Hovo® 700 Series Quick Start Guide

Hovo® 700 Series Quick Start Guide
*** This product is not intended to replace traditional AC power vacuum cleaner. ***
Step 1. Unit And Accessories Check
Refer to Package Contents (Page 5 of User Manual)
Step 2. Install Battery
Battery is pre-installed in the battery compartment. Refer to page 6 of User Manual for battery
compartment location and page 8.
Please remove the battery if you will not use the vacuum for a long period of time.
If the vacuum encounters any unknown error, you can reset system by removing battery for 10
minutes, and then re-install the battery.
Step 3. Charge Battery
Turn on power switch on the side of vacuum and plug the AC adapter to the manual charging
port of your vacuum.
Recharge battery manually for 4 hours before you use it for the first time.
Refer to Battery Charging Method section of User Manual (page 9).
Reminder – Power switch must be turned on before battery can be recharged properly.
Step 4. Start Cleaning
Turn on the power switch on the side of your vacuum, then press CLEAN button to start
cleaning. Refer to Unit Display Panel section on page 7 of User Manual.
 Do not put virtual blocker or remote control next to charging station. Otherwise, the
vacuum can not locate the charging station and do docking correctly because of
 Remove debris & hairs from brushes and wheels if they are not spinning freely.
 Always turn the power switch off if the unit is not on charging station, or not in use,
or when it finishes cleaning, or when you transport it to preserve battery power.
If you have question or issue on the product, DO NOT return it to the store.
Please contact technical support first at: www.infinuvo.com
E-mail Support: support@metapo.com
You can register your product for warranty service and activate warranty at:
You can purchase accessories at www.amazon.com or http://store.cleanmateus.com/
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Hovo® 700 Series Side Brush Installation
There are 4 side brushes (2 pairs) inside product package.
Each pair side brushes has left (L) and right (R) marking on side brush base.
Please install “R” brush on the right hand side of unit and “L” brush on the left hand side of unit.
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