Tenant Cleaning Checklist
All Rooms
 Sweep ceilings gently for cobwebs/dust
Clean ceiling fans/light fixtures/switch plates
 Spot clean around door knobs and face
 Replace missing or burned out light bulbs
 Clean all doors, trim, baseboards and
 Clean all windowsills and window tracks
(including slider door tracks)
 Clean inside all closets, including shelves
 Clean cabinets and drawers inside and out
 Clean any stair rails or ledges
 Lightly wash walls as necessary to remove
smudges and stains
 Dust blinds
 Clean interior windows to 8'
 Vacuum/clean all heat vents and air registers
 Change furnace filters as necessary
 Clean out and sweep fireplace, clean
fireplace screen and glass
 Sweep/mop floors where necessary
 You may choose to have the carpets
professionally cleaned prior to move-out.
However, be aware that you will be charged if
the cleaning is not up to Owner/Agent’s
Standards. Please contact us for preferred
carpet cleaning companies.
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
 Clean/scrub stove/oven including control
panel, knobs, racks, door, and broiler
 Clean hood vent, under hood vent, filter
 Replace burner drip pans if necessary
 Clean/scrub all cabinets, drawers, shelves
and breadboards inside and out
 Clean/scrub refrigerator inside and out,
including underneath and grillwork.
 Clean/scrub microwave inside and out
 Clean/scrub dishwasher inside and out
 Clean/scrub sink and garbage disposal- rust
and scum free
 Clean/scrub any food or grease stains off
Living Room
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
Dining Room
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
Family Room
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
 Clean toilet inside and out, including base
 Polish mirrors
 Clean/scrub counters
 Clean/scrub cabinets and drawers inside and
 Clean tubs and shower, ensuring all soap
scum is removed
Utility/Laundry Room
 Complete “All Rooms” Checklist
Clean washer-outside, control panel, agitator,
around lid
 Clean dryer- outside, control panel, lint trap
 Dust water heater and/or furnace
 Clean counters
 Clean cabinets and drawers inside and out
 Sweep floor
 Clear garage and attic of any personal
belongings or garbage
 Leave garbage cans in garage (please make
sure they are empty)
 Clean interior windows to 8'
If you are responsible for yard care:
 Mow and edge as necessary
 Weed
 Rake leaves if necessary
 Sweep patios, decks and walks
Note on cleaning products:
If you have granite, marble, stainless steel, cork or
wood surfaces in the home, please be sure to use
appropriate, non-abrasive cleaning products only.
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