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Culinary History Pamphlets
Prepared by Good Housekeeping for
X-- --
The monthly production of over a million
articles of domestic appliances in their five
factories in Normandy enables Moulinex to sell
their equipment at astonishingly low prices
combined with such excellent value for money.
The acquisition of a Moulinex "press button
kitchen" can considerably ease the chores of
food preparation and cooking. helping you to
become a real chef de cuisine by encouraging
you to tackle more ambitious recipes to
impress and delight your family and friends.
In addition to kitchen appliances Moulmex
produce a wide range of easy -to-use domestic
appliances. all fully guaranteed for a year and
for which Moulinex have a permanently
established Service Centre at their United
Kingdom Sole Distributors:
Andrews Houseware Manufacturers Ltd.
137 Kirkdale. London SE 26
\illiii'iiiliiil\i ·Making the most of a mixer
3 3333 01264392 6
Carefully read the instruction
leaflet supplied with each Moulinex
appliance for assembly,
maintenance and cleaning after use
Key to the pictures opposite:
Top shelf (from left to nght)-
Juni or and Senior Grinders
Automatic Grinder
De Luxe Liquidizer Grinder
Standard Liquidizer Grinder
Robot Marinette Mixer
Bottom shelf-
Major 3-speed Mixer
Major and Minor Beaters
Juice Extractor
Bottom left
Top shelf-
Home cooks, espe ·
dWl 'w'to~ families enjoy home baking and the
dessert course, fin an electric mixer invaluable. Moulinex have a mixer
to suit all households. The Major 3-speed, with a bowl and stand, is an
all-rounder, coping efficiently with small or large quantities. Known as
the Major Beater, the same mixer comes without a stand and does all jobs
thoroughly. A light, handy machine, the Minor Beater has one speed and
is fine for smaller quantities but it will tackle the whole range of light
mixing jobs. You can make all recipes in this section with the Minor
but disregard the speed settings given. See note, page 8.
Do avoid over-running the motors - 7 mins at top speed is the
maximum. This allows plenty of time to do the job properly with most
mixtures. If not, switch off for 5 mins, then start again.
The Major 3-speed needs to be watched while working on the stand,
otherwise the mixture does not get thoroughly creamed or whisked.
Stop the motor and use a plastic or rubber spatula to scrape down, then
start again. The head of the mixer takes off for use as a hand unit.
Always start on low speed.
The straight-sided multi-purpose mixer bowl is quite adequate for
small quantities. If a larger bowl is required, choose one of similar shape.
A jug is effective for soft mixtures or very small quantities, e.g.
mayonnaise or one egg white.
Vegetable Peeler No. 1
Vegetable Peeler No. 2
Deep Fat Fryer
Centre shelf-
Carving Knife and Multiple Slicer
Jeannette Mincer/Grater
Bottom shelf-
Rot1ssoire No. 1
Rot1sso 1re No. 2
Bottom right
Salon Model Hair Drier
Top shelf-
Model No. 1 Hair Drier
Model No. 5 Hair Drier
Humidifier No. 1
Centre shelf-
Car Vacuum Cleaner
Petivac No. 1
Bottom shelf-
Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Humidifier No. 2
Pnce l1st on paqe 31
Will cream fat and sugar Will rub fat into flour for Will wh isk egg wh ites
shortcrust pastry, crumbWill mash or cream pota- les. some biscuit doughs Will wh 1p double cream
and pla in cake mixes
(watch consistency) and
evaporated milk
rubWill beat together eggs
and sugar for cold souffles bed in cake ..., ixtu res
Will make batters for panand fatless sponge mix- Will make soft yeast
cakes. Yorkshire pudding.
doughs w it h a high pro- fritters. waffles
portion of liquid - baba.
Will make frostings brioche and some con- Will wh1sk whole eggs for
7-minute or American or tinental yeast cakes
royal icing
Will not give the results
ach ieved by hand knead- Will mix up powders with
Will make mayonnaise
ing for heavier bread liquid s
Will remove lu mps from doughs but can be used
Will make French dressmg
for light bun doughs
sauces and batters
Opposite: Farmhouse Fruit Cake
(p age 6), M ering ues (page 9) .
Top Hat Cake (page 5) . Chocolate
Layer Cake (page 7). Honey Coffee
Crunchies (page 5). Lemon Crackles
(p age 5).
The Creaming Method
Times for crea min g fat and sugar ca nn ot be exact- th ey
depend on the consistency of the fat. the quantity and
whether the mi xer is used on or off the stand; 4 mins
is an average ti me. New users of electri c mi xers sh ould
jud ge co nsistency re lati ve to hand creaming. If fat is
firm cut it into pi eces. place in th e bowl, sit bowl in
war m water to softe n th e fat. Unl ess weathe r is ve ry hot.
fats are best used at roo m temperature. Take eggs out
of a refrigerator well in advance. Continued page 6.
Honey Coffee Orunchies
Coconut Tartlets
4 oz. hazel-nuts I 4 oz.
butter I 2t oz. caster sugar I
5 oz. plain flour 2level tablespoonfuls thick honey. Coffee glace
icing: 4 oz. icing sugar I 2 teaspoonfuls
coffee essence I 3 teaspoonfuls water
t lb. shortcrust pastry ( 4 oz.
flour, etc. ) I It oz. butter I 2 oz.
caster sugar I I large egg I 2 oz.
desiccated coconut I apricot jam
Line I2 2t - by i -in. patty tins
with thinly rolled pastry. Using
beaters, cream butter at speed 1.
Add the sugar and beat until light
and fluffy at speed 2. Beat in the
egg at speed 2 and add the coconut
at speed 1. Place a little jam in the
base of each pastry case. Divide
coconut mixture between cases.
Spread evenly. Bake at 400° F.
(mark 6) just above centre of oven,
for about 15 mins. Cool on a wire
rack. For Almond Tartlets use
2 oz. ground almonds in place of
coconut. Makes I2.
Set oven at 350°F. (mark 4). Place
nuts in a tin in the oven until skins
loosen. Remove skins by rubbing
nuts in a paper bag. Reserve 36 nuts.
Grind remainder finely, about half
at a time, in the grinder (see grinder
facts, page IO). Cream the butter
and sugar until light and creamy
(see Top Hat Cake). Gradually stir
in the nuts and flour, using dough
hooks at speed 1. Leave in a cool
place until of a rolling consistency.
Roll out on a floured surface to about
t-in. thickness. Cut out 24 rounds,
using a 2t -in. plain cutter. Lift
carefully on to greased baking sheets.
Bake at 350°F. (mark 4) for IO-I5
mins until lightly coloured. Cool.
Sandwich in pairs with honey. Ice
centres with coffee icing, top with 3
nuts and leave to set. Makes I2.
Grantham Gingerbreads
4 oz . butter or margarine I I 2 oz.
caster sugar I I egg, beaten I
9 oz . self-raising flour I I level
teaspoonful ground ginger
Using beaters, cream the fat for t
min at speed 1. Add the sugar and
continue to cream at speed 2 until
light. Beat in the egg at speed 2. Stir
in the sifted flour and ginger by
hand, until a firm dough is obtained.
Roll into 30 balls the size of a walnut.
Put on baking sheets. Bake in the
centre of the oven (or just above) at
300° F. (mark 2) for about 40 mins
until crisp, puffed and lightly
Shortie Whirls
OJ 4t oz. butter I
oz. icing sugar,
linD sifted I 5 oz . plain flour
Using beaters, cream butter at speed
I till soft but not oily. Add sugar
and mix in at speed 1. Fold in the
flour at speed I or by hand. Place
in a forcing bag with a large star
vegetable nozzle, pipe in S shapes
on to a greased baking sheet. Bake
in the centre of the oven at 375 ° F.
(mark 5) for IO-I5 mins. Cool on a
wire rack. Store in an airtight tin.
Makes about I8.
NB. Alternatively pipe the mixture
into 2-in. fingers with a small-star
vegetable pipe. When cold, join in
pairs with melted chocolate. Dust
with sifted icing sugar.
Lemon Crackles
4 oz. butter or margarine I
4 oz. caster sugar I I egg
yolk I I level tablespoonful
golden syrup I grated rind I lemon I
7 oz. plain flour I I level teaspoonful
bicarbonate of soda f I level teaspoonful cream of tartar
Using beaters, cream the fat at speed
I for t min. Add sugar and continue
at speed 2 until light and fluffy. Beat
in egg yolk and syrup at speed 1.
Using hooks at speed I (or by hand)
gradually add lemon rind and flour
sifted with bicarbonate of soda and
cream of tartar. Shape mixture into
36 balls. Place well apart on greased
baking sheets. Bake at 325 °F. (mark
3) at oven centre for about I5 mins.
Cool for I or 2 mins before removing
from tins. Makes 36.
NB. Wrapped in kitchen foil or
placed in an airtight tin, lemon
crackles will store well for up to a
Top Hat Cake
4 oz . butter or margarine
4 oz. caster sugar I 2 large
eggs I 4 oz . self-raising
flour I jam. Butter cream :4 oz. butter
/ 6 oz. icing sugar. Decoration: 2 oz.
halved walnuts I icing sugar
Grease and bottom line one 8-in. or
two 7-in. sandwich tins. Using
beaters, cream butter at speed I for
t min. Add sugar and continue to
cream at speed 2 until light and
fluffy and pale in colour. Beat in the
eggs, one at a time, at speed 2.
\Jsing dough hooks, add flour and
beat at speed I for just long enough
to incorporate flour. Turn into tin or
tins. Level mixture. Bake in the
centre of the oven at 350°F. (mark 4)
- 8-in. cake for 35-40 mins and two
7-in. cakes 25-30 mins. Cool on wire
rack. Split 8-in. cake in half. From
one half or one layer of 7-in. cake
stamp out 8 small rounds as illustra5
Remember that some margarines and whipped up fats
may need less creaming time. Generally speaking. cream
the fat for t min. at speed 1. add sugar. continue at
speed 2 or 3. As a hand-held unit. work the mixture so
that the beaters cover the whole area. A deep bowl is
better than a w ide shallow one. Use a small bowl for
small quantities. Add eggs one at a time at speed 2.
make sure every drop is incorporated before adding the
next. Flour added by hand often gives better results.
especial ly with light mixtures. By machine use speed 1.
ted on page 4· Sandwich layers
together with jam and some butter
cream. Coat sides with butter cream
and then with ground walnuts (see
Grinder Facts, page 10). Dust cake
top heavily with icing sugar also
"top hats". Pipe butter cream into
each hole, replace "top hats".
oats. Using beaters mix these ingredients at speed I for t min.
