57907 CP666 English pocket book

Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK
food safety
before using your Kenwood
Read these instructions carefully and
retain for future reference.
Remove all packaging and any
This appliance produces steam
which can burn you.
Don’t get burnt by steam coming
out of the curry cooker, especially
when removing the lid.
Be careful when handling the curry
cooker, all parts get hot in use. Use
oven gloves.
Never use a damaged curry cooker.
Get it checked or repaired: see
service and customer care’.
Never put the base unit, cord or plug
in water – you could get an electric
shock. Keep the controls clean and
Never let the cord hang down where
a child could grab it.
Always unplug the curry cooker
when not in use.
Never put the appliance or
components on a cooker or in an
Do not use the appliance on heat
sensitive surfaces.
Do not use the curry cooker near or
below curtains or other combustible
Only use the curry cooker with the
cooking pot supplied.
Do not let infirm people use the
appliance without supervision.
Do not let children use or play with
the appliance.
Only use the appliance for its
intended domestic use. Kenwood
will not accept any liability if the
appliance is subject to improper use,
or failure to comply with these
Cook meat (including poultry), fish
and seafood thoroughly. And never
cook them from frozen.
Do not reheat food in the curry
Always ensure food is piping hot
before eating.
Never partially cook meat and
poultry and then refrigerate for
subsequent cooking.
Follow the cooking advice of the
ingredient manufacturer in particular
with dried beans. For example dried
red kidney beans should be soaked
overnight and then fast boiled on a
cooker for at least 10 minutes in a
pan of fresh cooking water to
destroy toxins before straining and
adding to the curry cooker.
before plugging in
Make sure your electricity supply is
the same as the one shown on the
underside of your machine.
Important – UK only
The wires in the cord are coloured
as follows:
Green and Yellow = Earth,
Blue = Neutral,
Brown = Live.
The appliance must be protected by
a 3A approved (BS1362) fuse.
For non-rewireable plugs the fuse
cover MUST be refitted when
replacing the fuse. If the fuse cover
is lost then the plug must not be
used until a replacement can be
obtained. The correct fuse cover is
identified by colour and a
replacement may be obtained from
your Kenwood Authorised Repairer
(see Service).
If a non-rewireable plug is cut off it
IMMEDIATELY. An electric shock
hazard may arise if an unwanted
non-rewireable plug is inadvertently
inserted into a 13A socket outlet.
This machine complies with
European Economic Community
Directive 89/336/EEC.
Keep Warm Setting – Use this
setting once food has been cooked
to keep food warm. We
recommend that food is not kept
warm for longer than 1 hour after
cooking and then switch off after
hints on using your curry
before using for the first time
Wash the parts ‘see cleaning’
1 Prepare and use ingredients at
room temperature rather than
straight from the refrigerator.
However ingredients such as meat
and fish should not be left out of
the refrigerator for longer than is
necessary, so remove from the
refrigerator just to take the chill off
and keep covered with cling film or
plastic wrap.
2 Cut root vegetables such as
carrots, onions, swedes etc into
fairly small pieces as they take
longer to cook than meat.
3 Cut each type of ingredient into
even sized pieces, this will assist
with even cooking.
4 Browning the meat and sauteing
the vegetables first in a separate
pan will help to remove a certain
amount of fat from the meat and
also improve the appearance and
flavour of both meat and
vegetables. However this is not
5 Do not lift the lid more than
necessary during cooking as this
will cause loss of heat and
evaporation of liquid. It may be
necessary depending upon how
often the lid is removed and for how
long, to allow an extra 20 minutes
to half an hour cooking time.
6 Cooking always takes place in the
cooking pot. Never place food
directly into the base unit.
7 Never plunge the hot cooking pot
into cold water immediately after
use or pour boiling water into an
empty cold cooking pot. Subjecting
cooking pot
base unit
control knob
using your curry cooker
1 Follow the recipe and place the
ingredients into the cooking pot.
2 Place the cooking pot into the base
3 Place the lid in position
4 Select the desired setting ie High or
Low and then plug into the power
5 Allow to cook for the desired time.
6 After cooking, switch off and unplug
the curry cooker.
The following times are a guide only
and will vary according to the type
of food being cooked
Low Setting will gradually cook
food during the day and takes
approximately 6 hours. This setting
can also be used when cooking
more delicate foods which would
benefit from a slightly lower rate of
cooking such as baked apples,
poached fruit.
