to the user guide for the Vibrapower Coach.

Model No: ETF021C
Please read these instructions carefully and retain for future use.
To reduce risk of injury, the user must read and understand this instruction manual before using the Vibrapower Coach.
This machine is intended for home indoor use only in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual.
Ideal Sourcing Ltd, Ideal Home House, Newark Road, Peterborough PE1 5WG
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 1
08/11/2017 18:23:40
Congratulations on the purchase of your Vibrapower Coach. Please study these
instructions carefully before use, paying special attention to the following guidelines.
For your safety and the safety of others the following safeguards
are very important. Failure to read and follow these instructions
may lead to serious injury.
You must not use the Vibrapower Coach without your doctor’s consent if you:
• Are pregnant
• Have had a recent operation or surgery
• Have knee, shoulder, back or neck injuries
• Retinal Conditions
You are strongly recommended to consult your doctor before using the
Vibrapower Coach if you have any of the following:
• Heart condition or cardiovascular disease
• High blood pressure
• Acute thrombosis
• Acute hernia
• Severe diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Severe migraines
• Malignant tumour
• Pacemaker, implants, artificial joint(s) or limb(s), stents or IUDs, metal plates or pins
• Any recent illnesses or infections
• Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Cancer
Discontinue using if you experience dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, pain,
or any other abnormal symptoms.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 2
08/11/2017 18:23:40
• Consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise or diet programme.
• Follow the warm-up exercises before you commence your workout.
• Increase speed and duration of exercises gradually.
• Vibrapower Coach is NOT suitable for use by children.
• Do not jump on the plate or the machine as this may cause damage.
• After each use, the machine must always be switched off and unplugged.
• Always switch off the machine and disconnect the power supply before
• Do not let the Vibrapower Coach get wet with any type of liquid.
• In addition, do not use the Vibrapower Coach while your hands are wet.
• Only use the Vibrapower Coach on a surface that will not be dented or
damaged by the weight of the machine.
• Place the Vibrapower Coach on an old cloth or training mat before use, to avoid
marking the floor or carpet.
• Only one person is allowed to use the machine at any time.
• Leave yourself 1 metre of space in each direction of the Vibrapower Coach to
avoid injury.
• The voltage and electrical circuit to which the Vibrapower Coach is connected
must always comply with the laws in force.
• Never attempt to disassemble the unit by yourself. Contact the manufacturer
or an authorised repairman for any repairs. Unauthorised repairs may lead to
accidents, injury, or malfunction.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should
be supervised so that they do not play with the appliance.
Vibrapower Coach offers the following benefits:
• Muscle building
• General fitness
• Endurance
• Muscle relaxation
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 3
08/11/2017 18:23:40
Warning: Vibrapower Coach may be heavy for you to lift. You may need a friend or
family member to help you unpack and position the unit.
• To avoid danger of suffocation, please keep all plastic bags out of the reach of
• Inspect the Vibrapower Coach to make sure no items are damaged and all
accessories are provided. Call our Customer Service number 0330 332 1300 (Call
cost may vary depending on your provider) if you have any issues.
• Vibrapower Coach is designed for home use only and is not intended for
commercial use.
• Please do not use outdoors.
• Please retain all packaging and paperwork for future use and store safely away
from children and animals.
• The Remote Control, Resistance Bands and Power Cord are all located in the
polystyrene packaging, please take care not to dispose of these important items
by accident.
1. Display with Handlbars and Pulse Sensors
2. Vibrapower Coach platform
3. Mast (2 pieces)
4. 1 x Black pair of Resistance Bands
5. 1 x Red pair of Resistance Bands
6. Remote Control (requires 2 x AAA)
7. 5 x Screw with washer & 1 x Allen Key
8. 5 x Hand Screw
9. Power Cord
10. Mast Cover Cap
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 4
08/11/2017 18:23:41
Due to our ongoing improvements programme, the images of the equipment in this manual may differ slightly to the machine you have received.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 5
08/11/2017 18:23:42
1. Wheel
2. Stabilising Feet
3. Platform
4. Control Panel
5. Mast
6. Power Socket
7. Handlebars
8. Pulse Sensor
9. Display
10.Resistance Band Hooks
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 6
08/11/2017 18:23:47
Left hand bar indicates Time: +
increases the time – decreases the
time for manual mode. This can’t be
changed during the exercise. Maximum
workout 10 minutes – minimum workout
1 minute.