Continue at speed 3 for It mins.
Spread mixture in a greased and
lined 8-in. by 8-in. shallow tin.
Bake in the centre of the oven at
350°F. (mark 4) for about 30 mins.
Cool in the tin. Cover with melted
chocolate and nuts. When set cut
into bars. Makes I8.
8 oz. plain flour I t level tablespoonful ground ginger I t level
tablespoonful baking powder I
t level tablespoonful bicarbonate of
soda I 4 oz. demerara sugar I 3 oz.
butter I 3 oz. black treacle I 3 oz.
golden syrup I t pint milk I small egg
Grease and line a 7-in. square cake
tin. Sift together the dry ingredients
into a bowl. Warm the sugar, butter,
treacle and syrup in a saucepan. Do
not boil. Using a dough hook at
speed I gradually mix in the contents of,the pan, together with mil~
and egg. Beat at speed 2 until
smooth. Pour into the tin. Bake
in the centre of the oven at 350° F.
(mark 4) for about I hr. C?ol on ~
wire rack. If wished, coat With glace
icing and decorate with stem ginger.
Date Tea Bread
4 oz. margarine or butter I 8 oz.
plain flour I 4 oz. sugar I 8 oz.
stoned dates, roughly chopped I
2 oz. walnuts, chopped I I level teaspoonful baking powder I I level
teaspoonful bicarbonate of soda I 6
tablespoonfuls milk, approx.
Grease a loaf-tin (top measurement
8t by 4 t-in.). Rub the margarine
into the flour using dough hooks at
speed r. Still at speed I, mix in ~he
sugar, fruit and nuts. Add the bakmg
powder and bicarbonate of soda
blended with milk. Turn into the
prepared tin and bake in the centre
of the oven at 350°F. (mark 4) for
about It hrs.
Toffee Bars
4 oz. luxury margarine I 2 oz.
caster sugar I 2 oz. brown sugar I
!levelteaspoonfulsaltiiteaspoonful vanilla essence I I egg I 4 oz. selfraising flour I It oz. rolled oats I
2 oz. plain chocolate I 2 oz. chopped
In a deep bowl place margarine,
sugars, salt, essence, egg, flour and
Farmhouse Fruit Cake
·- - - - - 8 oz. luxury margarine I
8 oz. caster sugar I 3 eggs
( large) I 3 tablespoonfuls
milk I I 2 oz. self-raising flour I I level
teaspoonful mixed spice I grated rind
I lemon or orange I I 2-oz. pkt mixed
dried fruit I 4 oz. glace cherries,
halved I demerara sugar and halved
glace cherries for decoration
Grease and line an 8-in. round cake
tin. In a large deep bowl place
margarine, sugar, eggs, milk, flour,
spice and rind. Use Major Mixer
with beaters fitted as a hand-held
unit. Stir ingredients first without
switching on. Switch to speed I
until ingredients are mixed, then
change to speed 2 for 2 mins. Stir
in mixed fruit and cherries, using
dough hook at speed I. Turn into
prepared tin. Smooth the top.
Dredge with sugar and place a few
halved cherries on top. Bake on the
centre shelf of the oven at 350oF.
(mark 4) for about 2 hrs. Leave. in
the tin for a few mins before turmng
out. Cool on a wire rack.
If wished exchange mixed fruit for
sultanas, seedless raisins or currants .
Use flaked almonds instead of sugar
and glace cherries.
NB. When using the Minor Beater
fold in the fruit by hand.
Mixer Quantities
The Major Mixer if hand-held w ill cream a minimum of
2 oz. each of fat and sugar: and on the stand 4 oz. each.
When hand-held it w ill cream a maximum of 1 lb. each
of fat and sugar: and on the stand 8 oz. each.
The Minor Beater w ill cream a minimum of 1 oz. each of
fat and sugar and a maximum of 8 oz. each .
Pastry: The mixer bowl w ill take up to 12 oz. flour and
6 oz. fat.
I egg, beaten I 3 oz. halved walnuts,
chopped I 4 oz. cranberries, chopped
Grease a loaf tin (top measurement
8t by 4t-in.) and line with a strip of
greased greaseproof paper. Sift first
4 ingredients into a bowl. Rub in the
fat, using dough hook, at speed I.
Add sugar, still at speed 1. Mix in
juice, rind and egg at speed 1. Fold
in the nuts and cranberries, still at
speed I. Turn into the tin. Bake in
the centre of the oven at 350° F.
(mark 4) for about I hr. Cool on a
wire rack. Serve thickly sliced and
Chocolate Layer Cake
8 oz. butter or margarine I
8 oz. caster sugar I 4 large
eggs I 4 level tablespoonfuls cocoa I 3 tablespoonfuls water I
8 oz. self-raising flour I sieved apricot
jam I walnut halves
Chocolate butter cream: 6 oz. butter/
9 oz. icing sugar, sifted I 2 oz. chocolate, melted, or It level tablespoonfuls cocoa. Chocolate glace icing:
I t oz. plain chocolate I 2t tablespoonfuls water I 4-6 oz. icing sugar
Grease two 8-in. or 9-in. straightsided sandwich tins, line the base
and sides . Using beaters, cream fat
on speed I. Add sugar and cream at
speed 2 until light, fluffy and pale in
colour. Beat in the eggs, one at a
time at speed 2 until blended. In a
small bowl blend cocoa to a paste
with water. Beat into mixture at
speed 2. Using dough hooks, add
flour at speed I until evenly mixed
and smooth. Divide between the
tins. Spread evenly. Bake at 350 F.
(mark 4) at oven centre (or just
above) for 35-40 mins until risen
and spongy to the touch. Cool on a
wire rack. Split layers in half.
Sandwich together with a little
chocolate butter cream, reserving
some for sides. Coat sides with
butter cream. Decorate with icing
comb. Brush top with sieved apricot
jam. Coat with chocolate glace
icing, ease gently to edge. Leave to
set. Decorate with piped butter
cream and walnut halves.
Chocolate butter cream: Beat
butter at speed 1. Gradually add
icing sugar, beat until creamy. Add
melted chocolate or cocoa.
Chocolate glace icing: Melt chocolate in water. Work in icing sugar
to give a coating consistency.
Syrup Tart
Swiss Roll
4 oz. plain flour I 2 oz. butter or
margarine I 2 oz. lard I water I
6-7 tablespoonfuls golden syrup I
thinly pared rind t lemon I 2 oz.
fresh white bread-crumbs (see page IO)
Place flour in a bowl. Add fat cut
into pieces. Using dough hook at
speed I, rub in the fat until like fine
bread-crumbs (about 2-4 mins). Add
about 8 teaspoonfuls water, continue at speed I until pastry knits
together. Roll out the pastry and
line a 7-8-in. pie plate. Mix together
the syrup, lemon and bread-crumbs.
Spread over the pastry. Cook towards the top of the oven for about
20 mins. Serve warm or cold.
NB. Chop the lemon rind at the
same time as making the breadcrumbs in the grinder. Small syrup
tartlets can be made in a similar way.
Make as for fatless sponge cake
(see page 9), using a 3-egg mixture.
Pour into a lined 9-in. by I2-in.
Swiss- roll tin, allowing it to run
over the whole surface. Bake at
425 ° F. (mark 7) near the top of the
oven for 7-9 mins until golden.
Meanwhile have ready a sheet of
greaseproof or non-stick paper sprinkled with caster sugar. Place paper
over a damp tea-towel. Turn sponge
out on to paper, trim off crusty edges.
Spread with warm jam. Roll up
with aid of paper, making first turn
firmly. Dredge with sugar and cool
on wire rack.
Cranberry Nut Bread
8 oz. plain flour I I t level teaspoonfuls baking powder I t level
teaspoonful bicarbonate of soda I
I level teaspoonful salt I 2 oz . butter I
6 oz. sugar I !- pint orange juice I I
level tablespoonful grated orange rind 1
Minor Beater
Alth ough all the recipes in this secti on can be made with
th e Minor. one or two provisos sh ould be mad e
especially w hen using other recipes. Wh en creaming
more than 4 oz. fat and sugar add the su ga r 2 oz. at a
time. Stop th e machine and scrape dow n from time to .
time. Do not use fats straight from the refrig erator. Fold
in the flour and fruit for large cakes by hand.
Fruit Crumble
rt lb. raw fruit ( apples, gooseberries, plums, etc. ) I 3 oz. butter
or margarine I 6 oz. plain flour I
3 oz. caster sugar
Prepare the fruit as for stewing and
put in an ovenproof dish. Place the
butter and flour in the mixer bowl
and, using the hooks at speed I, mix
until the texture of fine crumbs.
Add the sugar and mix for a further
I min. Sprinkle over the fruit, press
lightly and bake at 400° F. (mark 6)
for 20-30 mins.
into the lemon mixture, using a
plastic spatula. Wash and dry the
whisks and bowl. Place the egg
whites in the bowl and whisk at
speed 3 until stiff. Fold into the
lemon mixture and turn into the
prepared dish. Leave in the refrigerator to set.
To serve: Remove the paper with a
knife dipped in hot water. Decorate
the sides with the nuts and the top
with the lemon slices and whipped
Fudge Gateau
Lemon Souffle
(For this recipe the mixer
must be used as a hand
2 level teaspoonfuls gelatine I 2 tablespoonfuls water I 3 eggs, separated I
3 oz. caster sugar I grated rind of 2
lemons I 4 tablespoonfuls lemon juice I
t pint double cream I finely chopped
nuts, lemon slices and whipped cream
for decoration
Prepare a 5-in. souffle dish by tying
a band of greaseproof paper round
the top so that the paper extends
about 3 in. above the top. Place the
gelatine and water in a small bowl in
a saucepan of hot water and heat
until the gelatine is dissolved. Allow
to cool slightly. Put the egg yolks,
sugar, rind and juice of the lemons
in a large mixing bowl and place
over a saucepan of hot water. Using
the beaters at speed 3, beat until
thick, pale and very creamy. Remove
the bowl from the saucepan and continue to beat, adding the gelatine in
a steady stream. Leave mixture to
cool slightly. Place cream in mixer
bowl and, using clean whisks at
speed I, whisk until thick. Stir evenly
8oz. butter or margarine I 8 oz.
soft dark brown sugar I 4 large
eggs I 4 teaspoonfuls coffee
essence I 8 oz. self-raising flour I
2 oz. chopped walnuts I icing sugar
Grease and line an 8-in. round cake
tin. Using beaters, cream . butter at
speed 1. Add sugar and beat at
speed 2 until light, fluffy and pale in
colour. Beat in the eggs, one at a
time, at speed 2 until blended.
