Juana Briones Harvest Festival

Juana Briones
Great Gatherings
Silent Auction
Saturday, October 30, 2010
Juana Briones Elementary School
Welcome to the 2010
Juana Briones Elementary School
Harvest Festival
What are Great Gatherings?
Great Gatherings are events that take place throughout the year for
children, families, and/or adults. These events are donated and hosted by
our own Briones community of parents, teachers, and staff. When you pay to
participate in a great gathering, your money is donated directly to our
school’s PTA. In fact, the Harvest Festival Great Gatherings is the largest
PTA fundraiser of the school year! Last year, funds raised went directly to
help with teachers’ classroom supplies, library books, Young Author’s Day,
Tuesday noon art, Theatreworks, teacher appreciation, school wide
assemblies and enrichment programs and more.
How do I sign up?
The Great Gatherings sign ups and auction will take place at the Harvest
Festival. Please stop by between 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday, October
30, 2010.
As you enter the Great Gatherings area, you will be given a Selection Form.
When you find an event that interests you, write down the name of each
participant on the event’s sign-up sheet. Then take a pre-printed label (one
for each participant) and affix it to your Selection Form. Note that each
event is priced on a per-person basis. Please keep in mind that some events
have limited space and fill up quickly. If you are not able to purchase a spot
at a desired event, place your name on the waiting list. If space becomes
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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available, you will be notified. If you cannot attend the Harvest Festival, a
friend may sign-up for you. Remember that payment must be received by
5:00 pm on Harvest Festival Day.
What is the Great Auction?
The Great Auction is a chance for individual families to bid on particular
auction items. Each item has a minimum bid and increment bids listed on a
bid sheet. Write your name and bid amount on each desired item. Check
back to see if you still have the winning bid and bid again, if you wish. At
4:45 pm the auction will close. Highest bid wins. In the event of a
dispute, those involved will be asked to write down a secret, final bid. The
item will go to the highest written bid.
Winners must be present at the end of the auction to pay for and collect the
items they have won. If you are unable to stay, please leave a check payable
to “Juana Briones PTA” with a friend or make sure your credit card number
is on file. Please have a friend pick up your items. If you are not present at
the end of the auction and have not made arrangements to pay for the item,
the item may be awarded to the next highest bidder.
Teacher Wish Lists
Our wonderful, hard-working teachers need your help to extend the learning
possibilities for your children. Teachers have created a wish list of items
for their classrooms. Please check the Harvest Festival tables for your
teacher’s list. If you wish to purchase a specified item or make a general
contribution, you may do so when you checkout.
How do I checkout?
Once you have signed up for your events and have your Selection Sheet full
of labels, you may proceed to the checkout area. If you have no auction
items to wait for, we recommend checking out before the 5:00 end time, to
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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avoid a long line. For Auction items, bidding closes promptly at 4:45 pm and
final prices will be marked on the respective label for each item. Payment
may be made with cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. All Sales are final. In
the event a party is cancelled or rescheduled and you are unable to attend,
you can donate or sell your spot, consider your spot a donation to the PTA, or
get a refund. Refunds are not available for events taking place on their prescheduled date. You will be given a receipt listing the events and items you
have purchased. As the event date approaches, the hosts will notify you of
the location and any other specifics.
Questions? Please contact any of the Great Gatherings Committee
members: Debi Snipp, Susan Gray, Lisa Marcacci, Ilona Sockol, Zoe Peters,
and Joan Semeria
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Great Gatherings Listed by Event Date
Dish it Up
Item # S 1
Silpada Jewelry Party
Item # S 2
Chic Boutique
Item # S 3
Wednesday Chinese Brush Painting for Kids
Item # S 4
Wednesday Marga-Feetas Anyone?
Item # S 5
A Bit of the Bubbly
Item # S 6
Ladies Career Swap Session
Item # S 7
A Taste of Italy - Pasta Making Lesson
and Lunch
Item # S 8
Wednesday Princess Party
Item # S 9
Item # S 10
Wednesday Choice Time: 2nd-4th graders
Item # S 11
Item # S 12
Experience Korea Right Here in Palo Alto
Wednesday Celebrate Chinese New Year! BrionesStyle!
Item # S 13
Wednesday Playdoh Making and Creative Play Party
Item # S 14
Wednesday Parenting Session: “Tricks of the Trade”
Item # S 15
Item # S 16
Version 11
Men’s Poker Night
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Truffles with Tom!
Item # S 17
Palo Alto Masala: Pakistani Cooking
Item # S 18
A Night with the Stars – Oscar Style
Item # S 19
Kids After-School Games Party
Item # S 20
Big Screen in MP Room
Item # S 21
Laser Tag with Mr. Nagle, Mr. Antal and
Mr. Culbertson
Item # S 22
Wednesday Bird Watching at Baylands
Item # S 23
Wednesday Intuitive Painting Lesson
Item # S 24
Beering for Bowls, Part Deux
Item # S 25
Shake Your Groove Thing - Middle
Eastern Style!
Item # S 26
Wednesday Afternoon at the Movies
Item # S 27
Wednesday Garden Party and Microscopic Hike
Item # S 28
Shesh Besh
Item # S 29
Cinco de Mayo Margarita Party
Item # S 30
Campfire at Foothills Park
Item # S 31
Wednesday May Matinee in the Library!