P1 – P6: These indicate which automatic
programme has been selected. Once
you have selected the required preset
programme this will automatically start,
without the need to press play. Once
selected you will not be able to change
the speed or time. A voice function will
guide you through your workout.
programme, it will start manual mode
where you will be able to change the
speed during exercise.
Stop Button: Stops the programme
before the time runs out.
Pause Button: Pauses the programme,
for you to continue when you’re ready.
Right hand bar indicates speed: +
increases the speed – decreases the
speed. Cannot be used during the
preset programmes. Maximum speed
level 20, minimum speed level 1.
The voice function will only work when
the mast is attached.
Calories: Counts calories burnt in your
programme. This is only to be used as a
guide and may not be 100% accurate
due to many different variables.
Power Button: Turns the display on and
off. Will not turn off during exercise.
Speed: Indicates what speed level you
are working at (1-20).
Play Button: Starts the selected
exercise. If pressed without selecting a
Time: Indicates how long you have
been exercising.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 7
08/11/2017 18:23:49
Power Button: Starts and stops the
The voice function of the preset
programmes will not operate when
the mast is not plugged in.
Mode: Switches between manual mode
and preset programmes
Alternatively you can use the remote
control to activate the control panel.
- Button: Decreases Time and Speed
(once manual mode has started)
For preset programmes you do not need
to press play. This will start automatically
after a few seconds of being selected.
+ Button: Increases Time and Speed
(once manual mode has started)
When switched on the Time display will
show “10.0” and speed display will show
“000”. Select the required programme,
decrease or increase the time of the
workout (only in manual mode), then
press play.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 8
08/11/2017 18:23:49
Time: The default time is set to 10
minutes. Press this button to decrease
the time.
Speed : In manual mode this will
increase the speed of the machine until
it reaches the maximum level 20.
Speed : In manual mode this will
decrease the speed of the machine
until it reaches the minimum level 1.
M: Use to move through the speeds
quickly press M, once for level 6, twice
for level 10, three times for level 16.
P: Press to access the preset
programmes. Once for P1, twice for P2,
three times for P3 & four times for P4, etc.
Then press Start/Stop to begin.
The range of the remote controller is
approx. 2.5metres. Aim the remote
controller’s infrared light at the reception
window on the control panel to operate
the machine.
Power button: Press the red power
button to utilise stand-by mode option.
We recommend you turn the machine
off completely using the power switch
at the back if leaving it for more than 30
Start/Stop: This button will start and stop
the programme
The remote control does not control
the Display.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Ensure that correct battery polarisation
is adhered to, this is shown in the battery
well of the remote control.
Dispose of old batteries as per required
by your local authorities, do not throw in
household waste.
Time: The default time is set to 10
minutes. Press this button to increase the
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 9
08/11/2017 18:23:50
To insert the mast, remove the mast
cover cap, unplug the black wire in
the base. Then connect both the black
and white wires to the wires inside the
bottom section of the mast. Slide the
mast into the platform.
Secure the bottom tube of the mast by
screwing in place with 3 x bolts and allen
key provided. Hand screws are provided
for quick and easier assembly.
Be careful not to catch the wires
during assembly.
Insert the top section of the mast
securing the wires inside the tubes
first, then slid the tube into the bottom
section of the mast. Secure in place by
using the hand screw provided. This can
be adjusted afterwards for the optimal
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 10
08/11/2017 18:23:58
Attach the display and handlebar with
pulse sensors by connecting the wire in
the mast to the wire on the back of the
display. Then slide on to the top of the
mast. Secure in place using the hand
screw provided.
Turn the machine on by ensuring the
supplied power cord is plugged in to
the machine first, then plugged in to a
suitable power socket and turning the
power switch on the rear of the machine
to the “I” position ensuring the switch
illuminates. The display will show dashes
across the board. Then press the power
button on either the display unit. This
will automatically be in manual mode
with 10 minutes set. Select your desired
programme and then press play.
The platform can be used without the
mast, if you wish. Use the cap to cover
the hole where the mast goes to avoid
At the end of your workout, to turn off
the machine press the power button on
the display and then press the switch at
the back of the machine and unplug
from the mains supply.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 11
08/11/2017 18:24:02
If you find you need to adjust the length
of your resistance band, take part A in
one hand and start to thread through
the band from underneath. This should
create a small loop at point B. Pull point
D away from part A (whilst keeping hold
of part A) so that the loop disappears.
This will shorten the length of the
resistance band overall.