Using dough hooks, either add the
coffee essence and flour at speed I
until just folded in, or fold in by
hand. Turn into cake tin, level mixture. Bake in centre of oven at 375 °
F. (mark 5) for about 50 mins. Turn
out and cool on a wire rack. Spread
sides with a little chocolate butter
icing and roll in finely chopped
walnuts. Dredge the top heavily with
icing sugar. Mark in eight sections
with the back of a knife. Put remaining icing in a forcing bag and, with
a small star nozzle, use to decorate.
Chocolate butter icing: Using
beaters, cream 4 oz. butter at speed
1. Gradually add 4 oz. icing sugar,
sifted, at speed r. Add 4 level tablespoonfuls cocoa, mix at speed I,
gradually add 4-6 tablespoonfuls of
milk to give a piping consistency.
r-pint lime jelly tablet I water I
small can evaporated milk I
peppermint essence I green colouring I I oz. chocolate, grated I
single cream
Place jelly in a I-pint measure. Pour
on t pini: hot water, stir to dissolve jelly. Make up to i pint with
cold water. Pour into mixer bowl.
Chill the jelly until it is of the consistency of unbeaten egg white - on
the point of setting. Add the
evaporated milk, using whisks at
speed I ; whisk until all is incorporated. Whisk at speed 2 until the
mixture is light and fluffy. Add
essence and colouring, reduce speed
to I and add most of the chocolate.
Turn into serving dish and leave to
set. Decorate with reserved chocolate and serve with cream.
Canary Pudding
4 oz. margarine or butter I
4 oz. caster s~~ar I 2 eggs I
6 oz. self-razstng flour I 2
tablespoonfuls milk I vanilla essence
or grated rind of I lemon
Grease a I t -pint basin. Using
beaters, cream the fat in mixer
bowl for t min. at speed 1. Add
sugar and continue to cream at
speed 2 until light, fluffy and pale in
colour. At speed I beat in the eggs
a little at a time. Using dough hooks
at speed I, beat in the flour, 2
tablespoonfuls milk, and vanilla
essence or lemon rind until just
smooth. Turn into basin, level top,
cover with foil or buttered paper and
steam for about 2 hrs.
NB. If wished, put a little jam at the
base of the pudding basin.
Other mixer points
• ~t's worth ~emembering that electric appliances do not call for special
recipes: you Simply adapt the ones you like best e A practical advantage
of port~ble mixers is that they whip up hot potatoes and beat lumps out of
sauces m the saucepan • To tell the degree of beating it's more accurate
when using the whisks, to judge consistency with a metal spoon, the loop~
of the whisks being so slim that the mixture falls away e When adding
icing sugar for royal icing, it's wise to cover the machine head and your
hand with a cloth to avoid sugar dust flying about e Don't mix in flour
by machine if there is only one speed; you can do it quickly and easily with
a spoon or spatula • Immediately after using lemon juice, wash blades
to avoid discoloration.
Sponge Flan Case
large eggs I 2 oz. caster sugar I
oz. plain flour
Well grease an 8-81-in. diameter sponge flan tin (a disc of
greased greaseproof paper on the
raised area prevents turning out
problems). Place the eggs and sugar
in the mixer bowl and, using the
beaters at speed 3, beat until the
mixture leaves a heavy trail when
beaters are lifted away. Remove
beaters and fold in sifted flour with a
metal spoon or spatula. Turn the
mixture into the tin, bake above the
oven centre at 400 ° F. (mark 6) for
about 25 mins, until golden and
spongy to the touch. Turn out and
cool on a wire rack. Fill as desired.
Fatless sponge cake: Use 3 eggs,
3 oz. sugar and 3 oz. plain flour in
the same method as above. Divide
mixture between two 7-in. round
sandwich tins greased and floured.
Bake at 375 F. (mark 5), 20-25 mins.
I level teaspoonful caster sugar I
4 tablespoon!uls warm milk I I 1
level teaspoonfuls dried yeast I
4 oz. plain flour I 1 level teaspoonful
salt I 21 oz. softened butter I 2 eggs I
Dissolve the sugar in the milk and
stir in the yeast. Leave for 10 mins
in a warm place. Meanwhile sift the
flour and salt into bowl and, using
hooks, rub in butter at speed r. Continue on speed 1 to beat in the yeast
mixture and the eggs, one at a time,
until a smooth batter is obtained.
Grease four 41-in. ring moulds and
arrange a few currants in the base of
each. Divide the mixture between
them. Leave in a warm place until
risen. Bake in the oven at 425 ° F.
(mark 7) for 20-25 mins , until
golden. Turn out on to a shallow
dish and pour over a rum-flavoured
sugar syrup. Decorate each with a
whirl of cream and a glace cherry.
2 standard egg whites
4 oz.
caster sugar
Put whites into mixer bowl.
Using whisks at speed 3, whisk until
the whites look like cotton wool;
the mixture should hold its shape. At
speed 2 whisk in half the sugar until
mixture is stiff, close and firm. Do
not overwhisk after adding sugar, for
this causes stickiness. Using a metal
spoon, fold in the remaining sugar.
Place in spoonfuls or pipe the meringue on to a baking sheet lined with
non-stick (silicone-treated) paper.
Dry in a cool oven - the lowest setting on most cookers. The shells will
take about 3 hrs to dry out. Cool.
Makes about 12 2-in. meringues.
NB. Use fresh eggs but not under
2 days old. When separating, don't
let any yolk slip into white. Don't
let the meringue stand. Equipment
must be spotlessly clean.
Using your liquidizer grinder
the jobs listed on the right. Do not
run the motor for more than 45
sees at a time.
The Senior Grinder is similar
but without the goblet.
Your liquidizer will:
Puree fruits (remove any stones first)
and cooked vegetables.
Blend batters, dips, spreads and
Make mayonnaise and other dressings. Beware: do not over-run a
French-type dressing as it emulsifies
Rescue lumpy sauces. Don't overrun the machine as the sauce may
thin down.
De Luxe Liquidizer Grinder. A
super appliance with a working
capacity of I pint (goblet) and 2 oz.
beans (grinder). Use the goblet to
make the liquidizer recipes on pages
II- I 5 and the grinder for dry ingredients and coffee. A slender spatula
is useful for scraping down the sides
of any goblet.
Froth up coffee if you like it that
Automatic Grinder. A neat grinder that is operated by simply pressing down the transparent cover. Will
take any of the foods in the grinder
list on the right.
Cream spinach with egg, cream and
nutmeg superbly.
Whisk up drinks in no time. Use as
a shaker when called for.
NOT beat egg whites, mash potatoes, chop raw meat, tackle stiff
mixtures or absolutely dry ones.
Your grinder will:
Grind coffee beans, nuts, chocolate
to any degree of fineness.
Make light work of bread-crumbs
(even if bread is freshly baked),
cornflakes and biscuits for toppings
and coatings.
Liquidizer Grinder. A small but
equally efficient machine that has a
similar grinder capacity to the De
Luxe model, but a working goblet
capacity of t pint. Can be used in
the same way as the De Luxe model
but be careful not to put too much
mixture in the goblet at a time. Does
junior Grinder. A small-size grinder that will cope with all the foods
in the grinder list on the right. Do
not put more than I! -oz. beans in
the grinder bowl at a time.
Crush peppercorns for Steak Poivre.
Finely chop thinly-pared lemon or
orange rind.
Powder sugar when needed and take
the lumps out of icing sugar.
Chop crisp cooked bacon pieces or
ham at the same time as a small
amount of bread for a stuffing.
Chop fresh herbs together with
bread to make bread-crumbs.
NOT chop any item into bite-sized
pieces, shred suet or crush ice.
For sweet recipes
Coffee Froth
t pint water I 2 level teaspoonfuls
gelatine / 4 tablespoonfuls coffee
essence / 2 oz. soft brown sugar / I
tablespoonful coffee liqueur, optional /
2 small cans evaporated milk / grated
Pour ~ pint hot, not boiling, water
into liquidizer goblet. Sprinkle gelatine over. Switch on until gelatine
has dissolved. Add essence, sugar,
liqueur and contents from I can
evaporated milk. Switch on/off for
2 mins. Pour into a basin. Add
remaining can of milk. Stir. Return
half to goblet. Switch on for 30 sees.
Pour into 2 sundae glasses. Repeat
with remainder. Chill. When set,
cover with a layer of grated chocolate.
Serves 4·
Banana Whip
I t lb. bananas / I
carton plain
yoghurt / 2 oz. chocolate digestive
biscuits / lemon juice / angelica for
Peel all but one banana. Cut peeled
bananas into 4 and place with
yoghurt in liquidizer goblet. Switch
on for 30 sees. Divide between 4
glasses. Crumb biscuits in the
grinder. Layer on top of banana.
Chill. Peel and slice remaining
banana. Dip slices in lemon iuice
and use with angelica to decorate
the whips. Serves 4.
