Pull box 9x2,5mm2
Edition: 3 from 18.09.2014
Supercedes the edition: 2 from 10.04.2014
1. Description.
The junction box for fire alarm systems is designed for connecting fire protection devices in cable
installation systems with fire resistance according to the DIN 4102-12 standard, where the uninterruptible power
supply or transmission of the signal in case of fire is required.
The junction box is designed to guarantee the mechanical ability to keep the cable routes capable of
guaranteeing the uninterruptible power supply and transmission of telecommunication signals in the fire zone.
The junction box can be used for power supply of fire protection equipment, such as ventilators and smoke
vents, fire alarm control panels, emergency warning systems, etc.
Table 1. Elements of the junction box.
Mounting holes for mounting to a surface.
Cable glands.
Protection connector PE.
Connection sockets.
Fig.1. The junction box .
Table 2. Technical parameters.
Diameter of installation cable
Cross-section of the cable
Protection class
Net/gross weight
450V AC max
Max. 10mm
Max. 2,5mm
DC01 1mm steel plate, color RAL 3001 (red)
190 x 80 x 30 [mm] (WxHxD)
136mm Φ5,5 mm
0,46kg /0,5 kg
2. Installation.
The junction box for fire alarm systems should be mounted directly to the concrete base class min. B20 or
natural stone. Other building materials of adequate strength and of fire resistance class of at least R90 are also
approved for use.
The junction box for fire alarm systems should be mounted to the ceiling or wall using two steel pins of
adequate fire resistance. The cables should be mounted using handles at intervals of 600 mm. Mounting distance
between the cables (handles) and the edge of the junction box is maximally 100 mm.
Pay attention to the following boundary conditions:
a) The bushings and expansion bolts should be recessed at least 30 mm into the concrete.
b) Tension on the pin should not exceed 500 N.
c) Alternatively, the pins with well-documented fire protection design can also be used.
d) It should be ensured that the functional class of the cable assemblies containing junction boxes for fire
alarm systems will not be adversely affected by falling building elements.
Installation cables should be led through the appropriate bushings and then mounted with cable holders
located inside the enclosure.
Waste electrical and electronic equipment must not be disposed of with normal household waste. According to the European Union WEEE
Directive, waste electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed of separately from normal household waste.
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