To lengthen your resistance band,
thread a small amount of band through
part A as before to create a loop at
point B. Then pull the band at point C so
that the handle moves towards part A.
This should increase the loop and now
you will need to thread the loop through
part A so it disappears.
Connect resistance bands onto the
base where there are resistance band
hooks (10) as shown previously in
Make sure that when attaching the
resistance bands, the carabiner is secure
and locked into place.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 12
08/11/2017 18:24:02
When you are ready to progress, we recommend increasing the speed of the
vibration, rather than the duration of your workout.
We recommend doing no more than 10 minutes of exercise three times a day
on your Vibrapower Coach
PLEASE NOTE: not all vibration trainers work in the same way. The timings relate to
the Vibrapower Coach only.
Note: Vibrapower Coach is a vibrating fitness appliance; the more you increase the
speed, the louder the noise caused by the vibrations will be.
TOP TIP: Until you are used to vibration training technology, we suggest you start on
the slowest speed and “test” the unit’s effects for a few seconds by gently stepping
onto the machine one foot at a time.
One of the most important parts of your workout is to prepare your body for exercise
WARMING UP the muscles substantially decreases the chances of injury and only
takes a few moments to do. it is recommended to perform so light cardiovascular
exercise to warm your muscles and encourage blood flow.
COOLING DOWN helps removes the lactic acid build-up in the muscles by
oxygenating the muscles after your exercise routine. Lactic acid is what makes you
ache after a workout, cooling down should be undertaken soon after the last set of
exercises you intend to complete.
Warming up and cooling down exercises are identical and easy to remember. Both
warming up and cooling down should be done slowly and accurately, there is no
hurry to complete these exercises, it is more important to complete them. In addition,
it is good practise to move around after the cool down exercises to further dissipate
the lactic acid.
TOP TIP: Use a chair or a wall to help keep your balance if you need to.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 13
08/11/2017 18:24:02
Stand close to a wall, chair or other
solid object. Use one hand to assist your
balance. Bend the opposite knee and
lift your heel towards your buttocks.
Reach back and grasp the top of your
foot with the same side hand. Keeping
your inner thighs close together, slowly
pull your foot towards your buttocks until
you feel a gentle stretch in the front of
your thigh. You do not have to touch
your buttocks with your heel. Stop pulling
when you feel the stretch. Keep your
kneecap pointing straight down and
keep your knees close together. (Do not
let the lifted knee swing outward).
Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds.
Repeat the exercise for the other leg.
Sit on the floor and bend your legs so
that the soles of your feet are together.
Place your hands on your ankles. Lean
forward from the waist and press down
lightly on the inside of your knees. You
should feel a stretch in the muscles of
your inner thighs.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 14
08/11/2017 18:24:03
Stand approximately one arm’s length
away from a wall or chair with your
feet hip-width apart. Keeping your toes
pointed forward, move one leg in close
to the chair while extending the other
leg behind you. Bending the leg closest
to the chair and keeping the other leg
straight, place your hands on the chair.
Keep the heel of the back leg on the
ground and move your hips forward.
Slowly lean forward from the ankle,
keeping your back leg straight until
you feel a stretch in your calf muscles.
Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the
exercise for the opposite leg.
Lay flat on your back with your hips
relaxed against the floor. Bend one leg
at the knee. Keeping both shoulders
flat on the floor, gently grasp the bent
knee with your hands and pull it over
your body and towards the ground.
You should feel a stretch in your hips,
abdominal and lower back. Hold for 20
to 30 seconds and release. Repeat the
exercise for the opposite side.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 15
08/11/2017 18:24:04
Stand with your legs hip width apart.
Extend one leg out in front of you and
keep that foot flat against the ground.
With your hands resting lightly on your
thighs, bend your back leg and lean
forward slightly from your hips until you
feel a stretch in the back of your thigh.
Be sure to lean forward from the hip
joint rather than bending at your waist.
Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the
exercise for the opposite leg.
Stand with your feet shoulder width
apart and your knees slightly bent.
Lift one arm overhead and bend
your elbow, reaching down behind
your head with your hand toward the
opposite shoulder blade. Walk your
fingertips down your back as far as you
can. Hold this position. Reach up with
your opposite hand and grasp your
flexed elbow. Gently assist the stretch
by pulling on the elbow. Hold for 20 to
30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the
opposite arm.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 16
08/11/2017 18:24:05
Warming up and cooling down should take around ten minutes each. It is
sensible to adjust this timing according to your own situation. You would benefit
from a longer warm-up session if you exercise soon after waking up than you
would after a walk to the shops and back for example.