Peach Pompon
I 5-oz. can sliced peaches /juice of I
lemon / 2 level teaspoonfuls gelatine /
small can evaporated milk / whipped
cream for decoration I glace cherries,
Turn contents of can into liquidizer
goblet, switch on for 30 sees until
Do not overfill your liquidizer goblet or grinder bowl. It is better and safer to
liquidize or grind ingredients in two or three sessions. Suggested working
capacities are included under appliance descriptions. Do not switch on the
appliance for longer than the recommended time. It is better to switch on
for two or three short bursts of 20 sees. D..Q.JlQ.t r.\!ll..a ny appliance eaptt Do
not put wet 1tems 1n the gnnder bowl. Do not put boiling liqu1 s 1n the
goblet - cool any foods slightly before pouring into the goblet. A slim
spatula is handy for scraping the goblet down ; switch off first. A small brush
such as an old tooth brush is useful to remove particles from grinder before
w iping with a dry cloth. Always place lid in position before switching on.
mixture is smooth. Place lemon juice
in a cup or small bowl, sprinkle
gelatine over, stand cup in a pan in
about I in. water, heat until gelatine
is dissolved. Add to goblet, switch
on/off to blend. Add evaporated
milk and switch on/off to blend.
Turn into a serving bowl. When set,
decorate with cream pompons and
glace cherries. Serves 4·
Apple Snow
I large orange I 3 oz. sugar I I i lb.
Bramley cooking apples / 4 tablespoonfuls water / 5-fi.-oz. carton
soured cream f 2 egg whites / demerara
or soft brown sugar / twists of orange
peel for decoration
Pare rind from orange, free of any
white pith. Place with I oz. sugar
in the grinder, switch on/off until
rind is finely chopped. Peel, core
and roughly slice apples. Cook (uncovered) with water, juice from
orange and all the sugar, until just
soft. When cold place in liquidizer
goblet with half the soured cream.
Switch on for about 30 sees until
smooth. Turn into a bowl, fold in
stiffly beaten egg whites. Divide
between 4 glasses. Chill. Top with
remainder of cream, demerara sugar
and an orange twist. Serves 4 ·
Strawberry Bavarian Cream
8 -oz. pkt frozen strawberries, thawed
f juice of I lemon / juice of I orange /
level tablespoonful gelatine / 4
tablespoonfuls milk / 3 level tablespoonfuls caster sugar / 2 egg yolks /
t pint double cream / 5 ice cubes,
crushed f strawberries and icing sugar
Drain juice from fruit. Bring strawberry, lemon and orange juice almost to the boil. Pour into liquidizer
goblet. Add gelatine and milk.
Switch on/off for I min. Add sugar,
strawberries and egg yolks. Switch
on for a few sees. Add cream and ice.
Switch on for a few sees. Turn into a
It-pint mould. Chill. Unmould and
decorate with sugar-dusted strawberries. Serves 6.
Swedish Apple Cake
4 oz. butter / 8 oz. fresh white breadcrumbs (see Grinder Facts) f 2 lb.
cooking apples/ t lb. red jam / t pint
double cream
To prepare buttered crumbs, melt
butter in a frying-pan, add breadcrumbs and fry slowly until evenly
browned, stirring. Cool. Peel apples,
core and slice. Cook in a minimum
amount of water, sweeten to taste.
Puree as in Apple Snow. When cold,
layer buttered crumbs, apple and
jam, then repeat, reserving 3 tablespoonfuls crumbs. Chill. Serve topped with whipped cream and reserved crumbs. Serves 6.
NB. The addition of a little cinnamon and sugar to buttered crumbs
makes a topping for other dishes.
Chocolate Brandy Creams
i pint single cream / 6 oz. Menier
chocolat / 2 egg yolks I 2 tablespoonfuls brandy / whipped cream and
toasted, flaked almonds for decoration
Scald the cream. Place broken
chocolate in liquidizer goblet. Pour
on warm cream and add egg yolks.
Switch on/off until chocolate is
melted and the whole smooth. Add
brandy and switch on/off for few
sees. Turn into 4 small glasses or
dishes (t pint). Chill thoroughly in a
refrigerator for several hrs. Serve
decorated with a small whirl of cream
and a few flaked almonds. Serves 4·
Opposite: Apple Snow. Coffee Froth,
Buttered Crumbs, Strawberry
Bavarian Cream, Banana Whip,
Peach Pompon. Recipes on page 11.
Coffee Corner
Establish a reputation for good
coffee; there is rarely anything
else which is remembered more
than the fragrant aroma and
smooth mellow flavour of a well
made cup. Grind the beans
yourself and experiment by shopping around for different roasts
and a wide variety of coffees. Any
of the Moulinex grinders will
grind coffee beans perfectly.
Choose freshly roasted beans and
grind to the right degree: fine
(about I5 sees) for filter, drip
and espresso; medium (about IO
sees) for jug, percolator and cona
After roasting, a coffee bean's life
may be as long as one month.
After grinding, it loses its aroma
and its flavour more rapidly, so
grind beans as you need them. A
good coffee buyer will be only too
willing to help you choose a
coffee for, say, breakfast, after
dinner or an all-rounder for any
time of the day.
Golden rules for success: fresh
· coffee and sufficient coffee you'll miss out on flavour if you
cut down. Measure it accurately.
If you enjoy white coffee, do not
boil the milk. Don 't mix fresh
coffee with old.
Allow I t oz. to I pint when serving t coffee and t milk, or black
coffee. The best way to measure
is by weight, though a handy
measure is 2 rounded tablespoonfuls medium ground coffee to I
pint. You can save on finely
ground coffee, for filter, drip or
espresso · method; use just I oz.
per pint.
Refrigerator Cheese Cake
Crumb Topping: 8 oz. digestive
biscuits / I level tablespoonful caster
3 oz. butter, melted
Filling: I lemon / 6 level tablespoonfuls caster sugar / I level tablespoonful gelatine / I egg separated /
t pint milk / I 2 oz. plain cottage
cheese I t pint double cream I Is-oz.
can black cherries (optional)
Crush biscuits in grinder. Turn into
bowl, add sugar and stir in melted
butter. Turn half into a deep 8-in.
sandwich tin lined with kitchen foil.
Press evenly. Thinly pare rind from
lemon, free of white pith. Place with
I tablespoonful sugar in grinder.
Switch on/off until rind is finely
grated. In liquidizer goblet place all
sugar (except I level tablespoonful),
lemon rind, gelatine, egg yolk and
milk. Switch on for 30 sees. Turn
into saucepan. Bring almost to
boiling point, stirring. Remove from
heat, add juice of lemon. When cool
but not set pour into goblet, add
cheese. Switch on/off for I min. till
smooth. Whisk egg white until stiff.
Add remaining sugar and whisk again.
Add to rest of mixture along with
whipped cream. Turn into tin. Cover
with drained, stoned cherries and
lastly the remainder of crumbs.
Chill. Turn out, remove foil. Decorate with lemon slices. Serves 8.
Apricot Pancakes
Filling: I 5 t-oz. can apricot halves /
2 tablespoonfuls water / 2 tablespoonfuls Cointreau / 2 oz. butter
Batter: 4 oz. flour I pinch salt
I egg / t pint milk
Glaze: melted butter / icing sugar
Puree the contents of the can in the
liquidizer goblet. Turn into pan.
Rinse out goblet with the water and
Cointreau and add to pan with butter.
Simmer for 5-Io mins. Keep warm.
Put all the batter ingredients in
goblet. Switch on/off for I min.
Heat a knob of lard in a 6t -7-in.
frying-pan. Pour in enough batter
(about 3 tablespoonfuls) to thinly
cover the base of the pan. Cook
quickly until golden underneath,
keep warm and make seven more
pancakes. Spread a little apricot
mixture over each pancake. Roll up.
Place side by side on a flameproof
dish. Brush with melted butter and
dust heavily with icing sugar. Glaze
to a caramel under the grill. Pour
remainder of hot sauce down the
centre. Serves 4·
For savouries
Blue Cheese Dip
Cream of Vegetable Soup
5-oz. carton soured cream I 6 oz.
blue cheese, cubed I t small onion,
peeled and grated I 2 oz. Cheddar
cheese, crumbled I black pepper
Put cream into Jiquidizer goblet.
Add blue cheese piece by piece,
switching on for about IO sees per
piece. Add onion and switch on for
20 sees, twice. Finally add Cheddar
cheese and switch on for 20 sees,
twice. Season with pepper.
I lb. vegetables, see below I 2 oz.
butter I t pint stock I I pint milk I
I oz. flour I salt and pepper
Prepare vegetables according to type.
Roughly slice. Fry in butter for 5
mins. Add stock, bring to the boil,
simmer I 5 mins. Cool. Pour into
liquidizer goblet, switch on for 30
sees. Pour into pan. Put .t pint milk
and flour in goblet, switch on for
10 sees. Add to vegetables with t
pint milk. Check seasoning and
simmer for 5 mins.
Suitable vegetables: tomatoes (skinned), celery, leeks, potatoes, onions,
frozen peas or a blend of these
2 egg yolks I t level teaspoonful salt I
! level teaspoonful pepper I .t level
teaspoonful sugar I t level teaspoonful
dry mustard I 1 pint oil I I-2 table-
spoonfuls lemon juice or vinegar
Put egg yolks, salt, pepper, sugar and
dry mustard in liquidizer goblet.
Switch on for 20 sees with lid in
position. Fill drip cap in lid with oil
and switch on for 10 sees, repeat 2 or
3 times. Continue until all the oil
has been added. Add lemon juice
or vinegar and switch on for IO sees.
NB. If mixture curdles, turn out
contents, add another yolk and
seasoning to goblet, slowly add curdled mixture, switching on as above.
Tongue & Mushroom Mousse
6 oz. mushrooms, sliced I l pint beef
stock, made with cube I ~ oz. gelatine I
t pint aspic jelly I -! lb. sliced cooked
tongue, cubed I a piece of onion I 3
sprigs parsley / I level teaspoonful
made mustard / 2 tablespoonfuls
lemon juice / } pint double cream /
Poach mushrooms in beef stock for
about 5 mins. Remove about onethird mushrooms for decoration.
Sprinkle gelatine over beef stock,
stir to dissolve. Set a thin layer of
aspic jelly in the base of a I 1-pint
ring mould. When set, arrange the
reserved mushrooms over the jelly.
Coat with a little more aspic. Leave
to set. In a bowl mix together the
cool beef stock, rest of aspic jelly,
roughly cubed tongue, onion, parsley, mustard, lemon juice and
cream. Puree in two portions in
liquidizer goblet, switched on/off
for about I min. Check seasoning.
Turn into mould and leave to set.
Turn out and garnish. Serves 6.