Item # S 32
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Gourmet Pizzas Under the Stars
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
Item # S 33
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Juana Briones Elementary School
Great Gatherings
Dish it Up
Thursday, November 9, 2010 (final date flexible based on Participants’
schedules and rain), depart Briones 9:00 am
Get off the couch and onto your bike! Here's a way to tone up
those legs and get some fresh fall air. Join friends for a bike ride to the
Stanford Dish, then, do the "Dish Walk". You'll hop back onto your bike and
head to the hostess's home for lattes and other rejuvenating refreshments.
Enjoy the extra exercise, being green and not having to worry about that
Dish parking! You'll be surprised with how easy it is to get there by bike, do
the walk, and pedal back...and surprise yourself with how much stamina and
strength you have inside you!
$20 per person (8 dish/bikers)
Host: Natalie Toennis
Item # S 1
Silpada Design’s Jewelry Party and Fundraiser
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
It’s time for a Girls’ Night Out! Come and look at all the beautiful sterling
silver “Bling” handcrafted by Silpada Designs and pick-up a necklace,
bracelet or ring. You can get a little something for yourself or get started
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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on your holiday shopping. Host and Silpada Rep, Toni Marinovich, will donate
20% of the night's total sales to the Briones PTA so it's for a GREAT cause!
Enjoy wine and scrumptious appetizers while visiting old friends and meeting
new friends. You may even go home with a raffle prize!
Host: Toni Marinovich-Quinn, Your Silpada Design’s Sales Rep.
$25 per person (unlimited)
Item # S 2
Chic Boutique
Thursday, December 2, 2010 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
Is your fall and winter wardrobe in need of a little professional attention?
Meet your Hosts at the trendy and inviting ladies' boutique Gitane, co-owned
by Briones mom Joy Woo, located in Palo Alto Town & Country shopping
center. You'll enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles while you browse
through the stylish, beautiful and very affordable Gitane fashion. Coowners Joy and Malika, who have an excellent eye for style and color, will
help you put together the perfect ensemble for the winter months
ahead. You may even find some beautiful and affordable jewelry gifts for
the holidays. A sizable percentage of the evening's sales will be donated to
the Briones PTA.
Hosts: Natalie Toennis, Debi Snipp, Joy Yoo, and Malika Parker
$10 per person (unlimited number of shoppers)
Item # S 3
Chinese Brush Painting for Kids
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 (1:45 – 3:00 pm)
Calling All Kids! Join artist and Briones neighbor, Jen Hess for a 1-hour
session of ancient Chinese Brush Painting. Both boys and girls will enjoy this
creative and fun art lesson. Paper, brushes, watercolors, and a snack will be
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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provided. This unique opportunity will allow participants to create a variety
of interesting designs and shapes simply by following the ancient Chinese
recipe of brush strokes and paint. Parents are responsible for arranging
transportation to and from the Hess residence.
Host: Jen Hess
Location: Hess residence, 4016 Orme Street, (1/2 block from school)
$35 per child (8 K – 5th graders)
Item # S 4
Marga-Feetas Anyone?
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 (6:00 – 8:00 pm)
Do you find yourself in need of pampering by mid-week? Join Briones
friends at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant Celia's on El Camino for a
"no-host" margarita to get yourself in the mood. Then we will walk across the
street to "Happy Feet" for a foot massage. This special package includes an
hour-long, fully-clothed entire body massage. You decide if you want to go
home afterward, or back to Celia's for more margaritas...
$35 per person (10 people)
Hosts: Cooper, Ashlund, Perry and Toennis families
Item # S 5
A Bit of the Bubbly
Saturday, December 11, 2010 (7:00 pm)
Ah, Champagne. The word conjures up images of James Bond on a yacht in
the Mediterranean, French vineyards, fancy Manhattan weddings, and of
course BUBBLES! Champagne is the ultimate in elegance, and the preferred
drink to ring in the New Year! Did you know that only wines made in the
Champagne region of France may be called Champagne? It's
true...everything else is just sparkling wine. You'll learn this and more about
picking your Bubbly just in time for the Holidays. Join our fantastic Briones
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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parents Toni and Dean Quinn for an elegant evening of bubbles, nibble and
fun .
Hosts: Dean and Toni Quinn
$50 per person (12 guests)
Item # S 6
Ladies Career Swap Session
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (7:30 – 9:00 pm)
It's so inspiring to hear of all the artists, nurses, doctors, lawyers,
computer specialists, scientists, teachers, super stay-at-home-moms,
researchers and more that we have among us. This informal evening will be a
chance to network and discuss how we juggle home, career, kids and social
life. Who knows, perhaps we will even create our own start-up over a glass of
wine? Desserts and drinks will be served.
$20 per person (unlimited)
Host: Lorie Englhardt
Item # S 7
A Taste of Italy - Pasta Making Lesson and Lunch
Friday, January 14, 2011 (11:00 am – 1:30 pm)
Are you an aspiring pasta chef? Do you just love to watch other people cook
and then eat delicious food? Learn the trusted pasta-making techniques of
Old Italy and then test your skills in Amy's kitchen. Amy and Yvonne will
provide the recipes and guide you with personal step-by-step instruction.
Before you know it, you'll be making pasta like a professional. A scrumptious
Italian lunch with wine will round out the day’s event.
