below. Subcontracts including Plumbing,
Fire Protection, HVAC, and Electrical trades will be awarded by the DB to vendors using a competitive process.
The parties will engage in an "open book" pricing method in which all subcontracted work shall be based upon
competitive pricing that will be reviewed by the Owner, the Criteria A/E and the DB. The Owner shall have
access to all books, records, documents and other data in the DB's possession related to itself, its
subcontractors and material suppliers pertaining to bidding, pricing or performance of the Agreement.
Preconstruction Services: The DB will work cooperatively with the Owner and Criteria A/E and will provide,
among other services, schedule development, estimate development, program verification, GMP proposal,
subcontractor prequalification and bidding, construction documents preparation, constructability review, permits,
budgeting, value engineering, and preconstruction planning throughout the preconstruction stages.
When the drawings and specifications are at a stage of completion specified in the Agreement, such partially
completed documents (the "Basis Documents") shall be provided to the DB, together with the Architect/Engineer
of Record’s (“AOR”) detailed listing of any incomplete design elements and the AOR’s statement of intended
scope with respect to such incomplete elements (the "Design Intent Statement"). Contingent upon the
Contracting Authority’s approval of the GMP, the parties will enter into an amendment to the Agreement
establishing the Contract Sum (“GMP Amendment”). If the proposed Contract Sum exceeds the Project Budget
established for construction, then the Contracting Authority may terminate the agreement with the DB and seek
proposals from other firms for completion of the Project.
Construction Services: The DB shall construct the Project pursuant to the construction documents and in
accordance with the schedule requirements. The DB shall hold all subcontracts and shall be fully responsible for
the means and methods of construction, weekly progress meetings, testing and inspections, project safety,
project completion within the schedule agreed upon in the preconstruction phase, compliance with all applicable
laws and regulations including monitoring compliance with all EDGE, equal employment, and prevailing wage
requirements, and submitting monthly reports of these activities to the Contracting Authority. All subcontracts
shall be on the subcontract form prescribed by OAC Section 153:1-03-02. The Contracting Authority reserves the
right to approve the DB’s selection of subcontractors and any supplemental terms to the subcontract form.
2 For purposes of completing the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of the Statement of
Qualifications (Form F110-330), below is a list of relevant scope of work requirements to be included in the
matrix under “Major Scope of Work requirements”:
Athletic Facility Experience
Design-Build Delivery Experience
Design Builder Staff Experience
Work within the City of Mount Vernon limits
Estimated Budget
The projected construction cost estimate will be provided to the short listed candidates in the RFP phase.
D. Anticipated Project Schedule
February 19, 2018
Criteria Architect Services Start
March 15, 2018
Issue Design-Builder RFQ
March 30, 2018
Design-Builder Statement of Qualifications Due
April 3, 2018
Short List Design-Builders
February 20 – April 4, 2018
Design Criteria & Drawings by Criterial Architect
April 4, 2018
Issue Design-Builder RFP to Short Listed Firms
April 9-13, 2018
Site Tour & Informational Meeting
May 4, 2018
Design-Builder Proposals with GMP Due
May 7-9, 2018
Review Design-Builder Proposals
May 10, 2018
Interview Design-Builders
May 11, 2018
Select Design-Builder (Notice of Award)
May 15, 2018
Issue Design-Builder Contract (Notice to Proceed)
June 29, 2018
Design-Builder Completes Drawings
July 2-6, 2018
Owner & Criteria Architect Review Drawings
July 9, 2018
Design-Builder Submits for Building Permits
July 23, 2018
Begin Construction
February 2019
Complete Construction (Substantial Completion All Work)
February 2019
Owner Move In
Evaluation Criteria for Selection
The qualifications for the DB and basis for evaluation of qualifications submitted shall be as described in the
Design-Build Selection Rating Form attached to this RFQ and as follows:
Competence to perform the required design-build services as indicated by the technical training,
education, and experience of the design-build firm’s personnel and key consultants, especially the
technical training, education, and experience of the employees and consultants of the design-build firm
who would be assigned to perform the services, including the proposed Engineer of Record or Architect
of Record;
Ability of the firm in terms of workload and availability of qualified personnel, equipment, and facilities to
perform the required professional design-build services competently and expeditiously, and experience
working on similar types of projects;
Past performance of the firm as reflected by the evaluation of previous clients with respect to such
factors as control of costs, quality of work, dispute resolution, administration of subcontractors, and
3 meeting deadlines and the past performance of the design-build firm’s proposed Architect of Record or
Engineer of Record;
Compliance with sections 4703.182, 4703.332, and 4733.16 of the Revised Code, including the use of a
licensed design professional for all design services;
Financial responsibility including evidence of the capability to provide a surety bond in accordance with
paragraph (A) of rule 153:1-4-02 of the Administrative Code;
Other qualifications that are consistent with the scope and needs of the project including, but not limited
to, knowledge of the local area and working relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers.