Forcemeat Balls
2 rashers lean streaky bacon, rinded /
4 oz. white bread / few sprigs parsley /
thinly pared rind t lemon I pinch of
mixed herbs / 2 oz. shredded suet /
salt and pepper I egg to mix
Crisp-fry the bacon, cool, cut each
rasher into 4· Crumb bread in grinder in three parts - to each add either
parsley, lemon rind or bacon. In a
bowl mix together crumbed ingredients, herbs, suet and seasoning.
Bind with egg. Shape into balls.
Fry in melted fat for about IO mins,
or use to stuff a 3-3 }-lb. chicken.
For drinks
Iced Coffee
Chill freshly made black coffee (after
straining) using 2t oz. to I pint
water. Sweeten to taste before or
after chilling. To serve, add an equal
quantity of chilled milk; a little
single cream; top with lightly
whipped cream and grated chocolate;
float balls or cubes of ice-cream.
I oz. butter / I onion, peeled and
chopped / 4 oz. pig's liver / 8 oz.
chicken livers I I clove garlic, peeled I
t pint stock I 2 tablespoonfuls sherry I
lemon juice I salt and pepper
Melt butter, saute onion for a few
mins. Slice pig's liver and add with
chicken livers, garlic and stock.
Simmer covered for I hr. Cool.
Transfer half to liquidizer goblet
and switch on for 20 sees, repeat 2
or 3 times until smooth. Turn out
and repeat with remainder. Mix with
sherry and a little lemon juice.
Season and place in a greased 5-in.
round ovenproof dish. Cover and
cook at 350 F. (mark 4) for I hr.
Weigh down until cold.
Celery and Date Dip
1 stick celery I 8-oz . carton cottage
cheese I 2 oz. stoned dates I 3 tablespoonfuls single cream I salt and
Roughly slice celery. Place in liquidizer goblet with cheese, dates
and cream. Switch on/off, scraping
down between operating until dip is
smooth. Adjust seasoning to taste.
t pint fresh orange juice / t pint
lemon juice / I egg white I sugar syrup I
ice cubes I mint
Place juices, egg white and sugar
syrup (to sweeten) in liquidizer
goblet. Switch on for 30 sees. Serve
in goblet with ice cubes and mint
sprigs. Serves 4·
Sherry Flip
I egg I I level tablespoonful caster
sugar I 4 tablespoonfuls dry sherry
Place ingredients in liquidizer
goblet. Switch on for I o sees. Serves I.
Put all ingredients in liquidizer
goblet. Switch on for IO sees. Serve
in glasses. Serves 2.
Raspberry Shake
I 5-oz. can raspberries I 2 teaspoonfuls lemon juice I t pint chilled milk /
2 tablespoonfuls cream
Put ingredients, about half at a time,
in liquidizer goblet. Strain. Serve
in tall glasses. Serves 4·
Fruit Drinks
3 fl. oz. cream I 4 fl. oz. white creme
de cacao I 4 fl. oz. green creme de
menthe I crushed ice
Place all ingredients in liquidizer
goblet. Switch on for IO sees.
Strain into 4 glasses and serve with
straws. Serves 4·
Place two sliced lemons in the liquidizer goblet and cover with water.
Switch on for 20 sees , then strain
into a glass. The liquidizer will pulverize the pulp of the fruit but not
the bitter skin. Sweeten with icing
NB. For oranges, peel and slice.
Mint Frost
Rose Hip Shake
3 tablespoonfuls gin I I tablespoonful
lime juice cordial I I tablespoonful
creme de menthe I I egg white I 8 ice
cubes, crushed I 2 level tablespoonfuls
caster sugar
t pint chilled milk I I tablespoonful
rose-hip syrup
Place ingredients together in liquidizer goblet. Switch on for 20 sees.
Serve immediately. Serves 1.
Care-free cooking
Children approve of Plantation Pie
served piping hot. Experienced
cooks prefer to choose a cut of meat
and then mince it themselves to the
degree of fineness required.
Crisp and colourful, a salad wheel is
an attractive and nutritional centre
piece for everyday and party meals.
Moulinex knives ensure a professional finish.
Keep in step with up-to-date cooking aids 1
saving what adds up to hours of hard work.
mincer, power-driven carving knife, amongs
considered an extravagance. Let Moulinex e
The right dressing for salads mayonnaise and vinaigrette (see
pages 10 and 14).
nd Jet your appliance take over. so
An electric mixer, liquidizer grinder.
others. need no longer be
uipment be a kitchen friend. kept
permanently in the place where it operates- at the ready to perform. There are
many of us who forget a machine exists if it has to be taken out of the cupboard
and then set up. With modern science at your fingertips there is more time to
create dishes of infinite variety. Cooking is then a real joy. no longer a burden.
Appetizing dips to serve with crisps
and crackers are blue cheese or date
and celery. Vegetable tit-bits cauliflower florets, carrot sticks,
radishes and olives - make good
dunkers, too.
Mixer pastry, golden and short, tops
our pie-filling of chicken and ham in
a creamy sauce with a subtle flavour
of herbs. A winner with leftovers.
Hot, savoury, home-made tomato
soup has a hint of onion and spice.
A liquidizer grinder makes velvetsmooth soups and the crispness of
parsley-topped croutons is a perfect
The Robot
New to our way of food preparation. the Moulinex Robot Marinette. a firmly
established friend of the continenta l home-maker, is certain to win favour
with you, too. Fast running and designed for mixing quickly and smoothly
the robot happily tackles jobs like batter-making. blending cake mixes .
pureeing soups. producing lump -free sauces. whisking up delicious drinks
and fools. Start with these special recipes then adapt the family favourites
to the robot way. The very fine filter will hold back even the smallest pip
or seed. invaluable for the preparation of baby and invalid dishes. Just
remember that if you are not using the goblet provided. other containers
should be deep and straight-sided to avoid splashing .
Sandwich Cake
I whole egg / pinch of dry mustard /
pinch of salt / pinch of pepper / pinch
of sugar / · l pint oil ( approx.) /I
tablespoonful white vinegar or I
tablespoonful lemon juice ·
Place the egg, mustard, salt, pepper,
sugar and oil in the goblet. Place
the mixer in the goblet with the foot
touching the bottom and beat for
about 20 sees until blended. Add
the vinegar or lemon juice and blend
for a few sees.
NB. The normal method of making
mayonnaise with egg yolk only takes
a good deal longer when using the
Moulinex Robot Marinette.
4 oz. luxury margarine I 4 oz. caster
sugar / 4 oz. self-raising flour / I
level teaspoonful baking powder / 2
Grease and line two 7-in. sandwich
tins. Place all the ingredients in a
deep mixing bowl. Place the head of
the mixer into the eggs and gradually
work in the dry ingredients. Continue beating for a further 2-3 mins
until smooth. Place in cake tins and
bake at the centre of the oven, 325 °
F. (mark 3), for 25-30 mins. Turn
out and cool on a wire rack.
NB. Other one-stage recipes can be
made up in a similar way.
When making packet cake mixes,
using the robot, place the dry
ingredients in a deep bowl followed
by the required amount of liquid.
Place the head of the mixer into
the liquid and mix into the dry
Duchesse Potatoes
lb. potatoes, boiled and drained
oz. butter I I egg / salt and pepper
To the pan of potatoes add butter
and egg. With the masher/creamer
attachment fitted, mash until soft
and creamy. Season to taste. Pipe
potato in rosettes on to a greased
baking sheet. Bake near the top of
the oven at 400 F. (mark 6) for
about 25 mins until golden brown.
I t lemons / 2 oz. caster sugar ( or to
taste) / t pint water
Fit the filter in the goblet. Cut the
lemons into eighths and place in the
filter together with the sugar and
water. Carefully place the mixer in
the goblet allowing it to rest on the
top of the lemons, operate for a few
NB. For orangeade use r orange
and t lemon to replace the lemons.
Fresh Tomato juice
I t lb. tomatoes, quartered I I small
onion, skin.ned and quartered I 4
tablespoonfuls water / a squeeze of
lemon juice I a dash of W orcestershire
sauce / salt and pepper
Place the filter in a deep jug and,
with a third of the ingredients,
slowly blend using the mixer. Repeat with the remainder. Chill.
Serves 4·
Cooking with a
Cooking Times
We1ght of JOint
2 lb.
3 lb .
The Moulinex Rotissoire can be used
for cooking on a spit. grilling or kebab
cookery. The larger model is particularly suited to family entertaining or
whenever you need more cooking
space in the kitchen.
Minson high
Mms on low
Mms on h1gh
Mms on low
4 lb.
M1ns on high
Minson low
5 lb.
Mms on h1gh
Mms on low
Pork Ch1cken
In the Vertical Position. The
Rotissoire can be used with the
pronged tray to cook even-shaped
joints with a bone, like a leg of
lamb. Place the joint in position
between prongs and arrange the tray
on the drive of the spit. Use the
times and settings recommended,
but allow 10 mins per lb. extra
cooking on low setting. With the
skewers in position, kebab cooking
can be carried out. The foods
impaled on the skewers will cook
evenly as the skewers rotate singly.
In the Horizontal Position. The
Rotissoire can be used with the spit
attachment for cooking poultry and
joints or with the grill rack in position for straight-forward grilling.
Meat (rolled and boned joints),
particularly suited to this method,
is impaled on the spit; joints under
2 lb. have cut sides running parallel
with heat and the prongs can be
adjusted so that the joint is held
firmly in a central position. Poultry,
especially chickens and small turkeys, are best impaled on the spit by
piercing at the base of the parsons
nose and through the centre of the
neck skin. Secure fork prongs against
bone area. Position on spit, then
truss. To truss, use a long piece of
fine string (doubled); place under
the bird bringing the two ends
round the thighs and tie over the
breast to flatten it. Keep wings and
legs neatly against body. Bring
string down between legs, turn bird
over and tie wings securely to the
back. With another piece of string,
tie leg tips and parsons nose together.
Do not pre-heat Rotissoire. Place the
spit in position, switch on and cook,
using the times and settings recommended in the tables. If the joint
slips, stop the motor and readjust
, ,.
the forks . Add on extra cooking
time for stoppage. Remember to
place drip tray and detachable
shield in position during cooking.
