Built-in coffee machine CVA 6401
Product features
 Built-in coffee machine for espresso, cappuccino, Café latte, Latte macchiato
 Can be integrated in a 60 cm wide cabinet
 Door hinged left ComfortDoor
 Concealed door handle
 LED illumination
 Modes for beans or ground coffee
 Programming amount of water per cup
 One Touch for Two, production of double portion of any coffee with the touch of a
 Selection of coffee quantity to be grounded from 6 to 14 gr
 High pressure through-flow water hater (15 bars)
 Programming of 10 different user profiles
 Setting of automatic start and end operation time
 Automatic cleaning programme and rinsing function
 Easy Click Milk System, easy removable milk system
 Water hardness programme
 Energy saving Eco Mode option
 Clear text LCD display in many other languages
 Touch Control
 Fresh water container 2,3 lt
 500 gr coffee bean container
 Indicators for refilling fresh water and coffee
 Indicators for emptying the waste container and drip tray
 Water heating system
 Indicator for disabling the descaling programme
Timer Controls
 Digital clock
 Battery back-up in the event of power failure
Electronic system lock (child resistant controls)
 H x W x D: 45,5 x 59,5 x 53,0 cm
Built-in dimensions
 H x W x D: 45,0-45,2 x 56,0-56,8 x 50,0 cm
 Glass milk flask
 Coffee spoon for ground coffee
 Total connection rate: 2,8 kW
 Clean steel Stainless steel
 Also available with special order in Brilliant White, Havana Brown and Obsidian
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