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Position: Lying on your back
*Before beginning any back exercise, FIRST position your low back in neutral:
Envision the face of a clock on your abdomen, with 12:00 at the belly button and
6:00 at the pubic bone. Tilt your pelvis so that 12:00 rocks toward the floor and then
6:00 rocks toward the floor. Do this repeatedly 10 times in each direction gently and
slowly. The neutral position is the position of greatest comfort within that range.
Tighten your abdominal muscles to help maintain this position. From this neutral position, perform the following exercises (while on your back).
Exercise TIPS!
• Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.
• Pace yourself! Start slow and work up to more vigorous exercise.
• Stretch slowly to a point short of discomfort. Don’t jerk or bounce.
• Don’t forget to breathe while exercising!
1. Bridge-Up
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your feet and palms flat on the floor.
Slowly raise your hips upward, tightening your buttocks. Raise your hips high
enough to straighten your back.
Hold for 5 seconds. Lower your hips to the floor.
2. Partial Curl-Up
Cross your arms loosely. Tighten
your abdomen and curl halfway up,
keeping your head in line with your
shoulders. Hold for 5 seconds and
then uncurl to lie down.
3. Hamstring Stretch
Put a towel behind one knee or calf.
Use the towel to pull the leg toward
your chest, keeping the leg straight
or slightly bent. Hold for 20 seconds
and then lower the leg. Repeat 3
times, and then switch legs.
4. Trunk Rotation
Drop both knees to one side and turn
your head, looking in the other direction. Keep your shoulders flat on
the floor. Hold for 20 seconds, then
slowly switch sides. Perform 3 times
on each side.
1. Press-Up
Position: Lying on your stomach
Lie face down, feet slightly apart,
forehead on the floor. Push yourself
up on your forearms, keeping your
neck straight. Stop when you feel
light pressure in your lower back.
Hold for 20 seconds, then slowly lie
back down.
Repeat 3 times.
Position: On hands and knees
1. Cat Stretch
Begin by tightening you abdominal
and buttocks muscles to press your
back upward. Let your head drop
slightly. Hold for 5 seconds.
Next, slowly relax your abdominal
and buttocks muscles, lifting your
head and letting your back sag.
Keep your weight evenly distributed.
Hold for 10 seconds.
Repeat 3 times.
2. Arm Reach
Stretch one arm straight out in front
of you. Do not raise your head or let
your supporting shoulder sag.
To prevent your trunk from sagging,
tighten your abdominal muscles!
Hold for 5 seconds, then lower arm
to ground.
Repeat 10 times, then switch arms.
3. Arm Reach with Leg Reach
Extend one leg straight back while
extending opposite arm straight
Do not arch your back or let your
head or body sag.
Tighten your abdominal muscles!
Hold for 5 seconds, then lower knee
and arm to ground.
Repeat 10 times, then switch legs.
4. Spine Stretch
Assume the hands and knees position. Begin to sit backwards onto
your heels until you feel a good,
painless stretch in your buttocks.
Hold for 20 seconds, then return to
hands and knees position.
Repeat 3 times.
Position: Standing
1. Hip Flexor Stretch
Kneel on the floor. Put one foot
on the floor in front of you with the
knee slightly bent. If needed, hold
on to a chair for balance. Tighten
your abdomen. Move your hips forward, keeping your back and shoulders upright. Feel the stretch
in front of your hip. Hold for 15 seconds.
Return to starting position.
Repeat 3 times, then switch sides.
2. Quadriceps Stretch
Stand arm’s length from a wall.
Place one hand on it. With your
other hand, grasp your ankle on the
same side. Pull the heel towards
your buttocks, and then stand with
your knees together.
Do not arch your back.
Hold for 15 seconds.
Repeat 3 times, then switch legs.
3. Calf Stretch
Face a wall 2 feet away.
Step toward the wall with one foot.
Place both palms on the wall and
bend your front knee. Lean forward,
keeping the back leg straight and
heel on the floor. Hold for 15 seconds.
Repeat 3 times, then switch legs.
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