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House rules
Housing Services
3 How to contact us?
4 Practical Guidelines
7 Fire Prevention
9 Safety on campus
11 Useful telephone numbers
Dear Student,
Welcome to Student Housing Services. We wish you a happy stay and good luck in your studies here
at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
When living in student housing from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel you are granted a lot of freedom,
but this freedom does not come without responsibilities. As you are living with a large group of people
in a relatively small area of living space, there are some rules that will make living together more pleasant
for everybody involved.
This document exists in addition to Tenancy agreement and it consists of a compilation of practical
information and a few more formal rules.
Official communications from Housing Services will only be through your e-mail address from the
Vrije Universiteit Brussel. So check your electronic mail regularly.
We are counting on your sense of responsibility and your active participation.
Yours faithfully,
Ludo Reuter
Head of Housing Services
[T] 02 629 28 31
[F] 02 629 36 19
How to contact us?
Housing Services Offices
Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels
[T] 02 629 28 31
[F] 02 629 36 19
Campus Jette
Laarbeeklaan 107
1090 Brussels
[T] 02 477 41 14
[F] 02 477 41 24
Office hours: 08:30 to 12:30
Office hours: 08:00 to 12:30
13:30 to 16:30
13:00 to 15:55
(closed on Wednesdays)
Caretaker (Concierge)
The live-in caretaker contributes to a general feeling of safety and peace of mind within every
student house.
After the office hours of the Housing Services office he/she is your contact person.
The caretaker is available each evening.
After that you can always get help from the security services (see below).
Student House Schoofslaan and Triomflaan Khadija Bouhmama
Schoofslaan 12 ground floor
1160 Brussels
[M] 0474 48 13 59
Student House Nieuwelaan
Conny Stockmans/Geert De Dobbeleer
Nieuwelaan 149 Blok 2
1040 Brussels
[M] 0479 55 11 04
Student quarter Campus Etterbeek and Campus Jette
Students can always contact the security services.
Security (24 hours a day)
Campus Etterbeek Between building F and E - rotule 4 - level esplanade
across the entrance to the restaurant
[T] 02 629 21 76
[F] 02 629 30 41
Campus Jette
Student quarter
Housing Services office
[T] 02 477 41 41
[F] 02 477 41 40
-3House rules
Practical Guidelines
Your (postal) address
The mail is delivered daily into the letterboxes in the entrance hall of your student house.
If you have an individual letterbox, please put your name on it.
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Campus Etterbeek
Your name + room number
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Student House Nieuwelaan
Your name + room number
Nieuwelaan 149
1040 Brussels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Student House Triomflaan
Your name + room number
Triomflaan 19
1160 Brussels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Student House Schoofslaan
Your name + room number
Schoofslaan 12
1160 Brussels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Campus Jette
Your name + room number
Laarbeeklaan 107
1090 Brussels
Official communications from housing services will be through your email address from
the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
If you lose your keys you will be charged the following amounts for new ones:
Campus Etterbeek:
room key: 25 EUR
front door key: 25 EUR
letterbox key: 6 EUR
Student House Schoofslaan
and Triomflaan:
main key: 50 EUR
letterbox key: 6 EUR
Student House Nieuwelaan
and Campus Jette:
main key: 50 EUR
For safety reasons you are not allowed to place any extra locks on your door.
-4House rules
Decorating your room
You can decorate your room as long as there is no damage to permanent fixtures (walls, doors, …). You can
paint your room yourself in neutral colours. You can obtain free paint from the Housing Services office.
If you have a telephone in your room, you first have to pay for phone credit at the Housing Services office
before you can phone externally. Internal phone calls (within the VUB) are free of charge.
There is a washing machine and tumble dryer available at Student House Nieuwelaan and the Housing
Services offices on Campus Etterbeek and Campus Jette. Near the student houses Schoofslaan and
Triomflaan, on 1028 Waversesteenweg, there is also a private laundrette.
In every student house you will find a repairs book or box where you can report any defects.
We will try to carry out the repairs as soon as possible.
An external company cleans the communal areas weekly. There is a fixed cleaning day for every student
house. To make this cleaning possible, you have to tidy up your housing unit first. Set up a roster duty
for this. If your unit has not been tidied up, you will receive a first warning. Any infractions after that will
cost you 25 EUR, which will be charged. If you have any comments about the weekly cleaning, send an
e-mail to
Mouldy leftovers can be thrown out for reasons of hygiene.
