WMF 900 S
WMF 900 S
Automatic coffee machine
The WMF 900 S is an inspiration with its attractive design and the
high-quality casing with its titanium appearance.
It goes without saying that the WMF 900 S functions with the tried
and tested quality of professional WMF coffee machines and is
persuasive with its outstanding functionality and extra equipment.
Type 03 0400 1021
Casing/surface finish
Indirectly heated cup tray
WMF Steam Jet cup pre-heating
WMF Professional Brewing System/Pre-Brewing System
Variable brewing chamber
Programmable brewing temperature
Removable brewing group for cleaning
Grinding mechanism
Adjustable grinding degree
Noise reduction
WMF Zero Energy function/eco modes
All-in-out outlet
Vertically adjustable all-in-one outlet
Double cup
Jug function
Separate supply milk and milk froth
Hot water supply for tea
Pre-ground second coffee variety
Coffee strength adjustable for single cups
Programmable cup size
Quick cup size selection
Programmable switch-on and off time
Automatic WMF milk system flushing
Automatic coffee system flushing
Automatic cleaning and decalcification programme
Optional water filter
High-performance pump
Heating system
Water tank volume
Max. recommended cup capacity per day*
Bean container volume
Ground coffee container
Dimensions (W x H x D)
* Dependent on cup size and quality settings
• WMF Sensor Touch Screen - A variety of speciality
coffees such as espresso, café crème and latte
macchiato with just one touch
• Jug function for up to 8 cups of freshly brewed
café crème
• Double cup serving (e.g. 2 cups of cappuccino
at the same time)
• WMF Steam Jet – Warmed cups in seconds
• WMF All-In-One outlet – Just one outlet for
coffee- and milk specialities, vertically adjustable
• Separate hot water outlet
• LCD display and illuminated operating buttons for
convenient operation at the front and intuitive
user guidance
• WMF Professional Brewing System with
programmable brewing temperature and
WMF Pre-Brewing System
• Professional, low-noise disc grinders
with hardened grinding discs made from special
alloy-degree of grinding continuously variable
• Individually programmable coffee strength, cup
filling quantity and portion of milk
• WMF Connect & Clean – Patented milk system
flushing with direct connection to the device
and integrated switch-off function
• Automatic flushing and cleaning programmes
• Heated cup tray
• WMF Zero Energy function, 4 eco modes for
individually adapted power requirement,
programmable switch-on and -off time
Technical Data
plastic / matt
for one cup
6 to 15 g
disc grinder
WMF Sound Balance
with double milk nozzle
67 to 141 mm
coffee, cappuccino, espresso
WMF Connect & Clean
15 bar
steam boiler and hot water boiler
approx. 2.2 l
approx. 250 g
approx. 20 servings
305 x 400 x 443 mm
WMF Professional
Brewing System
WMF Connect & Clean
milk system flushing
Jug function for
8 cups of café crème
All-In-One outlet
for coffee- and milk
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