S h o w c a s i n g Yo u r H o m e
Bef ore your home receives its f irst visit from a pot ential buyer, t ake some time
to assure that it is in the best possible condition. The better shape itʼs in, the
b e t t e r i t ʼ s c h a n c e o f s e l l i n g q u i c k l y. T h e f o l l ow i n g c h e c k l i s t m a y h e l p yo u .
Paint the entire exterior if necessary
Cut low-hanging tree limbs
Replace overgrown shrubbery
Add new landscaping
Paint the front door and screen
Wash exterior windows
Repair gutters and shutters
Inspect the roof & replace missing shingles
Repair broken steps
Repair fences
Mow lawn weekly -- more frequently if necessary
Edge lawn weekly
Trim shrubs regularly
Put pets outside
Remove cars and RV’s from driveway
Place garbage cans out of sight
Rake leaves
Sweep decks
Vacuum -- including rafters
Stack stored items neatly against walls
Replace light bulbs
Repaint if necessary
Clean the furnace & air conditioner and
replace filters
Repair dripping faucets
Clean stains
Replace caulking
Eliminate clutter from counters
Fold and hang out clean towels
Wipe down mirrors and faucets
Scrub sink, toilet bowl, tub, & shower
Clean floor
Clean oven and other appliances
Clean vent fan
Clean and straighten cupboards
Wax floor
Remove unused appliances like toaster ovens &
coffee mills
Clean window ledges
Clean counter tops
Clean and put away dishes
Repaint in neutral colors if necessary
Repair leak stains on walls & ceilings
Replace carpeting as necessary
Repair loose stairs and railings
Plaster nail holes
Replace missing tiles
Replace missing molding
Repair light fixtures
Fix light switches
Replace light bulbs
Lubricate squeaking cabinets and doors
Wash and repair windows
Professionally clean carpets
Remove worn furniture
Clean fireplace
Put logs in fireplace
Wax wood and tile floors
Consider rearranging furniture
Straighten clothes closets
Place excess items from closets in storage
Pre-pack personal items such as pictures,
awards,& trophies
Pre-pack breakables
Pre-pack other possessions
Hide electrical cords
Put small signs on items to be included in the
Vacuum rugs and carpets
Clear clutter from tables and shelves
Straighten items on tables and shelves
Use room deodorizers
Turn on lights
Make beds
Unlock doors during showings
Clean ashtrays & waste baskets
Open blinds and curtains
Set thermostat for 68-72 degrees
Set out fresh flowers
Turn off TV’s and radios - turn on stereo
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