Selection Criteria: The DB will be selected using (i) qualifications-based process during the Request for
Qualifications (RFQ) stage to develop a short list and (ii) best value process during the Request for Proposal
(RFP) stage. The qualifications-based criteria for the RFQ is included in this announcement.
Short List: Each firm responding to this RFQ will be evaluated and selected based on its qualifications and the
qualifications and experience of the particular individuals identified as the candidate's proposed team for the
Project. After evaluating the responses to this RFQ, the Contracting Authority will select a short list of no fewer
than three candidates that it considers to be the most qualified, except if the Contracting Authority determines
that fewer than three firms are qualified, it will only select the qualified firms.
Request for Proposal: The short-listed firms shall be sent a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) that will invite the firms
to submit pricing proposals containing their proposed preconstruction stage compensation, construction stage
personnel costs, itemized construction stage general conditions costs, construction stage contingency
percentage, construction stage design fee percentage, and design-build fee percentage. The short-listed
candidates will also receive (i) form of the Agreement with the Contracting Authority containing the contract terms
and conditions, (ii) set of the most recent criteria documents and (iii) proposed Project schedule.
Pre-Proposal Meeting: Prior to submitting a response to the RFP, the short-listed firms will be invited to meet
individually with the Contracting Authority and the Owner. The purpose of the pre-proposal meeting is to permit
the short-listed firms an opportunity to ask the Contracting Authority and the Owner questions in an individual
setting to help the firms prepare their responses to the RFP. The Contracting Authority will notify each shortlisted firm to schedule individual times for the pre-proposal meetings.
Interview: After submitting responses to the RFP, the short-listed firms may be interviewed by the Contracting
Authority and representatives of the Owner. The purpose of the interview will be to meet the proposed Project
team, become familiar with key personnel, and understand the project approach and ability to meet the stated
objectives for the Project. Please be prepared to discuss with specificity the firm’s capacity to conduct this work
in compliance with the timetable and budget expectations. The Contracting Authority may notify each short-listed
firm to schedule individual times for the interviews.
Selection Schedule: Tentative schedule is subject to change.
April 4, 2018
May 4, 2018
May 10, 2018
May 11, 2018
RFP issued to the Short Listed Firms
GMP Received
Board of Education Award
Cancellation and Rejection: The Contracting Authority reserves the right to reject all proposals and cancel at any
time for any reason this solicitation, any portion of this solicitation or any phase of the Project. The Contracting
Authority shall have no liability to any proposer arising out of such cancellation or rejection. The Contracting
Authority reserves the right to waive minor variations in the selection process.
Submittal Instructions
Firms are requested to submit the Statement of Qualifications utilizing the forms attached to this RFQ. A
summary of these forms includes:
Part I- Contract Specific Qualifications: (A.) through (H. including Proposer Affirmation and Disclosure &
Disclosure of Past Performance).
4 Proposers are requested to submit the following additional information within Section H.
1. Summary: Provide a summary, on one page or less, describing why your firm/team is the most
qualified for the Project.
2. Bonding/Insurance: Provide evidence of capacity to provide bonding in the amount of the
construction budget (e.g. a letter from your Surety agent stating that one or more Sureties will
issue Bonds in the amount of the construction budget if your team is selected) and a copy of
the firm's certificate of insurance showing the firm's current limits of liability for commercial
general liability, employer's liability, business automobile liability, and professional liability
3. Management Systems: Describe the scheduling and cost control systems the firm would
propose to use for the Project
4. Self-Performed Work: Indicate whether the firm intends to self-perform any work on the Project
through a competitive process and, if so, the nature of the work and capability to self-perform.
5. Estimating: Demonstrated track record of performance of in-house estimating on projects
comparable to the Project.
6. Scheduling: Demonstrated track record of performance of managing projects to the original
7. Experience: Demonstrated expertise related to Design-Build projects.
Part II – General Qualifications.
Electronic submittals should be combined into one PDF file with the project name listed on the RFQ and your
firm’s name. Use the “print” feature of Adobe Acrobat or similar software for creating a PDF rather than using a
scanner. If possible, please reduce the file size of the PDF. In Acrobat, go to Advanced, then PDF Optimizer.
Facsimile copies of the Statement of Qualifications will not be accepted.
Unless otherwise noted or exempt, all documents submitted to the Owner in response to this RFQ and
subsequent RFP are public and will be available for inspection at the conclusion of the selection process. The
following information shall remain confidential and will not be released: (1) Proposal Form(s), except for cost
category subtotals which will be transferred to the Best Value Rating Form; (2) Financial Capacity; and (3)
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