Cooking Times. The times given
are approximate and can, of course,
be altered to suit your taste. In some
cases the shape of a joint of meat will
also mean adapting the cooking time.
Season lamb and poultry before
cooking. Lean joints and poultry
can be brushed with oil or melted
fat. For crisp pork crackling, well
rub the deeply scored rind with salt
and oil before cooking.
Glazed Bacon joint
Soak joint (2-5 lb. boned and rolled)
for 2-3 hrs or overnight in cold
water, then drain. Place in a large
saucepan and simmer, allowing I5
mins per lb. Cool in the water.
Drain and remove the skin. Score
the fat into diamonds and impale
the joint on the spit. Coat well with
one of the following glazes. Place in
position on the Rotissoire. Cook
2-3 lb. joints on high for IO mins,
then low for 20 mins. Cook 4-5 lb.
joints for 30 mins. Baste at intervals
during cooking.
M inson high
M ms on low
Mm so n~
4 lb.
5 lb.
8-oz. can whole cranberry sauce I 2 oz.
demerara sugar I I tablespoonful
lemon juice
Mix all ingredients together in a
small pan, bring to the boil. Brush
generously over the joint.
Sweet Mustard Glaze
3 oz. demerara sugar I I level tablespoonful dry mustard I cloves
Mix sugar and mustard together and
sprinkle over the fat, pressing well
in. Stud each diamond with a clove.
Honey Glaze
Brush the scored fat generously with
clear honey and sprinkle with black
pepper before setting on the Rotissoire. Brush again with honey during
Herb & Prune Stuffing
Use to stuff both ends of a 4-6 lb.
duck or chicken.
M inson low
7 lb.
M ms on low
Mi nson high
Min Son low
6 lb .
I pkt sage and onion stuffing I
and black pepper I little grated orange
rind and juice I I 5-oz. can prunes I
water to mix
Mix stuffing with seasoning and
orange rind. Drain prunes, make
prune and orange juice up to t pint
with water. Bring to the boil and
mix into the stuffing. Stone prunes
and chop roughly. Add to the
stuffing. Divide stuffing between
both ends of the bird. Impale on the
spit. Brush with melted fat. Sprinkle
bird with salt. Cook, following the
times on the chart.
Apricot Stuffing
Cranberry Glaze
Mms on high
Minson low
M ms on high
6 lb.
Use to stuff a 4-6 lb. chicken or one
end of a 6-7 lb. turkey.
I 5-oz. can apricots, drained and
chopped I 3 oz. fresh white breadcrumbs ( see page 10 ) I -! medium
onion, peeled and chopped I squeeze
of lemon juice I I oz. butter, melted I
salt and black pepper I 2 oz. walnut
halves, chopped roughly
Combine all the ingredients and mix
well together. Use to stuff both
ends of the bird. Impale on the spit,
Truss very securely with string.
Brush with melted fat. Sprinkle with
salt. Cook, following the times on
the chart.
Cheese & Rosemary Stuffing
Use to stuff a 4-5 lb. boned loin o:shoulder of lamb.
4 oz. fresh white bread-crumbs ( see
page IO ) I 4 oz. onion, peeled and
chopped I salt and pepper I 2 oz.
Cheddar cheese, grated J2 tomatoes,
peeled and chopped I I level teaspoonful dried rosemary I I oz. butter,
Combine all ingredients and mix
well together. Spread over the boned
meat, tie securely with string. Impale
on the spit. Cook, following times
on the chart.
Chestnut Stuffing
Use to stuff one end of a 6-7 lb.
2 oz. bacon rashers, rinded I 4 oz.
fresh white bread-crumbs (see page
I o) I -! level teaspoonful dried parsley I
rind of -! lemon I I I -oz. can whole
chestnuts, unsweetened I salt and
black pepper I I oz. butter, melted I
I egg
Fry bacon till crisp then chop into
bowl with the bread-crumbs, parsley and lemon rind. Put half contents of can of chestnuts, including
half the liquid, in the liquidizer
goblet and blend for 30 sees till
nearly smooth. Add to stuffing and
repeat with the remainder. Season
well and bind together with butter
and egg. Stuff the bird. Impale on
the spit (page I9). Truss very securely
with string. Brush with melted fat.
Sprinkle with salt. Cook, following
the times on the chart.
Trim and cube a I t lb. piece of lean
lamb and marinade for 2-3 hrs in 3
tablespoonfuls oil mixed with I
tablespoonful red wine, seasoned
with crushed garlic. Rind and roll
up I2 rashers of streaky bacon.
Blanch 1 green pepper, 6 pickling
onions and 12 button mushrooms
in boiling water for 5 mins. Deseed
and cube pepper. Drain meat and
arrange all ingredients on kebab
skewers. Place in position and cook
on the high setting for 35 mins.
Brush with any remaining marinade
. .with
A Moulinex Electric Carving Knife is a powerful modern appliance that will
make light work of any cutting job. It is especially useful for large families
and for parties and receptions where lots of boneless joints need to be
sliced. Also invaluable where numbers of sandwiches are required . The
knife will slice bread and cheese to any thickness. wafer-slice cucumber
and even quickly portion butter. Cakes of every sort take kindly to its sharp
blades. from delicate sponges to iced birthday mixtures. An 8-in. bladed
accessory for multiple slicing will quickly. efficiently and evenly slice small
items like hard-boiled eggs. lemons. oranges. bananas. tomatoes. beetroots. cooked potatoes and other root vegetables.
Carving Corner
To partner your Moulinex
Carving Knife you will also
need a fork. The correct carving fork has two sharp prongs
so that it enters the meat
easily; it should, for safety,
have a guard. Choose a serving dish large enough for the
joint and keep the garnish
small. Meat is almost always
carved across the grain: it will
then eat more tenderly. The
one exception is saddle of lamb.
Beef is usually cut thin, but
that's a matter of choice.
Mutton and lamb are best
sliced fairly thick, pork and
veal just slightly thicker. Before tackling a joint or poultry
with an electric carving knife,
get to know the anatomy of the
jo~nt or bird concerned.
To use the carving knife: Place
the food to be sliced on a wooden
board (a metal or other dish might
damage the blades) and operate the
knife by depressing the button on
the front of the handle. Guide the
blades through the food to give you
the desired thickness. Do not use a
sawing action - the knife cuts easily
at any angle with very little effort.
The knife slices: Meat of every
sort - particularly boned and rolled
joints and delicatessen meats like
salami. Poultry and joints with a
bone can be carved but require a
little experience. Use the tips of the
blades to cut close to bones, being
careful not to cut through a bone as
this can damage the blades. Do not
try to cut up frozen items or to
sharpen the blades.
To use the Moulinex Multiple
Slicer: Place the food (size is
important, each item to be sliced
must fit into the slot on the slicing
pad) in position, followed by the
knife. Switch on and, with a gentle
downward movement, guide the
knife through the food item. Do not
force the blades.
NB. Potato chips can be made by
cutting potatoes in slices almost to
the base, then giving a half turn to
the potato and cutting in the opposite direction.
Tomato Salad
Evenly slice I lb. tomatoes, lay
overlapping in a shallow dish. Chill.
Coat with a dressing made from I
tablespoonful lemon juice, t tea-
Bermuda Salad
spoonful oil, pinch of salt and I
level teaspoonful sugar. Garnish
with finely grated lemon rind.
Alternate slices of peeled orange
with rings of thinly sliced onion.
Garnish with sprigs of watercress or
chopped fresh mint.
When you
want juice
The Moulinex Juice Extractor is a wonderful labour-saving machine for all
juice lovers. It will extract every drop of juice from a wide range of fruit
and vegetables to give you and your family health-giving and tasty juicesso much easier than trying to squeeze lots of fruit on hand-operated
squeezers. Try fruit or vegetable juices as a starter. particularly refreshing for
breakfast. serving a different juice for every meal. Keep a jug of juice in the
fridge for the family to tuck into during the day.
Use the juice extractor. too. when a recipe calls for fruit juice - e.g. in a
mousse. souffle or jelly.
Citrus fruits : Any citrus fruit gives
beautiful juice. Try orange with
grapefruit, lemon with orange or all
Very thick-skinned fruits tend to
give a pulpy juice, so remove some
of the peel and pith with a sharp
knife before juicing.
Grapes: Use either black or white.
There is no need to remove pips.
Apples : Both eating and cooking
apples give a delicious juice - green
skinned apples are particularly pleasant.
Pears: Try alone or with grape juice.
Sharpen with lemon.
Other fruits: Soft fruits like black
currants are also suitable. Use fresh
fruit in season, but try frozen
(thawed) or canned fruit too.
Vegetables: Carrots give the most
tasty juice, but an unusual drink can
be made by combining a selection of
vegetables, e.g. celery, carrots, parsley and tomatoes.
Sherry Refresher
Breakfast Vitalizer
Fruit Cocktail
Squeeze the juice from 3 fresh
grapefruit. Add 6 tablespoonfuls
sweet sherry and chill. Just before
serving add soda water to taste.
Serves 4-6.
Squeeze the juice from 2 oranges and
beat in I egg yolk and I teaspoonful
of honey. For a really smooth drink,
blend in the Moulinex liquidizer
grinder. Serves 1.
To use the Juice Extractor:
Assemble the extractor as described
in the instructions, being careful to
secure the lid with the wire handle.
Cut up the fruit, etc., into evensized pieces, about I in. square;
stone fruits with hard stones. Place a
jug under the outlet and switch on.
Feed in the fruit, using the plunger,
and out will come lovely clear juice.
Do not press the plunger too hard or
feed too much in at any one time.
Do not use your fingers for pressing
down the fruit. Unplug the machine
before cleaning.
Try these in your Moulinex Juice
Tomatoes: Choose ripe tomatoes.
Season the juice with salt, pepper
and Worcestershire sauce or lemon
I lemon
to taste,
the juice from 6 oranges,
and I grapefruit. Sweeten
then chill. Serve in sugarglasses. Serves 6.
Mincing, shredding, grating
To mince
Fit the mincer with the appropriate
cutter and cut the food into long
strips. Switch on and feed the food
through the funnel, using the push
piece. Use the fine cutter for cooked
meats and good quality raw meat,
e.g. rump steak for Steak Tartare,
and the coarse cutter for ordinary
raw meats, fruit and vegetables.
