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Important Safeguards
Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using your 4-Slice
Toaster, especially when children are present.
CAUTION: Hot surfaces. This appliance generates heat and escaping steam
during use. Proper precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of burns, fires
or other injury to persons or damage to property.
Thank you for purchasing your Chef Tested 4-Slice Toaster by
Montgomery Ward. Put through the paces by the experts, we guarantee
that it will perform to the highest standard, time after time, with all the
convenience, easy clean-up and durability you rely on from Wards.
Your new toaster makes it easy to keep the time-honored tradition of
breakfast toast alive with dual, independent controls and adjustable
browning levels. Extra-wide slots and extra-lift handles make English
muffins, extra-wide bread and breakfast pastries a breeze!
Table of Contents
Important Safeguards.........................3-4
Polarized Plug....................................... 4
Before Using for the First Time.............. 5
Cleaning & Care.................................... 5
Tips & Troubleshooting.......................... 6
Automatic Centering Guides.................. 6
Parts & Features.................................... 7
How to Use.........................................8-9
Warranty & Return Information.......10-11
1. A person who has not read and understood all operating, toasting and safety
instructions is not qualified to operate this appliance. All users of this
appliance must read and understand this instruction manual before operating
or cleaning this appliance.
2. If this appliance falls or accidentally becomes immersed in water, unplug it
from the wall outlet immediately. Do NOT reach into the water!
3. When using this appliance, provide adequate air space above and on all
sides for air ciculation. Do NOT operate this appliance while it is touching or
near curtains, wall coverings, clothing, dishtowels or other flammable
4. To reduce the risk of fire, do NOT leave this appliance unattended during use.
5. If this appliance begins to malfunction during use, immediately press the
“CANCEL” button and unplug the cord. Do NOT use or attempt to repair a
malfunctioning appliance.
6. The cord to this appliance should only be plugged into a 120V AC electrical
wall outlet.
7. Use the toaster on a hard, flat surface. Do not place it near a flame or heat
source or on a soft surface (such as carpet). Avoid placing it where it may tip
over during use. Dropping the toaster could cause it to malfunction.
ARNING: ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD. Never attempt to dislodge food
inside the toaster while the toaster is plugged in. Doing so could cause an
electrical shock hazard or a risk of fire.
CAUTION: This appliance is hot during operation and retains heat for some
time after turning off. Always use oven mitts when handling hot material and
allow metal parts to cool before cleaning. Do NOT place anything on top of
the toaster while it is operating or while it is hot.
© 2014 Montgomery Ward, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Important Safeguards (cont’d)
• Do NOT toast fresh pastries with soft, butter frosting, as it will melt and drip
inside the toaster and become very difficult to clean.
Before Using for the First Time
1. Remove all packaging materials including those that may be inside the toasting
slots or toasting level slots.
• Do NOT place buttered bread or wrapped food into the toaster.
2. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly. Do NOT use abrasive
• Do NOT toast torn or partial slices of bread, use whole slices only.
3. Do NOT put the toaster, cord or plug in water.
4. Be sure both crumb trays are pushed all the way into the back of the toaster and
the toasting levers are in the UP position.
5. Unwrap power cord from cord storage area on the underside of the toaster and
plug into a 120V AC outlet.
Polarized Plug
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety
feature to reduce the risk of electrical shock, this plug is intended to fit a polarized
outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still
does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any
6. Turn both of the browning selector knobs to “1” (the lightest setting).
7. Lower both of the toaster levers until they lock into place. Operate without bread
once or twice to burn off any manufacturing residue. You may notice a light
amount of smoke—this is normal and will stop as the heating elements continue
to heat.
• The length of the cord used on this appliance was selected to reduce the hazards of becoming tangled in, or tripping over a longer cord.
• If a longer cord is necessary, an approved extension cord may be used. The
electrical rating of the extension cord must be equal to or greater than the
rating of the toaster. Care must be taken to arrange the extension cord so that
it will not drape over the countertop or tabletop where it can be pulled on by
children or accidentally tripped over.
Cleaning & Care
NOTE: If the toaster is used daily, the crumb trays should be cleaned weekly.
1. Unplug the toaster and let cool.
2. Slide open crumb tray, discard crumbs and wipe tray with clean cloth. Replace
crumb tray.
3. Wipe the outside of toaster with a damp cloth. Do NOT use abrasive cleaners that
may scratch the surface of the toaster.
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Tips & Troubleshooting
Parts & Features
• Toasting is affected by the temperature of the bread. Room temperature bread
may toast to a medium color on setting 3. The same type of bread that has been
refrigerated may require setting 4, and if frozen, setting 5.
• Thick foods may become wedged in the toaster slot. If food becomes jammed,
the toaster will automatically shut off at the end of the toasting cycle. Unplug the
toaster and let cool. Use a wooden utensil to remove food.