$40 per person (10 budding Italian chefs)
Your Tasty Hosts: Amy Hartinger and Yvonne LaMaster
Item # S 8
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Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Princess Party
Wednesday, January 19, 2010 (1:30 – 3:30 pm)
Your Little Princess will enjoy a full afternoon of royal activities including:
cupcake decorating, regal crowns, crafts fit for a Princess and more! Join
Kinder teachers Jill, Lanette and Kristine as your daughter's world
transforms into a very special Fairytale Wonderland. Snacks will be
provided. Princess dress-up clothing optional but welcome.
$20 per Princess (12 Princesses)
Hosts: Jill Dinneen, Lanette Topper, and Kristine Berg
Location: Room 2
Item # S 9
Sunday, January 23, 2011 (approx time 2:00 – 6:00 pm TBD by NFL
Conference Championship Schedule)
Relax and enjoy NFL Conference Championship Football with other Briones
football fanatics in the spacious home of Jen and Ross Sabolcik. They have a
refrigerated keg, always filled with some tasty boutique brew. But wait,
there's more... Briones’ moms, Toni Marinovich (Silpada Jewelry) and Anne
Suri (Stella & Dot Stylist) will bring wonderful jewelry from their lines to
help you guys shop for the upcoming Valentine's Day...all done while you sit
back and watch the game. Nothing could be easier. 100% of the jewelry
profits will be donated to Briones PTA!! Couples welcome! Great food and
drink will be provided throughout the afternoon...along with the chilled Fat
Price: $25/football fan, $40/couple (no limit)
Hosts: Sabolcik, Suri, Marinovich, Snipp families
Item # S 10
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Choice Time: Open to 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 (1:30 – 3:00 pm)
2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are invited to join the 2nd grade teachers for
Choice Time in Room 6. Come play board games, Legos, or cash register or
do arts and crafts, with a snack to “chews”.
$20 per student (26 students total)
Hosts: 2nd grade teachers Tanya Meyers, Susana Im and Pamela Dappen
Item # S 11
Experience Korea Right Here in Palo Alto
Saturday, January 29, 2011 (5:00 – 8:00 pm)
Enjoy a delicious and truly authentic Korean meal with the Suh's. You'll
taste the flavors and experience the ambiance of a true Korean dinner with
one of our fantastic Briones families. This dinner is for adults, so get the
babysitter and plan for a lovely night out.
Host: Suh Family
$40 per adult (8 guests)
Item # S 12
Celebrate the Chinese New Year! Briones-style!
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 (1:45 - 3:15 pm)
Make Chinese lanterns; learn about the Chinese Zodiac symbols and
meanings, and many other Chinese New Year customs. You will taste some
traditional food served for this special holiday and listen to stories that
have been told for many generations of New Year celebrations. Children
from all grades welcome.
$20 per student (16 kids)
Host: Jessica Gillis
Item # S 13
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Playdoh Making and Creative Play Party
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 (1:30 – 3:30 pm)
Do you love to get your hands into all sorts of squishing, mushy stuff? Then
join this fun party and we'll help you make several different colors of
Playdoh. Then you'll get to stay and make great things with it...all in
the Briones MP Room! There will be lots of special tools to cut, trim, shape,
roll and mash your home-made Playdoh. You'll go home with a sack of
Playdoh and a recipe to make more at home! An after-school snack will be
provided. Open to all ages.
$20 per child (12 kids) 12 kids
Hosts: Toennis and Sullivan families
Item # S 14
Parenting Session-Sharing Some Tricks-Of-The-Trade
Wednesday, February 9, 2010 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
We are not the experts but we all do have parenting experience-that's for
sure. Come and listen to some successful parenting coping strategies as well
as our many failed attempts. This will be a parenting "pep-talk" and
brainstorm session to share what seems to have worked and not worked in
our parenting endeavors. I'm sure there will be a few laughs along the way.
Your hosts will have some structured materials for you to ponder as well as
encourage others to share if they wish. Even if you just feel like hanging out
with a bunch of moms to enjoy a glass of wine and some desserts and some
smiles after a long day then this is the session for you. Drinks, desserts and
conversation provided.
Hosts: Lorie Englhardt, Tina Hendrickson, Jen Schultz
$25 Unlimited spots
Item # S 15
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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"Men's Poker Night"
Friday, February 11, 2011 (7:00 – 10:00 pm or later)
It's back come play some poker with the men at the Englhardt’s. We are
looking forward to a night of poker playing, some "friendly" competition and
some good laughs. Your $40 will buy you your poker chips for the night, your
appetizers and drinks. Who will be the big winner? All abilities welcomed
and beginners sometimes have all the luck! Deal out those cards and let the
fun begin.
Hosts: Eric Englhardt and Nate Walker
$45 per gambler (25 men)
Item # S 16
Truffles with Tom!
Saturday, February 12, 2011 (7:00 – 10:00 pm)
Tom Culbertson, 4th grade teacher at Briones and former pastry chef
extraordinaire, will teach you how to make exotic truffles! Experiment with
different flavors like rosemary, Earl Grey, ginger, cardamom and, of course,
Grand Marnier! We will be making, tasting and taking home truffles in time
for Valentine's Day. Champagne, wine and snacks will be served. Each guest
will receive a decorative box for your truffles and recipe.
