Deposit-removing liquid for coffee machines

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Deposit-removing liquid for
coffee machines
BREAK is a liquid deposit
remover, ideal for eliminating all
forms of carbonised residue. In
particular, it was specially
designed for the instantaneous
removal of coffee residue from
the spouts and group heads of
espresso coffee machines.
BREAK’s formulation comprises the finest and latest industrial detergent
We can safely say that:
It is economical: 3 grams of product to clean at least 4 spouts.
Super efficient: no mechanical cleaning action is required.
Rapid: 10-20 seconds for the total cleaning of the respective parts.
Safe: BREAK causes no irritation when in contact with the skin. It does not attack
any types of metal or plastic. It leaves no stains or tainted flavour. It is neither
flammable nor corrosive.
Multipurpose: it can be used with the blind filter to wash the spouts, and, when
diluted, it is excellent for all types of deep degreasing.
It is ideal for cleaning ovens, food warmers, microwave ovens, hobs, meat grills,
double-base bakeware, kitchen utensils, etc.
To remove coffee deposits from spouts
Pour half a coffee-cup of BREAK into the respective spout, wait for ten seconds,
and rinse thoroughly under a jet of water. The same dose can be used for all the
spouts of a four-group-head espresso machine.
To clean the group heads
Pour about 3 grams of BREAK into the blind filter, fit the blind filter onto the
group, and activate for 5-6 seconds. Repeat the operation, switching off and
reactivating repeatedly for three or four times consecutively. Remove the blind
filter and rinse thoroughly.
General cleaning
Dilute BREAK to a 30% solution in a spray-bottle, spray evenly onto the surface to
be treated, leave to act for 5-10 minutes, then remove the loosened incrustations
using absorbent paper or a cloth. Rinse.
Coffee machine maintenance operatives
Industrial kitchen maintenance operatives
Company kitchens and canteens
Product code
750 ml bottle
Box with 12 bottles
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Edition: 01/06
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Descaler for sanitary plant and
RAPIDO is a concentrated blend
of inorganic acids and powerful
corrosion inhibitors. It is justly
considered as a quality descaler,
due to its concentration, efficacy,
and its safety factors.
The product is suitable for a wide range of deposits: cement residue, limescale,
saltpetre, rust, and oxidation films of all types. By virtue of these qualities, it is
appreciated in many sectors, such as building, heating and sanitary plant, air
conditioning, etc.
RAPIDO is hallmarked by its excellent quality/price relationship. Its concentration
is such as to allow high dilutions, and this means that its operating cost is one of
the lowest in its category. Its content of corrosion inhibitors means that it can be
used in any situation except on aluminium alloys. It just requires thorough
rinsing: neutralisation is not necessary. When used as a descaler for electrical
heating elements and coils, it does not charge the surface electrically, which
would risk earthing the device, leading to a short circuit. It has many possible
uses. In the sanitary and heating sector, it is used as a descaler for heating plant,
evaporative towers, and heat exchangers. In the cooling and air-conditioning
sectors, it is used to clean closed, water-filled cooling circuits. In building, it
eliminates cement from all types of equipment and surfaces. Floor layers use it to
remove excess adhesive and saltpetre. In the yachting sector, it is effective at
removing barnacles from the keel and immersed parts of marine engines. In the
plastics/rubber and die-casting sector, it is used to clean steel dies. It can be used
in the glass, marble, granite and ceramics industries. Another interesting
application is as an adhesion enhancer for industrial flooring treatments, such as
Now Powder (see the respective Product Data Sheet). It can be very efficient
when used by immersion, for objects suitable for such a procedure.
Dilutions can be formulated for every use of the product, as described above.
Here we shall describe the principal uses. Operatives will be able to estimate the
correct concentration for the task in hand according to their experience, if the
application is not described here.
Sanitary and heating plant
One part RAPIDO in 2-3 parts water.
Dilute by 50% in water to remove cement: use pure to remove rust from
equipment or utensils.
As an adhesion enhancer for successive treatments on concrete flooring: 1 part
product to 10 parts water.
Car sector
One part RAPIDO in 2-4 parts water for the cooling circuit.
To remove barnacles and clean the cooling circuit of engines, dilute by 50% with
Plastics die-pressing/die-casting
Use the product pure to clean dies, even when this is achieved by immersion:
dilute by 50% in water for closed-circuit cooling systems.
Repair of household electrical appliances
Use pure for boilers with electrical heating elements, in particular those for
espresso coffee makers; use diluted, 1 part product to 2 parts water, for irons,
washing machines and dishwashers
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Sanitary and heating plant, air conditioning
Building contractors
Automobile sector
Plastic die-pressing, foundries
Floor-laying contractors
Household electrical appliance repairs
Marble, granite and ceramics industries
Maintenance of coffee machines and beverage vending machines
Product code
5 kg drum
Box with 2 drums
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