2017 Rock ‘N August
Father’s Day Soapbox Derby
Presented in support of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation
Sunday, June 18, 2017
Safety Rules & Regulations
The 2017 Father’s Day Soapbox Derby is for “Go-kit” Cars only. In the following pages you will find the
specifications for the racers, and safety specifications. All soapbox cars must be inspected at one of our inspection
nights Tuesday June 13 or Thursday June 15, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm each night. (Scheduled for Leo Nickerson
Elementary School, 10 Sycamore Ave, St. Albert). Any soapbox cars not passing inspection must be re-inspected
before racing on race day.
Note to ALL Racers: Although you may have been inspected and passed, the Race Director reserves the
right to re-inspect and disqualify ANY cart that does not meet CURRENT safety standards on the day of the
Waiver: Everyone must have their 2017 Father’s Day Soapbox Derby Waiver signed and submitted in order to race!
You may email completed scanned waivers to StAlbertSoapboxDerby@gmail.com . Please put the racer’s name in the
subject line of the email: “Waiver: Bob Smith”
Registration: Registration is on a first come basis. Space is limited, so don't delay. Boys and girls between the ages of 6 and
12 ON June 18, 2017 are eligible. Depending on age, each child will be placed in their respective age group. There are three
categories to compete in; 6-7 year old, 8-9 year old, 10-12 year old.
You may email completed scanned registration to StAlbertSoapboxDerby@gmail.com . Please put the racer’s name in
the subject line of the email: “Registration: Bob Smith”
Payment is accepted by cash, cheques or credit card. See details on the 2017 Registration Form.
Rock ‘N August
PMB 121
3-11 Bellerose Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 5C9
CHEQUE: Mail Cheques and registration to “Rock ‘N August”
Include details on your registration and fax to 780-450-0186 Attn: Cheryl MacKenzie or email to
StAlbertSoapboxDerby@gmail.com. If you would prefer NOT to include your credit card information
on the form, you may contact Cheryl MacKenzie, 780-907-1034, and she will take your payment over the phone.
If you would like to make cash payment, please email us at StAlbertSoapboxDerby@gmail.com and make arrangements OR,
during business hours of Monday- Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm (AFTER MARCH 15th) you may drop your registration off at DK
Sparklean at 8 Riel Drive, St Albert. PLEASE do not send cash by mail.
Official Rules and Regulations for the 2017 Father’s Day Soapbox Derby
REQUIREMENTS (Subject to Inspection prior to Race Day):
1. All parts in the “Go-Kit” must be used to assure equal chance by all racers competing with the
special allowance on wheels noted in number 2 below.
2. Wheels must not be altered or exchanged for different style or brand (with the
exception noted below). No changing of bearings, shaving of tires, covering of wheel
hubs, or any alterations whatsoever is permitted; except lubrication and painting.
NOTE: You may purchase locally sources plastic tires for your cart. Although they will
not be branded as derby wheels, they must match the diameter specifications of the
tires that originally shipped with your kit. They may contain NO additional
modifications including but not limited to bearings, metal parts etc. Tires are subject
to inspection.
3. Gravity is the only form of power allowed.
4. Cars must run on four wheels; two fronts (7”) and two rears (8”). All wheels must have
contact with and touch the ground at all times when racing.
5. The base of the car must be constructed from 5/8” plywood; neither MDF nor Particle Board is
6. Feet must be in forward position with legs able to be extended when driver is in racing
7. Seat belts are required.
SEATBELTS must be safely attached to the floorboard or frame member, be a
minimum of 2” wide to avoid cutting into the racers skin should there be an impact
AND include two (2) shoulder restraints and a waist restraint.
(Experience: Insufficient seatbelts will disqualify the cart. This is our single
biggest safety issue from year to year).
8. A properly fitting helmet must be worn. Bicycle, BMX, motorcycle, football or hockey
helmets are acceptable. Full face protection is preferred.
9. Drivers must wear shoes during competition (Flip flops and sandals are not
allowed). Wearing gloves, elbow and/or knee pads are optional but preferred.
10. Brakes must be one of the four designs provided in the kit. Brakes must be capable of
stopping the car in a short straight line, with no damage to the road surface.
ALTERNATE brake options may be used based on prior approval of the Race Director.
They must demonstrate full braking capability at inspection.
11. Steering must be by wheel; circular or other design are acceptable.
12. A roll bar high enough to protect the driver’s head while seated in the car in the
unlikely event of a roll-over. Roll Bar MUST EXCEED the height of the driver while
wearing helmet and seated in the cart.
