Piano - Shai Maestro
Drums - Ziv Ravitz
Acoustic Upright Bass - Jorge Roeder
CONTACT Management & Agent
Good Music Company | Mike Bindraban +31 6 38 633 768
Email :
Sound System Requirements:
- 3 monitors on stage for each musician with the option of
independent mixing for each one. - Drum amplification dependent
on the size of the venue and of the board capabilities.
- Bass will
need 2 inputs for the board. One for a DI and one for a microphone
for the house and monitors.
- Piano should be amplified to the house and monitors.
Set up as close as possible to audience and to each other - without
affecting PA system. - Towels and 2 bottles of water for each
musician on stage.
Backline to be provided:
By order priority : Steinway D or Fazioli (1st priority) or Yamaha
Grand Concert Piano (CFIII, CF7 or CFX).
The Piano must be
tuned A440 prior to soundcheck and again before the
The piano tuner must be available at the beginning of
the soundcheck.
Adjustable piano chair.
• Announcement microphone preferably with an on/off switch,
to be placed on a towel in the piano (right side)
- No need for
the music reading stand of the piano.
- Please raise the
monitor on a box or similar object to around 30 cm above the
2. BASS :
BASS (Only if Mr. Roeder doesn’t bring his own - please
confirm before providing) SIZE: 3/4 or 7/8
approximately 104 to 105 cm
STRING HEIGHT: not more than
1st Choice: Pirastro (Evah Pirazi) G and
D strings Thomastik (Spirocore) A and E strings 2nd Choice:
Pirastro(flexocore)G string Thomastik (spirocore) D, A, and E
Please - NO Thomastik Spirocore G (strings should not
be brand new and not very old) The End Pin must extend a
minimum of 24cm.
BOW: French style
Pick-up.: Realist by David Gage or Fishman
Full Circle (Please don’t confuse with Fishman B-100 or any
other pickup)
MICROPHONE (Only if Mr. Roeder doesn’t bring his own please confirm before providing)(one of the following on a
small stand): Neumann TLM 173, Schoeps MK 2, Sennheiser
421, AKG 535, AKG D112.
AMPLIFIER AND SPEAKER - One 4 x 10” cabinet of the
following brands (in order of preference): AGUILAR,
MARKBASS, EDEN, SWR, or GK. Head may be also of
brands. If there is only a combo possibility, it must be of
the above brands. Please - NO Hartke.
MONITOR - One Monitor elevated on a speaker stand (at ear
level), or at least 3ft (or 1 meter) from the ground, on a high
table or box, positioned on the left of the amplifier and
forward of the amplifier (stage left and forward, as shown in
POWER SUPPLY - One power strip or extension cord for effect
pedals, around the area where the bass will be.
If any of the above requirements cannot be met, Jorge Roeder must
be notified by email ( at least 1 week before
the concert date so a possible alternative solution can be met. The
concert cannot proceed without an adequate instrument.
If a bass is provided by the venue, a photograph of the instrument
would be welcome some days be- forehand. The bass should be
made available to Jorge Roeder upon arrival (at hotel if possible), to
allow time for adjustments if needed to be made early, so as not to
delay the sound check and/or concert.
Please notice that this is Jorge’s personal instrument, with very
precise adjustments. As much as you can, please do not touch it /
move it.
Preferable brands: Gretsch, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute,
Canopus (and if not then any brand that match the requested sizes)
• 1x Bassdrum 18“/14“ (No hole in the front skin for a mic)
• 1x Hi-Tom 12“/8“ (on a mount and not on a snare stand)
• 1x Floor-Tom 14“/14“ (On legs and not mounted)
• 2x Snare 14” (Depth of the snare can be varied as well as the
material) 2x Snare stands
• 1x Hi-Hat Stand
3 x cymbal stands (At least one with a boom)
1x foot pedal for the bass drum (Felt beater)
• 1x adjustable stool (Round seat if possible) 1x drum carpet
• All drum skins should be ambassador skins.
• Small Table Or a Box for Sticks and Percussion On right side of
the Kit (Floor tom side) Small towel.
Please raise the monitor on a box or similar object to around 30 cm
above the
ground. Please raise the monitor on a box or similar
object to around 30 cm above the ground.
General requirements
The choices related to the lighting should be decided by your light
However, the engineer must ensure that the musicians are
visible all the time, and that there is not too much lighting
movement during the show.
Dressing rooms:
All the dressing rooms should be close to the performance stage. A large and clean dressing room.
- WIFI Access is welcome.
- Iron
and ironing board.
The catering and beverage described below should be of good
quality and should be available to the band upon arrival.
bread, cheeses, mixed salads, vegetables, deli sandwiches,
local specialties, fresh fruit, chocolate, honey and mixed nuts.
Dinner Requirements:
• Jorge Roeder: No fish, no red meat or pork (chicken, eggs,
• Shai Maestro: Vegetarian. No pork, chicken, beef. (Fish, sea
food is ok).
• Ziv Ravitz : lactose free (no cheese, butter, cream, milk).
• Good variety of green and black tea and good quality coffee
(no pads!)
• Variety of cold and room temperature still and sparkling water,
fresh fruit juices, and soda’s.
Variety of good quality local pilsner and dark beers (no
Heineken or major brand beers).
1 bottle of high-quality red wine (room temperature)
1 bottle of high quality white wine (chilled)
1 bottle of Jameson Whiskey
Please contact Mike Bindraban if you have any questions concerning
the technical and or hospitality parts of this rider. This rider is part of
the artists and performance contract.
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