NB. If you want finely minced raw
meat , put the meat through the
mincer twice.
To use grating section
Fit in the chosen cone and adjust
grating unit in position. Switch on
and feed in the vegetables etc., with
push piece. Use the disc-cut grater
for cutting fruits and vegetables, like
cucumber and carrots, into discs
and for shredding citrus peel,
cabbage and onions; the large-hole
grater for celery, carrots and beetroot; the small-hole grater for soft
cheeses and fine carrots, hard cheeses,
nuts, chocolate and bread for crumbs.
Cole Slaw
t firm cabbage ( about I lb.) I t lb.
carrots, peeled or scraped I 2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice I I level tablespoonful caster sugar I salt and black
pepper I I small green pepper I 2
slices peeled onion I t pint mayonnaise (page I 4) I celery seed
Remove and discard coarse stem
from cabbage, cut into wedges and
put through disc-cut grater. Put carrots through the large-hole grater.
In a bowl toss together with cabbage,
lemon juice, sugar, salt and freshly
ground pepper. Leave fort hr. Drain.
Add green pepper and onion after
putting through the small-hole grater.
Fold in the mayonnaise. Dust with a
sprinkling of celery seed. Serves 4-6.
NB. If wished, use half mayonnaise
and half soured cream.
I lb. lean chuck steak I 4 oz. lean
streahy bacon, rinded I I large onion,
peeled I 2 carrots, peeled I 2 oz. white
bread I I egg I I tablespoonful
Worcestershire sauce I I level tab/e.
spoonful concentrated tomato paste I
salt and pepper
Put steak, bacon, onion, I carrot and
bread through mincer fitted with
coarse cutter. Blend well with egg,
sauce, tomato paste and seasoning to
taste. Grease an 8! by 4!-in. (top
measurement) loaf tin and arrange a
row of sliced carrot down the centre.
Fill with meat mixture. Cover with
foil. Bake at 350° F. (mark 4) for
about I t hrs. Turn out and serve hot
or cold.
I 2 oz. lean chuck steak, trimmed I
8 oz. lean bacon I small onion, peeled I
level teaspoonful salt I t level
teaspoonful pepper I 2 oz . fresh white
bread-crumbs (page IO )
Put steak, bacon and onion through
the mincer, fitted with coarse cutter.
Blend well with salt, pepper and
bread-crumbs. Shape into hamburgers using the special hamburger
mould. Coat with flour. Fry in hot
fat for 4-5 mins on each side. Makes
Moulinex make two useful mincers that any housewife would find a boon
in her kitchen. The HV Mincer has a fine and coarse cutter that will mince
meat. suet. fruit for marmalade and vegetables for chutney. The Jeannette
Mincer/Grater- a luxury appliance- exactly like the HV Mincer- w ith the
addition of grating. sli·cing and shredding cones opens up new horizons.
especially in the salad field. Amongst other cooking jobs the Jeannette
will grate ra w beetroot for bortsch. horseradish for sauce or cream. and you
need never be without freshly grated Parmesan. so important to Italian
dishes. Juicy home-made hamburgers topped with thinly sliced ra w onion
and served in soft rolls start life in the specially designed hamburger mould
Moulinette (shown right)
Plantation Pie
Chopping and mincing jobs can be
done even more quickly with the
Moulinette, which tackles fish, meat,
onions, parsley, dry cheese, raw
vegetables and bread in seconds.
This revolutionary appliance is interchangeable with the mincer but will
not do the slicing and shredding
tasks undertaken by the Jeannette.
Put the food. into the Moulinette in
fairly small pieces. Operate on and
off to the desired fineness. Do not
use for liquids.
Cheese & Onion Flan
6 oz. Cheddar cheese I 2 onions,
Peeled I I oz. butter I 8-in. unbaked
Pastry case I 2 eggs I t pint milk I
salt and pepper
Grate cheese and onions using the
small-hole and large-hole grater
respectively. Saute the onion in
butter for 10 mins. Fill the pastry
case with cheese and onion. Beat
eggs and milk with seasoning, pour
over the cheese. Bake at 400° F.
(mark 6) for about 15 mins and
reduce heat to 350° F. (mark 4) for a
further 30 mins until filling and
pastry are set. Serve warm or cold.
Serves 4.
Year Round Marmalade
2 grapefruit I 4 lemons I 2 sweet
oranges I 5 pints water I 6 lb. sugar
Weigh grapefruit and lemons and
make up to 3 lb. with oranges. Scrub
the fruit, cut in half and squeeze out
the juice, remove pips and any extra
thick white pith and membrane from
the grapefruit. Either put the peel
through the mincer coarse cutter or
through the Jeannette disc-cut grater. Put peel and the juice in a large
pan with the water and the pips and
grapefruit pith tied in a muslin bag.
Cook gently for 3 hrs or until peel
is quite soft and liquid reduced.
Remove bag of pips after squeezing.
Add sugar, stir until dissolved, boil
quickly until setting point is reached.
Pot and cover. Yield 10 lb.
Green Tomato Chutney
3 lb. green tomatoes, halved I 2 lb.
apples, quartered and cored I t lb.
stoned raisins or sultanas I It lb.
shallots, peeled I 8 red chillies I t oz.
dried root ginger I I lb. demerara
sugar It oz. salt I r pint malt vinegar
Put tomatoes, apples, raisins ancl
shallots through mincer fitted with
coarse cutter. Tie chillies and ginger
in a muslin bag. Place all ingredients
together in a saucepan. Bring to the
boil. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered until of the desired consistency, there should be no loose
liquid. Remove muslin bag. Pot and
cover with vinegar-proof lids.
It lb. old potatoes I I oz. lard I
small onion, thinly sliced I I;} lb. lean
chuck steak I I pkt mushroom sauce
mix I 8-oz. can peeled tomatoes 1
7-oz. can sweet corn kernel I salt and
pepper I small pkt frozen peas I I 2
button mushrooms
Cook the potatoes; cream in the
usual way. A Moulinex Mixer fitted
with beaters will give light fluffy
potatoes. Meanwhile, melt the lard,
add onion and cook slowly till tender.
Put meat through mincer fitted with
coarse grater. Add the meat, stir to
separate, cook for about 10 mins.
Drain off surplus fat. Sprinkle the
sauce mix over the meat. Mix well,
stir in the tomatoes and corn. Bring
to the boil and simmer 10 mins.
Check seasoning. Turn into a
shallow dish. Top with potato,
leaving a "window" to take the peas
later. Brown potatoes in the oven at
450° F. (mark 8) or under the grill if
preferred. Fill centre with freshly
cooked peas and baked or grilled
mushrooms. Serves 4.
Chicken & Ham Pie
4 oz. cooked ham or bacon I I small
onion, peeled I I 2 oz. cooked .chicken
free of bone I i pint thick white sauce 1
small pkt mixed frozen vegetables,
thawed I seasoning I 8 oz. shortcrust
Mince together the ham and onion
using the coarse cutter. Stir into the
sauce with the chicken, cut in
largish pieces, and frozen vegetables.
Season well. Turn into a 2-pint pie
dish. Cool before covering with a lid
of shortcrust pastry. Decorate with
thinly rolled pastry tdmmings. Bake
at 400° F. (mark 6) for about 40 mins.
NB. Use ! chicken stock and t milk
for the sauce.
Off with
the skin
Moulinex make three efficient vegetable peelers that are particularly helpful in the kitchen for peeling potatoes
and carrots. There are three sizes: No. 1
peels up to 2 lb. vegetables in 2-3
mins and is suitable for a small family.
No. 2 and No. 3 peel more quickly and
have a larger capacity- 4 lb. and 6 lb.
respectively. For best results choose.
even sized vegetables. After peeling
remove "eyes" by hand.
Frying Facts
Scalloped Potatoes
Peel It lb. potatoes and slice thinly.
Butter two I2-in. squares of foil.
Layer potatoes in the centre of each
piece of foil with 3 oz. butter divided
between the two. Season well and add
I tablespoonful of milk to each pile
of potatoes. Shape foil into parcels.
Bake on a baking sheet at 400° F.
(mark 6) for 50-60 mins. Turn
potatoes into a hot serving dish.
Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
Serves 4·
Glazed Carrots
Peel I lb. carrots which should be
short and plump. Cover with t pint
chicken stock, add a large knob of
butter, freshly ground pepper and 2
level teaspoonfuls sugar. Cover the
pan and cook gently for about 20
mins, until carrots are tender and
stock absorbed (keep a special eye
on this towards the end of cooking
time). Garnish with chopped mint.
GaZette Lyonnaise
Boil I lb. peeled potatoes and then
cream them with butter and milk
until quite fluffy. Peel, chop, then
saute I lb. onions in 2 oz. butter until
tender, without browning. Stir onions into creamed potatoes and add a
little grated nutmeg. Check seasoning. Turn into a shallow ovenproof
dish. Smooth over the top. Dot with
I oz. butter and brown in the oven
at 375 ° F. (mark 5) for about 20
mins. Serve cut into wedges. Serves
Coat foods evenly, pat breadcrumbs well into the surface
and leave to set for up to an
hour before frying.
Dust fish fillets, steak and
prawns with seasoned flour
before coating.
Add a little food at a time to
the hot fat so as not to cool it
down too much.
Keep fat clean - the fryer will
hold 4t pints oil or 7 lb. lard
or other white cooking fats.
Do not use margarine or
butter for deep frying.
If necessary, turn food for
even results.
Drain fried foods in the basket and then on absorbent
kitchen paper.
Ideal cooking temperature for
most food items is 375 ° F.
(red setting) unless otherwise
Rendered beef fat (dripping)
is suitable for less delicate
Oil, such as corn oil, is the best
cooking medium for any foods
that are to be eaten cold.
After use it is wise to strain
cooled oil through muslin,
especially if there are any deposits of coating, etc., left
Fresh oil should be added as
the level of used oil drops.
The temperature of any fat or oil is
of prime importance when frying and
for this reason alone a controlled
Moulinex Fat Fryer is the answer.
At too high a temperature the outer
coating becomes charred before the
inside is cooked and at too low a
temperature the fat penetrates, spoiling
the flavour and appearance. Set at the
correct heat the fryer gives consistently
even results.
p er, ec f deep-,.&a f I.&Tying
Dip two apple slices in batter.