As seen in prior races, even with all of the precautions, roll overs do sometimes
occur. It is very important to provide protection against potential whiplash. Provide
an adequate head rest for the driver.
13. CART WEIGHT: REVISED for 2017 (We continue to refine this with both the safety of the
driver and safety of VOLUNTEERS in mind)
The weight of the cart & driver combined must meet a minimum weight of 100lbs.
NO cart may exceed a weight of 100lbs when weighed separate from the driver.
NO combined Cart & Driver weight may exceed 250lbs.
Weight MAY be added to the cart subject to SAFETY review as long as the overall weight is
within guidance. If the Race Director OR Inspectors deem the weight to be unsafe or
improperly secured, you will be requested to remove the weights prior to entering the cart
into the race.
NO weight may be added at the front of the cart.
Weight added under the cart MUST be secured in such a way that there are no
protruding screws (Safety issue experienced in prior years)
NO unsecured weight will be allowed in or on the cart with the exception of sand bags
in the foot well if required to meet minimum standards.
14. The length of the car cannot exceed 53 inches. (Staging Physical Limit)
15. No sharp protruding objects or design elements may be attached to any side of the car.
(At the discretion of Inspectors – Safety is first priority)
16. Care must be taken to keep the center of gravity as low as possible to prevent roll overs.
(Inspection will consider if design is a safety risk and has final say in approving cart)
17. The overriding requirement in any soap box race is safety. Mishaps do occur, of course; but
it's your obligation to build a car which is safe to ride, and presents minimal danger to the
driver and spectator; if an accident should occur.
18. Keep in mind that safety of others is important and the design of the front of the racer
should be kept from being too dangerous in a collision.
The following provides safety “recommendations” in building your Derby Cart and outfitting your Racer.
They are provided based on 6 years of running the event and observing the operations of the Derby Carts
and their Drivers.
Please remember that this is an AT SPEED Event. Carts will travel at a rate of 20-40km per hour by the
time they reach the midpoint of the hill. Impact with any object may cause forward motion of the driver
and precautions are recommended.
HELMET: Helmets are a required personal safety item. The type of helmet, although at the
parent/guardian’s discretion, is recommended to be one that provides full face protection. Helmets such
as Hockey Helmets, Motorcycle or BMX Full Face covered are the best options.
BRAKES: You have the choice of a number of designs included in your kit. NOT all designs are suited to all
racers. You know your child best. It is recommended to use either the foot pedal brake or single arm
brake. Both of these versions allow the racer to keep one hand on the wheel while engaging the braking
system. Two handed brakes eliminate that control.
SEATBELTS: Seatbelts may be constructed of any material that restrains the driver in their seat for the
duration of the race and has a strap width of at least 2”. Based on past performance, it is recommended
to use a wide material crossing from shoulder to opposite hip location in each direction with a waist belt.
Due to the speed of the event and the chance of a driver sliding forward on the deck of the cart, crotch
mounted restraints are to be used cautiously and should be padded if used.
Successfully used materials in the past have included actual retired car “racing” belts; leather belts or
suitcase straps or seatbelts cut out of cars from an auto wreckers. Any of these styles may be secured to
the cart with a bolt and washer at each mounting location. ANY belt must be tightly secured around the
driver when they are loaded into the chute. Any car to have seatbelts that have deemed to have failed or
cannot be secured will NOT be allowed to race. This is at the discretion of the Official Starter or the Race
Scoring will be based on a finish position ranking. Carts finishing in first place will receive 10
points, carts finishing in second place will receive 5 points and carts finishing in third place or
not crossing the finish line will receive 1 point.
At the end of regular heats, it will be determined if a run off is required. At that time, the
Scoring and Staging Managers will consult and set a run off schedule which will be
communicated to the Drivers and their Pit Crews. Scheduling of the Run Off is at the
discretion of the Staging Manager.
We would appreciate both drivers and pit crew, including parents, to act in a sportsmanlike manner at all
times. Race officials will attempt to make sure that all vehicles are running according to regulation and
that all races are run in a fair manner. Race officials’ decisions are final. Race officials have the right to
disqualify driver, vehicle or pit crew at any time for inappropriate behavior.
By entering the Rock ‘N August Father’s Day Soapbox Derby, you and your pit crew agree to adhere to this
Remember, a racers experience is directly related to the role models around them. Finishing the race
should be a win for everyone. Embrace the Father’s Day Experience and enjoy the day.
Finally, this is a fun event for the Racers. These guidelines and
recommendations are for their safety and to ensure that they enjoy the
event from start to finish.
If you should have any questions about the Information contained in this document, please feel
free to contact the Race Director, Cheryl MacKenzie, at 780-907-1034.
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