You must clean your room yourself.
Showing your student card will enable you to borrow a vacuum cleaner.
You must sort the refuse and carry it yourself to the containers provided. Set up a roster duty for this.
Each student house also has specific containers for glass, paper, PMD and batteries other than the containers used for general rubbish.
The disposal of small amounts of dangerous household waste is possible at the Housing Service office.
More information can be found in the special document on the website.
Rubbish bags can be obtained free of charge from the housing office.
The placement of refuse, refuse bags, bicycles, shopping trolleys, ... inside or outside the living units,
hallways, or patios is strictly prohibited.
At Triomflaan/Schoofslaan the refuse containers are situated in the garden (inside Schoofslaan).
-5House rules
Responsible energy use
The combined annual gas and electricity bill of all student houses amounts to approximately 600.000 EUR
a year. To lower these costs and thus have more money available for renovations we are counting on your
•adjust your radiator appropriately;
•do not open doors or windows for cooling off during the winter (you must, however, air your room
for a short period every day, especially in winter, to prevent moisture and condensation problems).
•switch off the lights in rooms that are not being used and when leaving your room;
•only pots and pans with a flat bottom may be used on the electric hot plates (utensils that are not
suitable will be removed).
•do not waste any water;
•report any leaky taps or toilets.
Smoking ban
The university’s board of directors has given its approval to a smoking policy valid for all buildings from
the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This means that in student houses there will be no smoking in communal rooms. This naturally includes the shared kitchen and bathrooms within each unit. Smoking is only
permitted in the bedrooms. If all residents of a particular housing unit agree that smoking is allowed in
the communal areas then it is permitted, but only when no non-smokers are present (residents or visitors).
-6House rules
Fire Prevention
Electrical Installations
•do not tamper with electrical appliances, do not adjust the electrical fittings yourself;
•do not connect a huge number of appliances to the same power point, it can overload and cause a fire;
•only use extension cords or multiple plugs with a CE mark;
•do not place extension cords across the room, underneath carpets or in damp places;
•do not jam extension leads between windows or doors;
•make sure there is enough ventilation around hi-fi wires, TVs, computers,...;
•place powerful halogen lamps at a safe distance from flammable materials;
•electric appliances that you have brought with you must be supplied with a CE mark.
•it is prohibited to cook in the rooms;
•keep cooking appliances at a safe distance from flammable materials;
•switch the hot plates off after cooking as well during cooking when leaving the kitchen.
Flammable liquids
•make sure the room is properly aired when working with liquids that are highly flammable
(ether, white spirits, solvents, .....). The fumes of these products can start a fire with the slightest spark;
•immediately close containers that contain flammable materials;
•highly flammable materials or other dangerous materials may not be stored in any of the rooms or
student houses.
•never smoke in bed;
•do not throw burning cigarette butts away (in the trash can, through the window...).
Clear passageways
The placement of refuse, refuse bags, bicycles, shopping trolleys .. inside or outside the housing units,
hallways, or patios is strictly prohibited.
As you are living with a large group of people in a small area, careless behaviour can have
disastrous consequences. So think twice.
-7House rules
Some Emergency Situations
Burning frying pan
•switch the hot plates off or pull the plug from the wall;
•cover the pan with a lid or oven glove;
•never pour water on boiling oil or fat;
•do not try to move a burning pan.
TV on fire or TV implosion
•pull the plug from the wall;
•throw water on it.
Trashcan or ashtray on fire
•usually, cutting off the air supply of the burning object will do the trick;
•if this does not work use water or a fire extinguisher.
Burning clothes
•do not run;
•lie down on the floor as quickly as possible and roll around;
•if you witness this happening to someone else, cover the person in a blanket.
If there is a chance of the fire spreading?
•stay calm, do not cause a general panic;
•call the Fire Brigade 100 (external line)
or call Security Services: Campus Etterbeek - [T] 02 629 21 76
Campus Jette - [T] 02 477 41 41
•break the glass of the alarm button and shout that there is a fire;
•keep doors and windows closed as much as possible;
•use the available fire extinguisher and fire hose;
•leave the building (never use the elevator).
Misuse of fire alarm
When misusing the fire alarm the responsible person will pay a 50 EUR fine + repair costs.