Take your time warming up and cooling down, enjoy the stretches as they will
make you feel better.
Top Tip: As you progress, you can create your own warm up and cool down
exercise routine, you do not need to keep strictly to the above routine so long as you
utilise all the basic muscle types included above.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 17
08/11/2017 18:24:05
Duration: 5 min
Do each exercise for 30 seconds. There
will be 2 rounds.
• Press ups
• Bent over row (right hand round 1,
left hand round 2)
• Shoulder press
• Bicep curls
• Tricep dips
Programme 1 – Upper Body
Duration: 5 min
Do each exercise for 30 seconds. There
will be 2 rounds.
• Plank
• V sit ups
• Side plank (change sides after
• Oblique crunch
• Leg kicks
Programme 2 – Ab Blast
Duration: 5 min
Do each exercise for 30 seconds. There
will be 2 rounds.
• Squats
• Lunges
• Calf raise
• Side lunge pulse (change leg after
15 sec)
• Glute bridge
Programme 3 – Leg Workout
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 18
08/11/2017 18:24:05
Duration: 5 min
Do each exercise for 30 seconds. There
will be 2 rounds.
• Stepper with heel kicks
• Stepper with deep back lunge
• Punches
• Stepper with knee raises to the side
• Quick feet
Programme 4 – Cardio Workout
Duration: 5 min
Do each exercise for 30 seconds
• Lunges
• Bent over row (15 seconds on right
hand, 15 seconds on left hand)
• Bicep curls
• Squats
• Tricep dips
• Plank
• Stepper with knee raises to the side
• Oblique crunch
• Sit ups
• Glute bridge
Programme 5 – Full Body Workout
Duration: 8 min
Do each exercise for 20 seconds
followed by 10 seconds rest. Do each
exercise 4 times before moving onto the
next exercise.
• Squat with lateral raises and punches
– 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
• Bicep curl to shoulder press – 20
seconds work, 10 seconds rest
• Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds
work, 10 seconds rest
• Quick feet – 20 seconds work, 10
seconds rest
Programme 6 - HIIT Challenge
(High Intensity Interval Training)
Top Tip: Don’t forget your COOLING
DOWN exercises!
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 19
08/11/2017 18:24:06
• Clean the Vibrapower Coach with a damp cloth and mild detergent only,
immediately after use. Ensure the Vibrapower Coach is unplugged from the
mains before cleaning is undertaken.
• Regularly check the cord/cable for damage before storing. Should the cord/
cable be damaged in any way it must ONLY be replaced by the manufacturer or
a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
• Regularly check the Vibrapower Coach but do not switch on if it appears to be
damaged or operating incorrectly. Do NOT attempt to carry out any repair to the
Vibrapower Coach in any way as this must in all cases be referred to a suitably
qualified technician.
• Never pull the cord/cable to disconnect from the power outlet. Always grasp the
plug and pull to disconnect.
• Remove the plug when not in use.
• Should you need to store your Vibrapower Coach between uses, it is advisable to
seek help with moving it. Store on its feet at all times.
TOP TIP: Use a weak solution of anti-bacterial washing up liquid in warm water
and a microfibre cloth to clean your Vibrapower Coach; be sure to wring out the
cloth so that it is just damp. Do ensure your Vibrapower Coach is unplugged before
attempting cleaning.
Model No.: ETF021C
Size: 76 x 44 x 13cm (approx.)
Weight: 15.3kg (approx.)
Voltage: 230V~
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input Power: 200W
Class: HB
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Made in China
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 20
08/11/2017 18:24:06
No lights; does not respond
to Control Panel or Remote
Check Vibrapower Coach is plugged in and switched on at the
mains. Check socket works with an alternative electrical product.
Replace fuse in plug.
Remote Control does
not operate Vibrapower
Coach, but unit does
respond to Control Panel.
Point Remote Control transmitter directly at the Control Panel’s
sensor. Replace battery in remote control (2 AAA batteries are
Speed is too fast?
Adjust speed using the speed buttons on the Remote Control or
the Control Panel.
Vibrapower Coach
making unusual noises or
Immediately turn off Vibrapower Coach and call service centre
or Ideal World for assistance.
Turned power on but
display doesn’t light up.
Machine may have been turned off using the remote control.
In this case press the power button on the display or remote
control to turn it on.