• When toasting only one slice, the bread may be placed in either slot of the
toaster. When toasting a single slice, you may notice variations in bread color
from side to side.
• “Dark” (6) is the darkest shade of toast color. If a darker shade is desired, reset at
setting 2 and watch closely as you toast for a second time.
• The toaster is designed for even brownness on both sides of the toast. The inner
heating elements of the toaster will not be as radiant as the outer heating
elements during toasting—this is normal and not a defect.
Automatic Centering Guides
Make sure either one or both of the toasting levers closes the centering
guides and holds the bread or toaster food centrally in the toasting slots.
OTE: The toasting lever(s) will not lock down unless the toaster is
plugged into a 120V AC electrical outlet.
A. Toaster Slots
B. Toasting Lever
C. Cancel Button
D. Reheat Button
E. Defrost Button
F. Browning Control
G. Removable Crumb Tray
H. Plug and Power Cord
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How to Use
1. M
ake sure both crumb trays are pushed all the way into the back of the toaster
and the toasting levers are in the “UP” position.
2. M
ake sure no bread or other objects are inside the toasting slots. Place the
toaster on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface.
How to Use (cont’d)
WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or fire:
• Do NOT leave toaster unattended.
• Do NOT cook, warm or toast rice cakes, fried foods or non-bread items.
3. P
lug the cord into a 120V AC electrical outlet.
• Do NOT cover toaster or use near curtains, drapes, walls or under cabinets.
4. P
osition the browning selector knob(s) to desired setting(s). To test toasting
times for browning, it is best to use both toasting slots. Position the browning
selector knob between “3” and “4” medium, then adjust each subsequent
toasting to your preference.
• Close supervision is necessary when used by or near children.
5. R
emove all protective wrappings from food before placing into the toasting
6. Insert bread or toaster food into the toasting slot(s). Lower the toasting lever(s)
until locked into place. The automatic centering guides hold food upright for
uniform side-to-side toasting. When the bread is lowered into position, toasting
will begin.
OTE: The toasting lever(s) will not lock into position unless the toaster is
plugged into a 120V AC electrical outlet.
OTE: When toasting a single slice, the bread may be placed in any toasting
OTE: To prevent a fire hazard, never place bread over the opening of the
toaster, always place bread into the slots.
OTE: Do NOT change the browning selector knob selection during the toasting
cycle. First press the “CANCEL” button, then turn the browning selector knob to
adjust the browning level. Lower the toasting lever(s) and toast until the desired
toast color is achieved.
• NEVER cover toaster or toast slots during operation.
• Always unplug toaster when not in use.
AFTER the toasting cycle has started, press the DEFROST button. The
DEFROST indicator light will come on and some additional time will be added to
the cycle to thaw and then toast the item.
AFTER the toasting cycle has started, press the REHEAT button. The REHEAT
indicator light will come on and the original toasting cycle will be canceled and
replaced with a 30–50 second REHEAT cycle.
AUTION: Never try to reheat any food product that has been spread with
margarine, butter or any other spread.
7. When the toast reaches the selected browning level, it will pop up automatically.
8. To interrupt toasting, press the corresponding “CANCEL” button(s).
9. R
emove bread from toasting slot(s). Use care when removing bread as the
bread and the top of the toaster will still be hot.
10. F
irmly lift up on the toasting lever for additional lift when removing toast.
11. U
nplug cord from wall outlet when not in use.
IMPORTANT: Never use a fork or sharp-edged utensil to remove toast, because
that may damage the heating element or cause injury.
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If any item, for any reason, does not meet your expectations, just return it to us.
We’ll gladly either:
• Refund your merchandise amount
• Credit your account
• Send a replacement
You can return any unused item in its original packaging within 60 days of its
receipt for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping and handling
Please send returns to:
Montgomery Ward, Inc.
Attn: Customer Returns
2000 Harrison Suite 100
Clinton, IA 52732-6676
When returning an item:
• Use the original packaging and pack it securely.
• Please adequately insure your item in case you need to make a claim
with the carrier you choose for returning your item.
• Include your order number and reason for return.
• We recommend keeping the receipt for 4 weeks.
1 Year Limited Warranty
Montgomery Ward, Inc. warrants this Chef Tested product
to be free from defects in material and workmanship
for one year from provable date of purchase.
Within this warranty period, Montgomery Ward will repair or
replace, at its option, defective parts of this Chef Tested
product at no charge, provided the product is returned,
freight prepaid with proof of purchase to Montgomery Ward.
Allow 2-4 weeks for return shipping.
This warranty does not cover improper installation, misuse,
abuse or neglect on part of the owner. Warranty is also
invalid in any case that the product is taken apart or
serviced by an unauthorized service station.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and they may
vary from state to state.
Montgomery Ward Customer Service
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