If the responsible person does not present himself spontaneously then every inhabitant of the unit will
get a fine of 50 EUR (art. 9 tenancy agreement)
-8House rules
Safety on campus
Security Services
Students enjoy the open and relaxed atmosphere of the campus from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Unfortunately, however, such an environment can also attract people with less honourable intentions,
individuals who wait for the right moment to strike, when people are less vigilant.
In the framework of Facility Management at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Security Services
(recognisable by their red coats) ensure your safety. In general the campuses from the Vrije Universiteit
Brussel are safe environments, and your help could further contribute to this safety.
You can help by:
- recognising and avoiding potentially dangerous situations
- protecting your own property and that of the institution by closing and locking all doors and
windows properly
- reporting all strange behaviour and events
- being aware of how you can get help most quickly
- not forgetting that general vigilance, which everybody should engage in, is the best way to
guarantee safety.
24-hour guard duty
The guards are on guard duty on campus and in the buildings 24 hours a day. They are trained in all safety
aspects and are here to guarantee your safety. While on duty the guards use modern communication
devices. Some guards also have specially-trained guard dogs with them.
Helping out
Opening and closing of rooms
In emergencies the guards can open your room for you and then lock it again. Do not forget to identify
yourself straight away.
The guard will of course check to make sure he does not let a stranger into your room.
In cases of illness or accidents
The guards are trained in first aid and can help you in emergencies.
In the case of a serious accident or illness the guards will immediately phone the doctor on duty or the
emergency services.
If you have car engine trouble the guards will help you to contact the automobile breakdown services.
•make sure you lock the door of your room, even if you are only going away for a short while.
A thief only needs a few seconds to steal your wallet or laptop from your room;
-9House rules
•do not leave objects lying around in your car!
•close all windows and doors properly, even if you are not on the ground floor. An open window is an
opportunity and that is all a thief needs;
•if you feel threatened on campus or if you see anything suspicious, immediately report it to the security
•report any broken outside lighting or doors that do not close properly as soon as possible to the
Technical Services 02 629 31 11 during office hours or to the security services;
•NEVER jam doors to let friends or acquaintances in later. Some criminals take an open door as an
invitation to steal or do something worse;
•never let an unknown person enter through the front door of the student house with you;
•if you discover that you have been robbed, immediately contact the security services;
They will supply you with the necessary forms to report to the police;
•if your room has been broken into, also report it to the housing office and the caretaker;
•store the emergency numbers in your mobile phone.
Contact Details
The guards are available 24 hours a day.
Store the emergency numbers in your mobile phone.
Campus Etterbeek
Between building F and E - rotule 4 - level esplanade
across the entrance to the restaurant
[T] 02 629 21 76
[F] 02 629 30 41
Campus Jette
Studentenwijk: Housing Services office
[T] 02 477 41 41
[F] 02 477 41 40
- 10 House rules
Sometimes major conflicts can arise from minor squabbles: noise (from 23:00 onwards student houses
must be quiet!), unwashed dishes, rubbish lying around, food taken from the fridge, a breach of the
smoking ban...
As adults living together, you have to talk about the problems and try to solve them yourself.
If this does not work or there are other complaints, come to Housing Services.
If there are lasting problems, Housing Services can, after extensive investigation and when all attempts
at problem resolution have failed, take certain measures.
In Art. 6 of the rent contract some standard situations are provided in which the rent contract can be
terminated or dissolved by both parties.
- 11 House rules
Useful telephone
Fire Brigade
Medical Emergency Services
Anti-poison Centre
070 245 245
VUB Security Services Campus Etterbeek
02 629 21 76
VUB Security Services Campus Jette
02 477 41 41
UZ-VUB Campus Jette
02 477 41 11
Medical Services Campus Etterbeek (office hours)
02 629 23 00
Flemish General Practitioners on night duty
(Vlaamse Wacht Huisartsen)
02 242 43 44
Housing Services Campus Etterbeek
02 629 28 31
Housing Services Campus Jette
02 477 41 14
Caretaker Schoofslaan/Triomflaan
0474 48 13 59
Caretaker Nieuwelaan 0479 55 11 04
jp 09-13
General practitioners that make house calls in the“Studentenwijk” on Campus Jette:
Dr Sumio Yoshimi
Dr Marc Huylebroeck
Kasteellaan 130 b 2
is. Meyskensstraat 117
1081 Koekelberg
1780 Wemmel
[T] 02 420 38 00
[T] 02 460 52 64
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