High Setting will quicken up the
cooking process compared to the
Low setting with cooking times
between 3 and 4 hours.
care and cleaning
it to a sudden change in
temperature could cause it to crack.
After several months of use the
glaze on the cooking pot may
become crackled: this is common
with glazed stoneware and will not
affect the efficiency of the curry
If you are adapting recipes from
conventional cooking you may need
to reduce the amount of liquid
used. In this cooker, liquid does not
evaporate as quickly as with
conventional cooking although a
certain amount of liquid is
necessary to help the transfer of
Never fill the curry cooker more
than 2/3 full.
Milk products, including cream,
sour cream and yoghurt, should be
added towards the end of cooking
to help combat any curdling that
might take place.
Frozen vegetables such as peas
should be thawed and added
during the last 1⁄2 - 1 hour of
cooking. This will ensure retention
of colour and texture in the
vegetables and temperature within
the pot.
Best results are achieved when the
ingredients are covered in liquid.
Trim excess fat from meat.
When cooking whole joints make
sure they fit comfortably into the
cooking pot and always add liquid.
Turn part way through the cooking
Using hot stock will speed up the
cooking process.
To thicken gravy etc., mix some
cornflour with a little cold water to
form a smooth paste. Add the
mixture to the cooking pot towards
the end of the cooking time. Cover
and cook for additional time until
the juices are bubbling and
Always switch off, unplug and allow
the appliance to cool before
Don’t wash parts in the dishwasher.
base unit
Wipe the outside of the curry
cooker with a damp cloth and then
dry. Never immerse the base unit in
lid, cooking pot
Wash in warm soapy water, rinse
and then dry thoroughly. Food that
has stuck to the inside of the bowl
can be removed with the aid of a
soft bristled brush.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
KENWOOD or an authorised
KENWOOD repairer.
If you need help with:
● using your curry cooker
● servicing or repairs (in or out of
call Kenwood Customer Care on
023 92392333. Have your
model number ready - it’s
located on the underside.
● spares and attachments
call 0870 2413653.
other countries
● Contact the shop where you bought
your curry cooker.
guarantee (UK only)
If your curry cooker goes wrong
within one year from the date you
bought it, we will repair or replace it
free of charge provided:
you have not misused, neglected or
damaged it;
it has not been modified (unless by
it is not second-hand;
it has not been used commercially;
you have not fitted a plug
incorrectly; and
you supply your receipt to
show when you bought it.
In addition to cooking curries your
Kenwood curry cooker is also
suitable for cooking other dishes
including the following recipes.
potato, cheddar and
chive soup
4 medium-large potatoes, peeled
and sliced
1 large clove garlic, peeled
475ml/16 fl oz stock
220g/7 oz Cheddar cheese, grated
50g/2 oz fresh chives, chopped
salt and pepper
This guarantee does not affect your
statutory rights.
Place the potatoes, garlic and stock
into the cooking pot. Cook on High for
2 hours. Remove the mixture and blend
in a liquidiser to the desired
consistency. Return the mixture back
into the cooking pot and add the
cheese, chives and seasoning. Leave
on setting High for a further 30
minutes. Before serving, additional
cheese and cream can be added.
beef pot roast with
15 ml/1 tbsp oil
900g/2 lb joint of topside
1 onion peeled and chopped
3 carrots peeled and cut into
1 cm/1⁄2 in thick slices
500 ml/3⁄4 pts hot beef stock
Heat the oil in a frying pan and then
brown the beef on all sides. Add the
vegetables and fry until lightly golden.
Transfer the mixture to the cooking pot,
add the hot stock and seasoning.
Place the lid in position and cook on
High for approximately 4 hours and low
for approximately 7 hours.
beef in beer
bolognaise sauce
600g/1lb 5 oz lean casserole steak
cut into 1 in/2.5cm cubes
2 medium potatoes, each cut into 8
1 large onion, cut into eight pieces
2-3 carrots, cut into 2cm/3⁄4 in thick
300ml/101⁄2 fl oz beer
200ml/7 fl oz beef stock
20ml/1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
25g/1 oz bunch of thyme, stalks
20-30ml/1-2 tbsp cornflour
salt and pepper
Use as a base for Spaghetti
Bolognaise or Lasagne
15ml/1 tbsp oil
1 large onion, chopped
5 rashers streaky bacon, chopped
650g/1 lb 7 oz lean minced beef
1 x 454g tin chopped tomatoes
1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
1 level tbsp/15ml tomato puree or
to taste
salt and pepper
150g/5 oz mushrooms, finely
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry
the onion until golden brown and then
transfer to the cooking pot. Add the
bacon to the frying pan and fry that off
and add to the cooking pot. Fry the
meat until browned, add the chopped
tomatoes and bring the mixture to the
boil and then transfer to the cooking
pot. Place the remaining ingredients in
the cooking pot. Cook on High for
approximately 3 - 4 hours or Low for
approximately 6 hours
Place all the ingredients into the cooking
pot then cook on High for approximately
4 hours or Low for approximately 6
hours. Mix the cornflour with a little cold
water to form a smooth paste. Remove
the lid and add the mixture to the
cooking pot and stir well. Re-cover and
cook for additional time until the juices
are bubbling and slightly thickened.
