Rewards and Recognition Programs
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Facilities & Operations
Compensation Philosophy
Facilities and Operation’s Total Rewards Philosophy is to provide a package
including: competitive direct compensation, benefits, employee resources and
programs that promote career development, a safe work environment, healthy
lifestyles and work-life balance for high performing staff members and teams.
Facilities & Operations encourages a team-oriented environment where diversity
and employee input are valued; employees are empowered, trusted and
respected. Accountability to uphold this Philosophy is shared at all levels,
making Facilities and Operations an exemplary and desirable workplace.
Rewards & Recognition Programs
Recognition can be given in a number of ways. If done well, recognition impacts
employee morale, commitment, job satisfaction, and performance.
Formal programs include non-monetary, nominal value rewards, and lump sum
bonuses. These types of programs are not intended to replace informal or
spontaneous recognition that should and does take place everyday through
saying “Thank you” or providing complimentary feedback. These types of
recognition are integral parts of a supervisor/managers roles and responsibilities.
„ Recognize employee contributions in a timely and effective manner –
planned and immediate
„ Motivate and recognize superior performance and efforts
„ Provide flexible ways to acknowledge a diverse group of employees
„ Provide manager, employee, and colleague initiated recognition
„ Recognize and encourage positive behaviors, accomplishments, and
achievements that benefit the department and/or overall organization and
exemplify B&F core values (
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Recognition/Nominal Value Awards
All active employees of Facilities & Operations are encouraged to recognize the
achievements of their colleagues. You do not have to work in the same unit or
department to initiate or receive recognition.
Total amounts for non-monetary/nominal value awards shall not exceed $25 in
value per award, and $50/person per calendar year. Plant Operations
employees should utilize the CARE program for this type of recognition. Please
see the Plant website for details:
Non-Monetary (No approval required)
„ Informal, day to day recognition
„ Thank you notes/emails
„ Recognition of a job well done at team/staff meetings
„ Manager can volunteer to do your employee’s least liked task for a day
„ Recognition in newsletters
„ Certificate or letter from higher level
„ Rotating awards
Nominal Value (Approval process at Executive Director level)
„ Gift cards (gas card/movie card/department store/coffee shop)
„ Other types currently being used within BF/University of Michigan
Procedure for Establishing or Requesting Awards:
1) Unit determines specific gift cards needed (number, amount, vendors,
etc.) and provides a list to FO-HR office
2) FO-HR office purchases gift cards and gives them to unit
3) Unit manages recognition program throughout the year, within established
guidelines and processes
4) Units maintain a log of awards. Awardees must sign off on receipt of gift
5) Executive Director signs the log and sends it to FO-HR twice a year (July
1st and January 2nd)
6) List of recipients is posted on F&O website
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Recognition Program Awards
(non-bargained for only)
All active, non-bargained-for employees within Facilities & Operations are
eligible. Performance plans must have been established for the time period
being rewarded.
The Recognition Program will provide awards at two levels. The level selected
should reflect the complexity and nature of the accomplishment. Awards are
intended to recognize contributions within the past twelve months (fiscal year),
with the exception of project related awards, which may be requested upon
project completion.
Level 1: $500 - $2000
(approx. 15% of population)
Level 2: $2000 - $5000
(approx. 5% of population)
Nomination Criteria:
1) Exceptional Job Performance
a. Sustained outstanding performance above and beyond standard
job requirements
2) Managing People
a. Demonstrated strong management skills by providing a positive
working environment. Able to motivate people to perform at the
highest level. Demonstrates fair handling of employee issues
that is consistent with University policies.
3) Customer Service
a. Extraordinary achievement or contribution requiring maximum
effort that significantly impacted customer service and
productivity that is not likely to be repeated
4) Special Projects
a. Cost savings/efficiencies
b. Special committees
c. Substantial major project completion
NOTE: For all team awards it is recommended that all awards are equally
distributed between team members.
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Recognition Award Nomination Process:
1) Unit designee completes “Recognition Program Nomination Form“
2) Attach Performance Plans/Review documents for employee/team
3) Form is submitted to the Executive Director’s Office for approval and
4) Executive Director’s Office submits form to FO-HR. Executive Director is
the only one authorized to make this commitment
5) Executive Director should maintain and submit the “Award Tracking”
spreadsheet to FO-HR twice a year (July 1st and January 2nd). Tracking is
the responsibility of the Executive Director and one designee
6) FO-HR will process the request and notify Executive Director’s office
7) FO-HR will provide the Associate VP for Facilities and Operations with a
report quarterly
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