Hosts: Tom Culberston and the Peters, Smith, Snipp, and Cremer families
$50 per adult (6 budding pastry chefs)
Item # S 17
"Palo Alto Masala": Pakistani Cooking Class and Luncheon
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 (10:00 am – 1:00 pm)
The Zakariya family invites you into their kitchen to learn how to create
flavorful, traditional Pakistani eats. A meat, vegetable, side dish and
dessert will be featured and sampled during lunch. Don't miss this
opportunity to learn a new cuisine - you'll be surprised how easy it is!
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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$50 per person (6 adults)
Hosts: Aisha and Fawad Zakariya
Item # S 18
A Night with the Stars – Oscar Style
Sunday, February 27, 2011 (5:00 – 8:00 pm)
For all of you movie buffs, come help us celebrate the 2011 Academy Awards
on Sunday, Feb. 27, 5:00 - 8:00pm. We will enhance the experience with
your very own ballot and prizes for the most correctly guessed predictions!
Buffet dinner and beverages will be provided.
$20 per person (20 movie buffs)
Host: Darcy Huston
Item # S 19
Kids After-School Games Party in the MP room!
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 (2:40 – 4:30 pm)
Do you remember all the fun games we played as kids- Bingo, Loop de Loop,
Hot Potato, etc.? Here’s a chance for our kids to get together and play
some fun and active games together. We will provide a snack and all the
games, prizes for a fun afternoon.
$15 per child (20 Kinder – 5th graders)
Hosts – Darcy Huston & Laura Clark-Post
Item # S 20
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Big Screen in the MP
March 11, 2011 (7:00 – 9:30 pm)
Kids of All Ages: Do you love the smell of hot, buttered popcorn in the
movie theatre? Would you love to wear your PJ's to school? Well, just sign
to for Big Screen in the MP and you'll have it all!
Kids will wear their pajamas, bring a blanket or sleeping bag & pillow -- and
even their annoying little sister… and crash in the Briones MP Room for night
of fun! Eat freshly popped popcorn and watch a feature Hollywood film with
your friends and their families! It's kind of like breaking the rules with
your parents' (and Mr. Nagle's) permission! Siblings welcome and please no
$30 per family (unlimited)
Hosts: Levy/Howard, Rolls, Snipp families
Item # S 21
Laser Tag with Mr. Nagle, Mr. Antal and Mr. Culbertson
Tuesday, March 15, 2010 (3:40 – 5:15 pm)
Juana Briones kids will have an afternoon of a lifetime. Mr. Nagle, Mr. Antal
and Mr. Culbertson will meet the kids at Laser Quest in Mountain View. Are
you up to the challenge! Spend two games trying to be the highest scoring
player and become the Briones Student Champion. Will a student win or will
the "big guys" prevail as the top players? Snacks included. Must be in 3rd
grade or higher. Transportation to and from Laser Quest must be arranged
by participants' families. Please pick up children no later than 5:15 pm.
$35 per player (30, 3-5th graders)
Hosts: Sabolcik, Perry, Bowmer, and Moran families
Location: Laser Quest in Mountain View
Item # S 22
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Bird Watching Expedition
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (1:30 – 5:00 pm In the event of stormy weather,
a rain check date will be made available)
Join our third grade teachers Teri Johnson, Mary Goodkind and Alyssa
Myers on a bird watching expedition at the Palo Alto Baylands. Teachers will
provide water, snacks, and binoculars. We'll meet at Room #16 after school
and be back for pick up by 4:30 - 5 pm and provide transportation to and
from the Baylands. Students should wear layers and comfortable walking
$35 per student (9 budding 3rd – 5th grader birdwatchers)
Hosts: Third grade teachers Teri Johnson, Mary Goodkind and Alyssa Myers
Item # S 23
Intuitive Painting
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (6:30 – 8:30 pm)
Ever wished for a way to express your hidden artistic talents or learn a new
artistic technique with no judgment or criticism? Well, this unique workshop
may be just for you! Be coached in the art of intuitive painting by Briones
parent Ofira Elirav. Using your creative energy, you will create a painting,
which will reveal your inner feelings and connect with your intuitive self. You
will go home with new artwork and a great feeling about what you produced.
This will be a relaxing and renewing experience you will not forget!
$20 per artist (12 adults)
Host: Olfira Eliav
Item # S 24
Beering for Bowls, Part Deux!
Saturday, March 26, 2011 (7:00 pm)
Why should kids have all the fun? Get your game face on and get ready to
compete toe-to-toe with other Briones parents in the 2nd Annual Briones
Beering for Bowls Tournament just down the street at the infamous Palo
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Alto Bowl. Meet at "The Alley" @ 7pm for snacks and beverages, pins
competition to follow. Wear your favorite bowling shirt. We promise prizes
and lots of fun for all! Reserve the sitter now, this one could go late!
$40 per person (32 bowlers)
Hosts: Snipp, Gray and Alioshin families
Item # S 25
Shake Your Groove Thing - Middle Eastern Style!
Friday, April 1, 2011 (7:00 pm)
Join some very "hip" Briones moms in a festive evening of food, drink, music,
dance and Middle Eastern merriment! Briones moms, Suzy Shami and several
of her talented friends will demonstrate, then guide you through the
simplest of traditional belly dancing moves, sure to increase your confidence
and leave you feeling very good about yourself at the end of the evening.
You may also take home a few new moves that your partner
might appreciate. This is sure to be one of the best parties of the year so
put on your finger cymbals and tambourines and get ready for a night of fun
and laughter with friends!