Allow excess batter to drain off, then
lower into the hot oil (the cooking
basket is not used when making
fritters). Fry the fritters for 4 mins,
turning occasionally. Drain on absorbent kitchen paper then toss in
caster sugar. Repeat with remaining
apple rings. Serve at once. Serves 4.
Fried Haddock
Cheese, Bacon & Potato Balls
I lb. potatoes, peeled and boiled
4 oz. streaky bacon, rinded I 2 oz.
Cheddar cheese, grated I salt and
pepper I I egg, beaten I 4 oz. fresh
white bread-crumbs (page I o)
Drain and sieve the potatoes. Grill
the bacon until crisp. Chop finely.
Add to potatoes with cheese, season
to taste. Form into 14 balls. Brush
each with beaten egg, then toss in
bread-crumbs. Pat crumbs well in.
Heat the oil to the orange setting.
Place four balls in the basket. Fry
for 4 mins approx. until golden
brown. Drain and keep hot. Fry
remaining balls.
For four people peel 2 lb. potatoes
and cut into sticks (2 in. long by
! in. square). Dry on absorbent
kitchen paper. Heat the oil to the red
setting. When the light goes off
place half the chips in the cooking
basket and carefully lower into hot
oil. Cook for 3-4 mins, then remove
basket. Re-heat the oil until the
red light goes off. Return the
basket to the fryer and fry for a
further 1-2 mins, until chips are
golden brown. Drain on absorbent
kitchen paper. Sprinkle with salt.
Fry rest of potatoes.
Apple Fritters
3 oz. plain flour I pinch of salt I s-6
tablespoonfuls tepid water I 3 teaspoonfuls oil I I large egg, separated I
i lb. cooking apples, peeled I caster
Into the sifted flour and salt stir
the water and oil. Beat until smooth.
Fold in stiffly beaten egg white.
Cut apples into !-in. slices, remove
cores. Heat the fat to the red setting.
I lb. haddock fillet I I oz. seasoned
flour I I egg, beaten I 2 oz. fresh white
bread-crumbs (page I o)
Divide haddock fillet into 4 pieces,
toss in seasoned flour then brush
with egg and coat in bread-crumbs.
Pat crumbs well in. Heat the oil to
the red setting. Place two pieces of
fish in cooking basket and lower
carefully into the fat, fry for 5
mins, until crisp and golden brown.
Drain on absorbent kitchen paper.
Fry rest of fish. Serves 4·
Scotch Eggs
6 hard-boiled eggs, shelled I I oz.
seasoned flour I I 2 oz. sausage meat I
I egg, beaten I 2 oz. fresh white
bread-crumbs (page I o)
Toss eggs in flour. Divide sausage
meat into 2-oz. portions and on a
lightly floured surface roll each
piece into a circle large enough to
cover an egg. Place egg in centre
und shape sausage meat round.
Seal any joins with beaten egg.
Brush each egg with beaten egg and
toss in bread-crumbs. Press crumbs
well in. Heat oil to the red setting.
Place 2 eggs in the cooking basket and
carefully lower into the hot oil. Fry
for 5 mins until crisp and golden
brown. Drain on absorbent kitchen
paper. Fry remaining eggs and serve.
Moulinex produce a rang e of
vacuum cleaners for all typ es of
use. They are lightweight. efficient and extremely cheap. All
are guaranteed for a year and
are backed by after-sales service.
l<eeping the place clean
Cylinder Model
The Petivac
Car Cleaner
This model - the No. 350 - is a
powerful but lightweight cleaner
suitable for any home Whether it is
used for cleaning floors, carpets,
upholstery, pelmets, walls, stairs,
cornices or radiators - you aim it and
this 350-watt model does the rest.
It is supplied with a long flexible
hose, extension tubes, two suction
feet and a crevice tool. It is a cylinder
model which can be used as a hand
model (as in the picture above) if
preferred. Fully suppressed, it is
finished in grey and maroon, and is
illustrated in the picture on the
facing page.
This model, shown above, is a
perfect second cleaner for the larger
household and is entirely adequate
on its own for a flatlet or bed-sitter.
The Petivac weighs only 2t lb.
Complete with accessories - two
long and short extension tubes,
suction foot, two brushes and a
crevice tool - it makes light work of
pelmets, upholstery and other not so
accessible situations, and is ideal as a
"second" cleaner for stairs. Fully
suppressed, it consumes 150 watts
and comes in dawn grey with maroon
The ideal cleaner for the motorist,
caravanner, holidaymaker - it works
off a 12-volt battery. It will lift dust
and gravel from those difficult nooks
and crannies found in cars, caravans
and beach huts. The accessories
include a good long lead- 18 feetwith spring clips for easy connection
to car battery terminals, and there is
a special adaptor which inflates (or
deflates) rubber and plastic mattresses, dinghies, beach toys, pools and
the like. It can, of course, also be
used as a blower to dry out condensation on the car engine! It is illustrated above.
The Minor No. 2
This 210-watt medium-sized cleaner
has push-fit accessories to cope with
all household tasks, two long and a
short extension tube, two suction
feet, two brushes and a crevice tool.
The dust container is easily unclipped for emptying. Finished in
grey with maroon handle.
Choose your hair drier
The salon model
The portable one-hand model
The problem of air humidity
All the luxury of a relaxed session at
the hairdressing salon is brought to
your home with this model consisting of a helmet and detachable,
simply assembled, transparent visor
and free-standing floor tripod. The
model has a two-heat control - 300
and 400 watts - automatic re-setting
safety cut-out and a near-at-hand
on/off switch in the mains lead. It is
economical, too - with the fan
motor it uses a maximum of only
440 watts. For the best results use
plastic rollers with a hair net. The
drier is shown above.
This lightweight hand model is
illustrated below. It is ideal for use
anywhere in the home and compact
enough to pack with your things
when you go on holiday. It has a
blow-wave nozzle, on/off and hot/
cold controls and burns only 400
watts of current.
The use of modern heating systems
introduces a new problem - the
reduction of air humidity. Dry
throats, drowsiness and eye irritation can result. Distortion of furniture and woodwork, detuning of
pianos, and damage to valuable
paintings and antiques can all be
caused, while accelerated wear of
'dried out' carpets and fabrics
creates dust in the atmosphere.
Indoor plants, which absorb moisture from the air, die from want of
humidity. All in all an unfortunate
chain reaction, but Moulinex have
the answer.
Hand or stand drier
Shown in the picture above right, this
is the Moulinex lightweight for hand
drying or it can be used with a steel
table stand and a drier hood - fitted
on a spring spiral connecting tube
for comfort. The model has on/off
and hot/cold controls, automatic resetting safety cut out and the induction motor is almost noiseless. It
consumes only 340 watts.
The home humidifier
The compact Humidifier No. 1 (see
picture above) replaces moisture in the air at the rate of one pint
every six hours. Suitable for rooms
of average size, it has a capacity of
4 pints, a transparent indicator
showing the water level, and is quite
simple to refill.
Central heating
and a healthy home
Price list
Recommended retail prices of
Moulinex appliances,
january r968
Minor Beater without bowl
Major Beater 3-speed, with bowl
Major Mixer 3-speed, with bowl
and stand
Stand for Major Beater
Robot Marinette Mixer
Junior Grinder
Senior Grinder
Liquidizer attachment
Automatic Grinder
Liquidizer/Grinder (Coffret No.2)
De Luxe Liquidizer/Grinder
(Coffret No.3)
Juice Extractor
The Humidifier is operated by a
2o-watt electric induction motor,
Which drives a fan blowing air
through evaporation vanes having a
total surface area of 700 square
inches. Moisture is absorbed and
carried into the atmosphere by the
moving air. Chemical air purifiers
and germicides can be added to the
Water to cleanse and perfume the air.
It is recommended that in hard
Water areas distilled or cooled, boiled
Water should be used to remove the
hardness which can clog the evaporation vanes. The vanes can be replaced each season - the set of 40 costs
only Ios.
The appliance measures only 9t
inches square by 6t inches high.
And its cost to run? Less than Id.
for a 24-hour day.
For large rooms
The Humidifier No. 2 (shown
above) uses atomization of water
to provide a higher degree of moisture/air saturation for larger areas,
offices, commercial premises, hospitals and the like.
The water container holds 9t pints.
The output is one pint in about
three hours. The 20-watt induction
motor draws water up a rotation
central tube and throws it against a
circular grill so that tiny droplets
are carried on a current of air
through the aperture in the top of
the water container. It is better not
to situate the unit close to a wall or a
window because of the amount of
moisture supplied by it.
As with the smaller humidi6er,
distilled or cool, boiled water should
be used in hard water areas. Maintenance is almost non-existent.
Simply clean the central tube once
every six months by soaking it for
24 hours in a solution of three parts
vinegar to one of water.
Electric Carving Knife
Knife with Multiple Slicer
H.V. Mincer
Jeannette Mincer/ Grater
Deep Fat Fryer
Rotissoire No. 1
Rotissoire No. 2
Hair Drier No. 1
Hair Drier No. 5
Salon Hair Drier with Tripod
Petivac Cleaner
Minor Cleaner
350 Cylinder Cleaner
12 Volt Car Cleaner
Vegetable Peeler No. 1 (2 lb.)
Vegetable Peeler No.2 (4 lb.)
Vegetable Peeler No. 3 (6 lb.)
Humidifier No. 1
Set of 40 replacement vanes
Humidifier No.2
4 17
6 15
19 6
13 0
14 6
12 6
5 6
19 6
15 0
13 0
14 0
17 0
19 6
5 0
9 0
19 6
9 6
9 6
15 0
19 6
17 0
19 6
9 6
10 0
6 9 6
The illustrations in this booklet include a
selection of glassware from the General
Trading Co. (Mayfair) Ltd., 144 Sloane Street.
London SW 1, and from Harvey Nichols & Co.
Ltd.. Knightsbridge, London SW 1. also a
selection of china from Gered Wedgwood &
Spade, 134 Regent Street. London W 1.
1968 The National Magazine Co. Ltd .,
Chestergate House, Vauxhall Bndge Rd.
London SW 1
Printed by J . Howitt & Son Ltd, Nottingham
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