coq au vin
150g/5 oz bacon, diced
1 large onion, chopped
1 clove garlic crushed
300g/10 oz button mushrooms,
thickly sliced
4 boneless chicken breasts
275ml/10 fl oz red wine
375ml/13 fl oz hot chicken stock
salt and pepper
cornflour (optional)
Place all the ingredients into the curry cooker.
Cover and cook on High for 3 – 4 hours or
Low for approximately 6 hours.
If desired, thicken the juices with some
cornflour mixed to a smooth paste with
water. Remove the lid and add the mixture
to the cooking pot and stir well (if necessary
remove the chicken breasts and keep
warm whilst adding the cornflour). Re-cover
and cook for additional time until the juices
are bubbling and slightly thickened.
chicken and tarragon
baked apples
3 Cooking apples (choose ones of a
suitable size to fit inside the cooking
75g/21⁄2 oz mixed dried fruit
2.5ml/1⁄2 level tsp cinnamon
25g/1oz soft brown sugar
75ml/21⁄2 fl oz cold water
15g/ ⁄2 oz butter
1 tbsp/15ml oil
4 chicken breasts
1 onion finely chopped
150ml/5 fl oz dry white wine
150ml/5 fl oz hot chicken stock
4 sprigs tarragon
50ml/2 fl oz double cream
salt and pepper
1 tbsp/15ml cornflour (approx.)
Wash and core the apples, then using
a sharp knife make a slit in the skin
around the middle of each one. Place
the apples in the cooking pot. Combine
the fruit, cinnamon and sugar then fill
the centre of each apple with the
mixture. Add the water and put the lid
in position. Cook on Low for
approximately 2-3 hours (this will
depend upon the size and variety of the
Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan.
Add the chicken pieces and brown on
both sides. Transfer the chicken to the
cooking pot. Fry the onion and place in
the cooking pot with the wine, stock,
2 sprigs of tarragon and seasoning.
Cover with the lid and cook on High for
approximately 3 hours or Low for
approximately 6 hours. At the end of
the cooking time, remove the chicken
pieces and keep warm. Mix the
cornflour with some water to form a
smooth paste and add to the curry
cooker with the cream, stir well. Return
the chicken pieces to the cooking
bowl, replace the lid and allow to cook
for additional time until the mixture
thickens. At completion, finely chop the
remaining tarragon and add to the
cooking pot. Serve immediately.
rice pudding
75g/3oz short grain or pudding rice
50g/2oz caster sugar
1 litre/13⁄4 pts milk
25g/1oz butter
ground nutmeg
Place the rice, sugar and milk into the
cooking pot and stir well. Top with
shavings of butter and sprinkle with
nutmeg. Put the lid in position and
cook on High for approximately 3 hours
or Low for 4-5 hours. After 1 hour stir
the contents of the cooking pot and
once again during cooking.
apple chutney
Piece of root ginger about
1cm/1⁄2 inch square
7.5cm/11⁄2 tsp pickling spice
700g/11⁄2lb prepared sliced cooking
apples eg Bramleys
100g/31⁄2 oz sultanas
100g/31⁄2 oz finely chopped onion
1 small clove garlic, peeled and
150g/5 oz dark brown sugar
150m/5 fl oz malt vinegar
Tie the root ginger and pickling spice
into a small piece of muslin.
Place all the ingredients into the
cooking pot and stir well.
Place the lid in position and cook on
Low for approximately 8 hours. At the
end of this time, remove the lid, stir the
ingredients then turn to High and allow
the mixture to boil for a further 30 –60
minutes or until the required
consistency has been achieved. Cool
slightly and place in clean jars and
cover immediately.
Makes about 2lb
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