$50 per dancer (20 ladies)
Hosts: Shami, Toennis, Sabolcik, Snipp families
Item # S 26
Afternoon at the Movies
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 (1:45 - 4:00 pm)
Enjoy a free Wednesday afternoon while your child enjoys a movie and
activities with his/her classmates and teachers. Snacks and drinks will be
Hosts: Mariellen Klein, Denise Johnson, and Ann Quan
$10 per child (20 + children)
Item # S 27
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Garden Party and Microscopic Hike
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 (1:30 – 3:00 pm)
Second to 4th graders are invited to explore the Briones garden at the
micro level using jewelers' loops and hand lenses. Sketching and other art
projects like: leaf rubbings and photography will also fill out our party.
Healthy, garden-oriented snacks included.
$20 per student (10 students)
Your garden enthusiasts: Cara Stoneburner, Halimah Van Tuyl and Susie
Item # S 28
Shesh Besh: Backgammon 101 & Tournament
Saturday, April 30, 2011 (7:00 pm)
Join old and new friends at the home of the Scholl-Barbier family where we
will first conduct a brief tutorial and history of Backgammon followed by a
sudden-death tournament. This event was born at the wee hours of another
Great Gathering two years ago, as two of the hosts took out the board and
remembered the passion and joy of a good game of backgammon. Now in its
2nd year, guests will enjoy Mediterranean food and anise-based drinks
(Arak, Raki, Ouzo, Pastis) from the various countries of this region. There
may even be a few hookahs for those of you interested in trying them!
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert player, we hope you join
in the fun!
Hosts: Scholl/Barbier, Simons, Steinhart families
$40 per gamer (32 gamers)
Item # S 29
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Cinco de Mayo Margarita Party
Saturday, May 7, 2011 (7:00 pm)
Come celebrate Mexico's "Battalla de Puebla" with other Briones friends.
Enjoy Cinco de Mayo-inspired music, decor, food and everyone's favorite,
The Margarita – all in the comfort of the Gray family’s backyard! Who
knows, there may even be a few new surprises in store this year. You won't
know unless you go! This party is a Briones Great Gatherings tradition and
should not be missed. Viva Mexico!!
Hosts: Gray, Huston and Marinovich families
$50 per adults (50 adults)
Item # S 30
Campfire at Foothill Park
Sunday, May 15, 2010 (6:00 – 8:30 pm)
Bring the family to the Lakeside Campfire Circle in Foothills Park for
marshmallow roasting, s’more eating, hot cocoa drinking, singing and ghost
stories. Always a family favorite and FUN for everyone!
$40 per family (25 families)
Your Campfire Hosts: the Emberling, Gandhi, Marcacci, and Miller families
Item # S 31
May Matinee in the Library
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, (1:45 – 3:30 pm)
Last Call for Fun in the Library. Join our wonderful Briones Librarian
Jessica for a special "End of the School Year" movie and festivities. Movie
and party theme to be announced as the school year reaches an end. Tasty
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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snacks and fun with friends will be provided. Don't miss this last chance to
party in the cozy Briones Library.
$20 per student (16 students)
Host: Jessica Gillis
Item # S 32
Gourmet Pizzas Under the Stars
Saturday, August 27, 2011 (7:00 pm)
After the summer break, join Briones parents, teachers and staff under the stars
to have gourmet pizzas baked in a wood fired pizza oven, drinks, and delicious
desserts. Compare notes on summer vacation and celebrate the beginning of
another school year. An annual favorite!
$50 per person, (50 adults)
Hosts: Simons, Cooper, Toennis, and Scholl-Barbier families
Item # S 33
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Juana Briones Elementary School
Great Auction
Principal For A Morning
Date TBD
Back by popular demand! Be in charge of the school for a morning. Hand out
Bobcat Awards at the Assembly, choose to have recess longer, and then have
a fun lunch with Mr. Nagle in his office. This is the chance of a lifetime to
feel the power that Mr. Nagle feels everyday! You will be principal from
8:15-10:00am, then go back to your classroom until lunchtime when you will
return to have lunch with Mr. Nagle.
Value: Priceless, Starting Bid $50
Your Bobcat: Mr. Nagle
Item #A1
Power Lunch with Mr. Nagle (3rd-5th Graders)
5 Lucky Students
Spring 2011
Are you sick of hot lunches on campus or just want a lunch out? This is
your chance to leave the campus and be treated to lunch by Mr. Nagle at one
of his favorite restaurants. Kids must be in the third, fourth, or the fifth
Value: Priceless, Starting Bid $25 per student (Top 5 bids win)
Your Power Lunch Host: Mr. Nagle
Item #s A2a, A2b, A2c, A2d, A2e
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Handmade Quilted Table Runners (2)
These fun and beautifully made table runners are created by our very own
Sharon Fisher. They are a perennial favorite so bid early and bid often! Two
motifs to bid on this year: Hanukkah and Halloween.
Value: $35, Starting Bid $15
Generously donated by Seamstress Sharon Fisher
Item #s A3, A4
Handmade Halloween Quilt
Once again hand-made by our own Sharon, of Main Office fame, this
adorable decorative quilt will bring a smile to your face! Approximate
dimensions: 30x34"
Value: $35, Starting bid $15
Generously donated by Seamstress Sharon Fisher
Item # A5
Handmade Trick-or-Treat bags (a) (b)
Does Sharon ever sleep? Clearly our very own Sharon Fisher adores Juana
Briones and all our Bobcats! She's outdone herself with two sets (2 each)
hand-made trick-or-treat bags. The top two bidders win 2 matching quilted
sacks for your little ones (or yourself). Bid early, bid often, these are going
to go fast!
