HD7854/01 Philips Coffee pod machine

Coffee pod machine
• SENSEO® Latte Select
Best cappuccino's are made with fresh milk!
Integrated milk frother for up to 3 milk varieties
The SENSEO® Latte Select coffee machine offers you delicious coffee specialties made
with fresh frothed milk. Choose from Cappuccino, Latte Macchiatto, Café Latte and
regular black SENSEO® coffee - all at the touch of a button!
Fast and easy operation
• Unique coffee machine that brews 2 cups at a time
• Adjustable drip tray to fit your favorite cup
• 30 minutes auto shut-off for energy saving and safety
• Light indication reminds you when to decalcify
• Coffee at the touch of a button
Always a delicious cup of coffee
• Delicious coffee crema layer as proof of SENSEO® quality
• Unique SENSEO® coffee brewing system for optimal taste
Coffee variety for every moment
• Choose between 2 recipes: strong short or mild long coffee
• Variety of coffee blends and flavors for different tastes
Coffee specialties made with fresh frothed milk
• Delicious coffee specialties made with freshly frothed milk
• Integrated milk frother for the creamiest milk foam layer
Coffee pod machine
SENSEO® Latte Select
Fresh milk coffee specialties
select function on your SENSEO®, you can choose
between strong short and mild long coffee.
Weight and dimensions
One-button operation
• Maximum cup height: 130 mm
• Strength select: strong, regular or mild
• Fresh milk specialities: café latte, cappuccino, latte
• Brewing time 1 cup: 30 sec
• Brewing time 2 cups: <60 sec
Easy to use
Enjoy your delicious SENSEO® cappuccino, latte
macchiato or café latte with a rich combination of
coffee and fresh milk. Each cup is crowned with a
creamy foam layer, just like the ones you can enjoy
in coffee bars!
Integrated milk frother
2 cups at the same time
Adjustable spout
Automatic shut off time: 30 min
Empty tank indication
Easy to clean
With this coffee pod machine you can easily prepare
one or two cups of coffee with the simple one
button operation.
Adjustable drip tray
• Easy-clean button
• Calc indicator
• Dishwasher proof parts
• Color: Deep Black
• Metal drip tray
• Spray paint: lever
• Energy consumption: 0.5 W (on stand-by), 2650 W
(while brewing)
• Made of recycled materials: 90% (paperwork and
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Country of origin
The unique patented milk frother of the coffeemaker
produces steamed milk for a distinguished frothy
creamy top. Simply pour fresh milk into the milk
container, push the button and experience an easy,
convenient and perfectly prepared frothed milk
• Poland
By raising or lowering the drip tray you can adjust
your Philips SENSEO® coffeemaker to the size of
your favorite cup or mug.
Decalcification indicator
Strength select function
Technical specifications
Water tank capacity: 8 cups / 1,2 L
Spout height: 100-140 mm
Power: 2650 W
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240 V
Cord length: 80 cm
Weight & dimensions
• Coffee machine (WxHxD): 21x36x34 cm
• Packaging (WxHxD): 390x399x232 mm
Prepare your favorite cup of coffee by adjusting the
strength and intensity of its taste. With the strength
The Philips coffee machine will remind you when to
descale your appliance. Regular descaling with the
special developed SENSEO® descaler ensures the
best taste of your coffee and prevents limescale from
tap water.
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