Walltalkers adhesive backings – Installation instructions

Walltalkers® adhesive backings – Installation instructions
Step 1. Verification of ordered product
Examine the material so that the pattern, colour, quantity and
quality is in accordance with the order.
Step 2. Preparing the substrate
Walltalkers writing surfaces can be put on a dense and wellprepared surface. The mounting surface must be clean, smooth,
dry, uniform in colour and firm.
If possible, remove the frame from the mounting clips. Then you
can roughly adjust the wallpaper _ edges over the whole area that
the frame otherwise covers, which in turn eliminates the possibility
of oblique cutting. Be careful when removing the frame, since the
wallpaper may be loose. If the frame cannot be removed, it is
necessary to carefully clean-cut the wallpaper.
Do not apply Walltalkers writing surfaces on materials that have
traces of ink from ballpoint pens, crayons, printing ink, oil stains
or other material that can "bleed" through. Surface damages
(cracks, joints or chips) should be filled with spackle or polyester
filling compound. Some repairs to the damaged area can provide
colour contrasts against existing chalkboard. Occurs this problem;
the substrate must be painted with primer before installing the
Walltalkers whiteboard. Small differences in colour work, but _ just
in case, glue on a sample if in doubt. Would colour difference
"shine" through the material, it is recommended to paint on a coat
of fast drying enamel primer over the repaired areas. The colour of
the primer should match the substrate. Sand the board until it is
completely free of imperfections, as these are easily visible
through the whiteboard wallpaper. Also remove traces of tape,
adhesives or other foreign material from the surface.
Clean the surface, frames and pen tray thoroughly with suitable
detergent and wash clean with water. Remove any particles that
may fall off during installation.
Step 3. Guidelines for installation
The material should be mounted horizontally along the board
surface. Use masking tape as reference at the top of the surface or
the board on which the whiteboard wallpaper is to be installed.
Cut the lengths with 4-5 cm excess. Afterwards, cut carefully with
a straightedge or against existing framework.
To remove air bubbles: Wet the surface to which the whiteboard
wallpaper is to be installed with soapy water. Use preferably a
spray bottle. Add ½ capful soap / detergent for every 8 litres of
clean water. The solution also makes it possible to move or adjust
the wallpaper over the substrate.
Then, one of the installers follows with a plastic scraper wrapped in
a damp cloth and squeezes out any bubbles of air and water. Start
by fastening the material at the centre, then press out the material
up- and downwards with the help of the plastic scraper.
The other installer removes the protective paper and rolls the
wallpaper whiteboard slowly and evenly out onto the substrate.
Wash the surface with more soapy water if necessary. When the
entire surface is in place both installers carefully press out the
material to remove all bubbles and soapy water from the
whiteboard wallpaper. Working from the centre outwards with
gentle strokes.
Trim the material to the frame using a straightedge and a sharp
scalpel / carpet knife. Be very careful not to damage the writing
surface. Press away any excess liquid from the wallpaper edges.
Use a clean dry cloth to wipe off any moisture from the writing
surface. Be sure that the edge of the writing surface adheres
properly to the substrate. Change cloths frequently!
Reassemble the existing framework that was dismantled before
installing the whiteboard wallpaper.
Do not let any material touch the adhesive surface before
installation. Remove any debris from the glue by using a spray
solution, or with scrapers or manual picking.
Never use metal or sharp objects on the surface when
installing of the material.
To reduce any joints, be careful not to stretch the material.
Instead, move the entire length.
Do not puncture any air bubbles under the mounted writing
surface. Instead, press them away using the rubber sponge.
If the material does not end up horizontally, remove it and
start over.
Step 4. Finishing
Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe with soft cloth. Change the
water often. Do not use any kind of abrasives when cleaning.
At occurrence of questions regarding the material in connection to
the installation, stop the installation immediately and contact
Wallrite Scandinavia AB, see contact information on the bottom
Wallrite Scandinavia AB is not responsible for the appearance or
function of a wall material that has not been installed according
to this description.
For larger installations, it is recommended that two installers
perform the installation. Start by installing at least 30 cm of the
material and make sure that it fits exactly into place before the
remaining material is fitted.
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