Value: $35/set, Starting bid $15/set
Generously donated by Seamstress Sharon Fisher
Item #s A6a, A6b
Holiday Cookie Assortment
No time to bake cookies for the Holidays? Suzanne Doi will find the time
and bake you a variety of six dozen cookies to enjoy and share with your
friends. These will be delivered between December 19 to 22rd, winner to
contact Suzanne for exact time. Please note: Some cookies contain nuts.
Value: Priceless, Starting Bid $20
Generously donated by teacher Suzanne Doi
Item # A7
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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1-week stay at DisneyWorld Resort!
Briones parents Yoel & Tina Crane are offering their one-week timeshare, a
2-bedroom villa that sleeps 8, at the deluxe Old Key West Resort in
Downtown Disney to a lucky Briones family. Resort features free transport
to and from Orlando airport. Dates valid: December 18-25, 2010. Does not
include airfare, meals or Disney Park passes.
Value: $6545 ($935/night x 7 nights), Starting Bid $900
Generously Donated by Tina and Yoel Crane
Item # A8
Spring Skiing in Tahoe
Spend a beautiful and relaxing weekend (2 nights) at the Simons’ ski-in/skiout condo at the Squaw Valley Lodge http://www.squawvalleylodge.com. The
condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and can sleep up to 6. It offers a full kitchen
and two decks to enjoy the mountain air and breathtaking views of Squaw
Valley. For a virtual tour, see:
Available date April 23-24, 2011, or later by arrangement up until June 4-5,
Value: $600+, Starting Bid $275
Generously donated by Simons Family
Item # A9
North Lake Tahoe Ski weekend
The Huston/Pflasterer family is offering their North Lake Tahoe condo for
the weekend of Jan. 28-30, 2011. Nestled on the banks of the Truckee
River, the River Run condominium development is approximately 3 miles from
both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Areas. Amenities include: 3 bdrm
plus loft, 3 bath, shared hot tub and sauna, fireplace and internet access:
see full description at http://www.enjoytahoe.com/condo/river-run-6
Value: $600, Starting Bid $275
Generously donated by the Huston/Pflasterer family
Item # A10
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Kids Day at Pomponio Beach (2 spots)
The Brakus/Guericke family will be going to beautiful Pomponio beach (just
south of San Gregorio) on Saturday, April 30th and Bobcats Sophia (3rd) and
Ariana (K) would enjoy some kid company while they build sandcastles, make
forts with driftwood, fly kites and picnic. We’ll pick up your child(ren) at 11
am and bring them home at 4:30 pm. Two spots go to the top 2 bids—lunch is
included and lots of fun!
Value: priceless, Starting Bid $20/child
Generously donated by Veronica Brakus & Konstantin Guericke
Item # A11a, A11b
Golden Eagle Sports Camp (1 week/ 2 kids!)
What a great and inexpensive way to keep your child and his/her friend
productively occupied all day for 5 full summer days!! Golden Eagle Sports
Camp is a full-facility day camp for Boys and Girls ages 5-13 located in the
heart of Los Altos and Cupertino. In its 26th year, Golden Eagle All-Sports
Camp provides swimming, tennis, golf, chess and checkers among other
activities that your child can explore while at camp. More info
at: goldeneaglecamp.org
$450 value, Starting Bid $50
Generously donated by Monica Lodge, Golden Eagle Sports Camp
Item # A12a, A12b
Monique's Chocolates - Chocoholics Beware!!
The 2 Top Bidders will receive a beautiful, but empty, Monique's Chocolates
gift box. Take this box to the store at 539 Bryant Street in downtown Palo
Alto and Mike, the owner and head chocolatier will help you select the most
beautiful and delicious chocolates you've ever tasted. Choose from exotic
Truffles, Hazelnut-iced Chocolates, Fleur del Sel Sea-Salted Caramels, all
created with the best quality chocolate from Madagascar, Brazil, Venezuela,
Ecuador, Ghana, Costa Rica and beyond.
Value: $12, Starting Bid $5 each
Generously donated by Mark West, Monique's Chocolates
Item # A13a, A13b
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Peet's Coffee for a Year!
Rise and shine and bid early! Winner will enjoy 1lb/month of Peet's delicious
whole or freshly ground coffee beans for an entire year! Choose from any of
their delicious varieties.
Value: $198, Starting Bid $25
Generously donated by Peet’s Coffee, Charleston Center, Palo Alto
Item # A14
1-month Garden Share
Enjoy 1 month of fresh heirloom tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumber,
peppers and various herbs from the Snipp family's organic garden. Donor
will make 4 unique deliveries of the week's harvest in Sept/Oct 2011,
straight to your doorstep.
Value: $40, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Debi and Matt Snipp
Item # A15
Great Clips – Haircuts for a year!
Get up to 10 haircuts for a year from the talented hairdressers at Great
Clips located in the Charleston Center on Middlefield and Charleston Roads.