Alternatively, turn off at power supply and leave for 30 minutes
before turning on again.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 21
08/11/2017 18:24:06
“I’m new to this, how would I know which settings are right for me?”
FACT: Your body begins to burn fat at around 65% of your maximum recommended
heart rate.
Your heart rate is the key to successful training. You should work out your own
suggested heart rate which is easy. The key figure for heart rate is 220. Subtract your
age from this figure and this will be your maximum heart rate aim for your workout.
E.g.: If your age is 35, then 220 minus 35 (your age) means your maximum heart rate
should not exceed 185 BPM (Beats Per Minute) during exercise.
approximately 65% of this figure to start with and slowly increase as the weeks, and
your fitness, progress. If you exercise daily, you should see your heart rate decrease
over time, and then you can look to increase the intensity of the vibration when you
feel able to do so.
THE GOLDEN RULE is to stop exercising if you feel dizzy, faint or exhausted. LISTEN TO
“How often should I use the Vibrapower Coach?”
The key is to use the Vibrapower Coach every day!
Use the Vibrapower Coach up to three times a day for 10 minutes following the
above guidelines for heart rate. As your fitness level increases, you can increase the
intensity of the vibrations. It is far better to increase the vibration intensity than it is the
length of the workout
“How does Vibrapower Coach work?”
Originally invented for the Russian Space Programme, vibration training was created
to help astronauts stay fit in space where weight training would not work due to the
lack of gravity.
Whereas between 40 and 60% of the muscles fibres are recruited to perform freeweight or resistance machine exercising, performing similar exercises on the vibration
plate, almost 100% of the target muscles fibres are used. This is achieved by creating
an almost constant state of reflex in the muscles, known as a tonic stretch/reflex.
This means that the muscles are flexing and contracting at a very high frequency
producing faster increases in muscular strength.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 22
08/11/2017 18:24:06
Wiring safety for UK use only
As the colours in the mains lead of this appliance may
not correspond with the coloured markings identifying
the terminals in your plug, please proceed as follows:
Green [E]
Blue [N]
Plug fitting details (where applicable).
The wire coloured Blue is the neutral and must be
connected to the terminal marked [N] or coloured Black.
Brown [L]
Cord Grip
The wire coloured Brown is the live wire and must be
connected to the terminal marked [L] or coloured Red.
The wire coloured Green/Yellow must be connected
to the terminal marked with the letter [E] or marked
This appliance MUST be earthed.
! On NO ACCOUNT must either the brown or the blue
wire be connected to the [E] (Earth) terminal.
The plug must be fitted with a fuse of the
same rating already fitted and conforming
to BS 1362 and be ASTA approved.
Always ensure that the cord grip is fastened correctly.
Non-rewireable mains plug
If your appliance is supplied with a non-rewireable plug fitted to the mains lead and should the fuse need replacing,
you must use an ASTA approved one (conforming to BS 1362 of the same rating).
If you need to remove the plug - disconnect it from the mains – and then cut off the mains lead and immediately dispose
of it safely. Never attempt to reuse the plug or insert it into a socket outlet as there is a danger of an electric shock.
If in doubt or unsure of any of the above please consult a qualified
electrician who will be pleased to offer their expert assistance.
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment
(Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems)
Appliances bearing the symbol shown here may not be disposed of in domestic rubbish. You are required to
dispose of old electrical and electronic appliances like this separately.Please visit or www. for access to information about the recycling of electrical items. Please visit www.weeeireland.
ie for access to information about the recycling of electrical items purchased in Ireland. The WEEE directive,
introduced in August 2006, states that all electrical items must be recycled, rather than taken to landfill. Please
arrange to take this appliance to your local Civic Amenity site for recycling, once it has reached the end of its life.
This product is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from date of purchase against mechanical and electrical defects.
Guarantee is only valid if the appliance is used solely for domestic purposes in accordance with the instructions provided,
is not connected to an unsuitable power supply. Unauthorised attempts to repair, and misuse, are not covered by this
Under the guarantee we undertake to repair or replace the unit free of charge for the guarantee period.
For product support contact Ideal Shopping Direct on 0330 3321300*
*Call cost may vary depending on your phone provider.
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 23
08/11/2017 18:24:06
Imported by: Ideal Sourcing Limited, Ideal Home House, Newark Road, Peterborough PE1 5WG
Made in China E&OE 11/17
VIBRACOACH IM - 1117.indd 24
08/11/2017 18:24:06
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