Premier Nature engl.

Traditionsmarke der Profis
The Natural
Premier Nature
Enjoy cutting
Ideal for professional
chefs and ambitious
hobby chefs
■ Every knife is unique
with a handle made of
African Blackwood
■ African Blackwood is
very moisture-insensitive
and low-profile
■ Sharp blade, polished
edge and ergonomic
■ Especially developed
high-alloy steel
■ Creative cooking without
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Premier Nature
The Natural
Paring Knife
12 cm = 41/2“
8 1447 12H
Steak Knife
12 cm = 41/2“
8 1403 12H
Boning Knife, flexible
15 cm = 6“
8 1445 15H
Fillet Knife, flexible
18 cm = 7“
8 1454 18H
Santoku, Kullenschliff
18 cm = 7“
8 1442 18KH
Chef’s Knife
21 cm = 81/2“
23 cm = 9“
8 1447 21H
8 1447 23H
Care instructions:
Due to their wooden handle, these knives are not dishwasher proof. Besides, knives generally should not be
cleaned in a dishwasher. Otherwise, the precisely polished edge would be affected.
We recommend cleaning the knives under running water with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent.
The knife should be carefully wiped dry after cleaning in order to avoid spots on the blade.
The handle should be cared for separately:
A hint of almond or olive oil adds a fine protection and maintenance film to the handle.
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knives . ancillary items . sharpening steels . grinding machines
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