Value : $150, Starting Bid $25
Generously donated by Owner Laura Jarrell
Item # A16
2 McRoskey Airflex Pillows
These handcrafted, luxurious pillows are legendary for their comfort and
durability. Your generous bid entitles you to TWO pillows of your choice
from their Palo Alto location. Sweet dreams!
Value: up to $440, Starting Bid $50
Donor: Jill Bibo, McRoskey Airflex Mattress Co.
Item # A17
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Professional Outdoor Landscape Plan
Artscapes is beautifying the world one yard at a time! Their work has been
featured on HGTV, Sunset Magazine and This Old House. A professional
landscape architect will meet with you and create plans for a highly
personalized outdoor living spaces uniquely tailored to your taste and
Value: $600, Starting Bid $50
Generously donated by Scott Soden, Artscapes Landscape Design &
Item # A18
Leaf and Petal – $50 Gift Certificate
This classy boutique has the latest fashions for every season. Their
wonderful sales staff can help you create the most fabulous looks from head
to toe!
Value: $50, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Leaf and Petal
Item # A19
Tea Time Basket
Enjoy opening this basket full of tea goodies! Includes Saikai teapot and
four matching teacups, honey sticks to stir into your hot cup of tea, Twinings
Black Tea Variety Pack and delicious Walker’s shortbread.
Value: $35, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Sandy Peters
Item # A20
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Photograph of Woody
An endearing original photograph or the beloved animated character, Woody
laying on a child’s gift. This photograph is a colorful and charming way to
decorate any child’s bedroom.
Value: $15, Starting Bid $5
Generously donated by Sandy Peters
Item # A21
Personally created “Brag Bag”
This cute and colorful bag is perfect to take along for anyone on the go.
Large, with plenty of space, this shoulder bag has a clear pocket on the
outside to place a picture of your precious little one!
Value: $25, Starting Bid $5
Generously donated by Carole Hanlon Designs
Item # A22
Wrought Iron 24" Shelf
Add style to your home with this decorative wrought iron shelf. Dimensions:
24"l x 6"d x 7"h, mounting instructions included.
Value $50, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Amrita Bajaj
Item # A23
Palo Alto Bowl – 5 Planet Bowl Tickets
Break out your bowling shirt and head for the lanes while rocking out to
music on Friday Night!
Value: $60, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Rhythm Smith, Palo Alto Bowl
Item # A24
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Antonio’s Nut House – Gift Certificate
Enjoy a game of pool or just watch your favorite team play football on one of
their many flat screen TVs at this landmark bar for Palo Alto and Stanford
Value: $50, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Tony, Antonio’s Nut House
Item # A25
Scott’s Seafood gift card
Enjoy a delicious seafood dinner with a friend here at Scott’s Seafood in
Town & Country Village. They are known for their fresh fish, delicious
brunch and fine atmosphere.
Value: $60, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Scott’s Seafood
Item # A26
Mountain Mike’s Pizza – 4 Lunch Vouchers
All you can eat salad bar and pizza! Mountain Mike’s offers a quick and
delicious lunch with their hot pizza slices and healthy salad bar.
Value: $26, Starting Bid $5
Generously donated by Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Charleston Center, Palo Alto
Item # A27
Marie Callender’s Restaurant and Bakery
Date Night! Enjoy dinner and dessert for two at this warm and inviting
restaurant. Don’t forget the pie!
Value: $50, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Marie Callender’s, Los Altos
Item # A28
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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The Boardwalk, Oasis, Jake’s, or The Garrett
Enjoy the great atmosphere, or watch your favorite sports while savoring
the delicious food and drinks at any of these iconic Peninsula restaurants.
Value: $25, Starting Bid $5
Generously donated by The Boardwalk, Los Altos
Item # A29
Subway gift card
Tastes fresh! Try a healthy alternative to fast food. Order one of their
signature subs or be adventurous and create your own.
Value: $50, Starting Bid $10
Generously donated by Subway, San Antonio Way, Palo Alto
Item # A30
Rojoz Wraps gift card
Who doesn't love these healthy and delicious wraps? You can find wraps of
every kind at this local quick stop, for lunch or dinner on the go!
Value: $10, Starting Bid $5
Generously donated by Rojoz Wraps, Charleston Center, Palo Alto
Item #A31
Douce France French Cafe & Bakery gift cards (a) (b)
The top two bidders each take home a $20 gift card to Douce France,
located in Town & Country Shopping Center. This authentic Parisian-style
cafe will surely become a favorite stop.
Value: $20 each, Starting Bid $5
Generously Donated by Douce France
Item #s A31a, A31b
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Passport Dinners
Enjoy a home-cooked meal from our own Juana Briones parents, delivered
straight to your door or at the Chef’s home. Celebrate the incredible
diversity of cultures in our community and dine on new or old favorite
cuisines from around the globe. Winning bidder will contact donor to decide
upon a mutually agreeable date and time; please allow two weeks notice if
Traditional Swedish Meal
Charlotta Nord will prepare a traditional Swedish meal, starting with pickled
herring, and wholemeal bread served with Swedish Schnapps, an entree of
Lamb casserole in dill, sugar peas, and boiled potatoes served with beer, and
finishing with Wild berry pie with homemade, Swedish vanilla sauce for
Serves 8 adults
Value: $80, Starting Bid $40
Chef: Lotta Nord
Item # A32
Traditional Jewish Shabat Dinner
Winner will be invited to the home of the Eliraz family for a traditional
Friday Night Shabat dinner of chicken soup, challah bread, roasted chicken
and of course songs and blessings.
