Isomac Zaffiro
“This could very well be the
best dual purpose boiler
espresso machine -single
boiler for steam and brewingon the planet (Coffeegeek)”.
The Isomac Zaffiro is a
professional machine for
excellent coffee at your home
or office. Italian design and
commercial quality at its best.
Fully equipped with traditional
E61 lever and manometer. You
can use the steam wand or hot
water for all kinds of hot
drinks. Build in beautiful
polished steel housing.
The Zaffiro is based on commercial
espresso machines and features rich
components and parts, including the
famous E61 group head from Faema.
Ideal for coffee lovers who like to serve
Italian coffee drinks at their home or
office. Hot water is available for tea or
caffè Americano and steam for foaming
milk for creamy hot milk drinks.
Full features & benefits
Heavy steel housing ANSI 304
Professional chrome E61 group head
Steel steam wand and hot water
Manometer gauge for boiler pressure
Professional steel boiler 0,8-liter
Commercial star shaped knob
Low water shut-off protection
Water reservoir 3-liter
Cup warmer tray
Large drip tray for easy disposal
Optional: ESE serving portafilter
Optional: main water connection
2 Complete heavy duty E61 portafilters
(1 and 2 spouts)
2 Filter baskets (1 and 2 cups)
Blind filter for back flushing
Automatic anti lime stone water filter
Coffee tamper (plastic)
Measure coffee spoon (plastic)
Maintenance instructions (English)
Technical specifications
Size: 23cm W, 43cm D, 41cm H
1400 Watt heating element
Professional pump (16 bar)
20 kg
230 Volt
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2W Lifestyle B.V.
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Isomac Zaffiro
Professional E61 brew group
This machine features the famous E61
brew group – the industry’s best. Great
looks and made of 4kg solid chromeplated brass, well known for its
consistent temperature stability and
perfect coffee extraction. Starting with
the chromed group head, the piece on
the front of the machine where the
portafilter locks into. Inside, it’s
channeled for hot water to run through
your coffee grinds. Locking into the
group head is a heavy chrome-plated
brass 58mm portafilter, the biggest
diameter in industry. And size matters:
the bigger, the better is your coffee
grind extraction. Completing the brew
group is the traditional E61 lever on the
right side of the machine, which operates
the brewing process.
Commercial boiler
The large steel boiler with brass end
plate takes about five-ten minutes to
heat up. Once it is up to operating
pressure it can brew continuous coffee
all day long. Dry steam is available after
heating up the boiler, to make lattes and
Manometer gauge
The boiler temperature is controlled by a
pressure controller. It turns on the
heating element in the boiler as the
pressure drops. The manometer gauge
indicates the boiler pressure on the front
panel of the machine.
Steam wand
The steam wand is high enough off the
counter and long enough to work well in
any situation. It rotates freely to the
side, so you have plenty of room to
Housing construction
The Isomac Zaffiro has breathtaking
looks. High quality polished steel
housing, cup warmer and front panel.
Stainless steel drip tray. Heavy duty
ANSI 304 steel frame and chrome plated
brass E61 brew group.
Every professional E61 machine, like the
Zaffiro, needs to be back flushed every
1-2 weeks. Use special detergent, this
will clean the group head and eliminates
coffee oils and residue. Next to this, its
important to renew the water filter to
prevent lime stone. Casa Barista will give
customers detailed maintenance
instructions about these matters. To
assure your machine will last a very long
part of
2W Lifestyle B.V.
© 2008 Casa Barista
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