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Grounding, Bonding,
Lightning & Surge Protection
for Electrical Network
EE136 Rev.001
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Training Description:
This intensive course provides a comprehensive illustration of the various elements of design and practical
installations associated with Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection employed in Electrical
Systems. There are Practical Examples provided for up-to-date theory, practice and knowledge necessary
for Design, Construction, Personal Safety, Operations, Power Quality, and Problem Solving and managing
Electrical Facilities. The course offers a complete coverage of grounding and bonding procedures, electrical
code requirements, substation and safety grounding, sensitive electronic equipment and lightning / surge
protection. Everyday case studies used to reinforce knowledge of the grounding and bonding principles will
be studied during this course. Various disciplines of engineers working in Industrial Plants who require
knowledge of Earthing Systems to ensure the safety of people, electrical equipment and buildings would
highly benefit.
Participant of this course would be aware of what precautions should be taken to prevent Electric Shock
and Accidents, understand the essential aspects and fundamentals of grounding systems and the principles
of Residual Current Devices (RCDs) as well as the implementation of all design aspects of Lightning and
Surge Protection for Electrical Systems and Buildings.
Training Objective:
By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
✓ Apply various Methods of Grounding Electrical Systems
✓ Detail the applicable National Standards
✓ Describe the purposes of Grounding and Bonding
✓ List the Types of Systems that cannot be grounded
✓ Describe what Systems can be operated ungrounded
✓ Correctly shield Sensitive Communications Cables from Noise and Interference
✓ Apply Practical Knowledge of Surge and Transient Protection
✓ Troubleshoot and Fix Grounding and Surge Problems
✓ Design, install and test an effective grounding system for Electronic Equipment
✓ Understand Lightning and how to minimize its Impact on Industrial Facility and Electrical Utilities.
✓ Protect Sensitive Equipment from Lightning
Training Designed for:
This course is intended for Building Service Designers, Consulting Engineers, Data Systems Planners and
Managers, Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Engineers, Electrical
Inspectors, Instrumentation and Control Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Power System Protection and
Control Engineers, Project Engineers, Safety Professionals.
EE136 Rev.001
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Training Program:
❖ Introduction
❖ Module (01): Network Structures
• Structure of Distribution Networks
• The Supply Source
• MV Power Supply
• Different MV Service Connections
• LV Networks inside the Site
o LV Switchboards Supply Modes
o LV Switchboards Backed up by Generators
o LV Switchboards backed up an UPS
❖ Module (02): Earthing System
• The need for Earthing Systems
• Step and Touch Voltage
• Earthing System at Low Voltage
• Medium Voltage Earthing System
• Limiting Resistance Earthing
❖ Module (03): Soil Investigation
• Soil Characteristics
• Soil as a Grounding Medium
• Effect of Voltage Gradient
• Effect of Current Magnitude
• Effect of Moisture, Temperature and Chemical
• Use of Surface Material Layer
• Soil Structure and Selection of Soil Model
• Investigation of Soil Structure
• Classification of Soils and Range of Resistivity
• Resistivity Measurements
• Interpretation of Soil Resistivity Measurements
❖ Module (04): Earthing System Design
• Simple Earthing System Design
• Earthing System Components
o Ground Roads
o Bar Wiring
o Clamping
o Welding
• Techniques for Ground System Construction
• Ground Resistivity Measurements
• Ground System Resistivity Measurements
• Bonding
EE136 Rev.001
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High Frequency Bonding and “Grounding”
Sample Calculations
❖ Module (05): Grounding of Electronic Equipment
• Electrical Power System Selection Consideration
• Equipment Selection and Installation Considerations
• Grounding Considerations
• 380 Hz to 480 Hz System
• Industrial System Noise Considerations
• Industrial System Grounding Practices
❖ Module (06): Lightning Protection
• Integral Protection System
• Construction Protection Classes
• Accessories and Equipment
• Grounding Consideration or Lightning Protection
• Separately Mounted Protection Systems
• Overhead Ground Wire Type
• Waveguide Installation and Grounding
• Lightning Generated Transient Surge Protection
• Transient Source and Equipment Damage
❖ Module (07): Surge Protection
• Surge Definition
• Bonding as a means of Surge Proofing
• Surges and Surge Protection
• Surge Protection of Electronic Equipment
• Achieving graded Surge Protection
• Positioning and Selection of Lightning/Surge Arrestor
• Surge Protection for Sensitive Equipment
❖ Module (08): Noise Mitigation
• Electrical Noise and Measures for Noise Reduction
• Earth Loop as a Cause of Noise
• Ways in Which Noise Can Enter a Signal Cable
• Shielded Isolation Transformer
• The Use of Insulated Ground (IG) Receptacle
• Zero Signal Reference Grid and Signal Transport
• Harmonics in Electrical Systems
❖ Module (09): Special Considerations
• Industrial Hazardous Areas
• Insulation Monitoring
• Ground Fault Protection
• Ground System Inspection
EE136 Rev.001
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Training Requirement:
“Hand’s on practical sessions, equipment and software will be applied during the course if required and as
per the client’s request”.
Training Methodology:
This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total
tuition hours:• 30%
Lectures, Concepts, Role Play
• 30%
Workshops & Work Presentations, Techniques
• 20%
Based on Case Studies & Practical Exercises
• 20%
Videos, Software & General Discussions
• Pre and Post Test
Training Certificate(s):
Internationally recognized certificate(s) will be issued to each participant who completed the course.
Training Fees:
As per the course location - This rate includes participant’s manual, hand-outs, buffet lunch, coffee/tea on
arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.
Training Timings:
Daily Timings:
07:45 - 08:00
08:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:20
10:20 - 12:20
12:20 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Morning Coffee / Tea
First Session
Recess (Coffee/Tea/Snacks)
Second Session
Recess (Prayer Break & Lunch)
Last Session
For training registrations or in-house enquiries, please contact:
Aisha Relativo:
Tel.: +971 2 665 3945 or +971 2 643 6653 | Mob.: +971 52 2954615
Training & Career Development Department
EE136 Rev.001
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