Serves One Bobcat Family
Value : priceless, Starting Bid $40
Chef: Eynat Eliraz
Item # A33
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Classic American Meal
Denise Daniels will prepare and deliver one of her favorite hearty wintertime dishes: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (recipe from Vermont), Mashed
Potatoes, Green Beans Sauteed with Olive Oil and Garlic and chewy Brownies
for dessert. Wine included.
Value: $60, Starting Bid $40
Chef: Denise Daniels
Item # A34
Russian Dinner (serves four, ready-to-eat)
Menu: Stolichnyj salad, Borsch, Chicken Pozharski and Bliny.
Dine like Czars and Czarinas and enjoy a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka too with
a bag of pelmeni to keep in your freezer for later!
Value: $70, Starting Bid $40
Dinners available between January 7, 2011 – May 2, 2011
Chefs: Svetlana & Alan Gous
Item # A35
South African Dinner (serves four, ready-to-eat)
Menu: Mealie (Corn) Soup, Bobotie (spiced minced meat baked with an eggbased topping) with saffron rice, baked butternut slices and stewed green
beans, Mango Chutney, all enjoyed with a bottle of South African wine!
Rooibos Tea with Chocolate and Amarula-Mousse for dessert.
Value: $70, Starting Bid $40
Dinners available between January 7 – May 2, 2011
Chefs: Svetlana & Alan Gous
Item # A36
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Chinese Dinner
These active Briones PTA supermoms Lisa and Jenny will prepare for your
family a Chinese meal including a traditional appetizer, soup and four main
entrees. Serves 4-5.
Value: $50, Starting Bid $40
Chefs: Lisa Jiang and Jenny Zhang
Item # A37
Restaurant Style Korean BBQ Ribs delivered to your door
Traditional beef short ribs marinated in Korean BBQ sauce. Chef Jeannie
Tam will deliver to your door, ready to cook and enjoy!
Value: $55, Starting Bid $30
Chef: Jeannie Tam
Item # A38
Korean BBQ Dinner (Serves four, ready-to-eat)
Youngmee Shin and her team of Briones chefs/moms will prepare a full
dinner for 4, including Korean-style green salad, Kalbi (beef short ribs
marinated in Korean BBQ-style sauce (can be replaced with chicken),
Japchae (stir-fried vermicelli noodle with vegetables), Kimchi (fermented
cabbage) and microwavable steamed rice.
Value: $75, Starting Bid of $40
Chefs: Eunmi Choi, Yoon Chung, Shinwon Hwang, and Youngmee Shin
Item # A39
Version 11
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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Thank You
Great Gatherings and the Great Auction would not happen without the
generosity and hard work of our Briones families and local Donors. Thank you
to all our party hosts, co-hosts and sponsors of our event. Thank you to all of
those of you who generously have donated to the silent auction. You are all
instrumental in strengthening our Briones community and ensuring that our
teachers are supported by a strong PTA.
The Great Gatherings committee would like to thank the following families,
teachers, staff and businesses:
Alioshin family
Bruce Antal
Antonio's Nut House
Ashlund/Creemer family
Amrita Bajaj
Barbier-Scholl family
Kristine Berg
Jill Bibo, McRoskey Airflex
The Boardwalk, Los Altos
Bowmer family
Brakus/Guericke family
Eunmi Choi
Yoon Chug
Laura Clark-Post
Cremers family
Cooper family
Tom Culbertson
Pamela Dappen
Susie Deutsch
Jill Dinneen
Douce France
Suzanne Doi
Ofira Eliav
Emberling family
Englhardt family
Sharon Fisher
Gandhi family
Jessica Gillis
Version 11
Mary Goodkind
Gray family
Carole Hanlon
Amy Hartinger
Hendrickson/Smaby family
Jen Hess
Huston/Plasterer family
Shinwon Hwang
Susana Im
Laura Jarrell, Great Clips
Denise Johnson
Teri Johnson
Mariellen Klein
Richard Kuhlman, Marie Calendar's, Los Altos
Yvonne LaMaster
Leaf & Petal
Levy/Howard family
Monica Lodge, Golden Eagle Camp
Marcacci family
Miller family
Tanya Meyers
Mountain Mike's Pizza, Charleston Plaza
Alyssa Myers
Matt Nagle
Malika Parker, Gitane
Peet's Coffee - Charleston Plaza, Palo Alto
Sandy Peters
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
page 34 of 35
Peters family
Perry family
Phi/Crane family
Ahn Quan
Rojoz Wraps, Charleston Plaza
Rolls family
Kim Ryberg, Scott's Seafood
Sabolcik family
Schiller-Moran family
Schultz/Rosenzweig family
Joan Semeria
Shami family
Youngmee Shin
Simons family
Rhythm Smith, Palo Alto Bowl
Smith family
Version 11
Snipp family
Scott Soden, Artscapes
Steinhart family
Cara Stoneburner
Subway - San Antonio Way, Palo Alto
Suh family
Sullivan family
Suri family
Jeannie Tam
Toennis family
Lanette Topper
Halimah Van Tuyl
Walker family
Mark West, Monique's Chocolates
Joy Yoo
Zakariya family
Great Gatherings and Silent Auction 2010-2011
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