Manual version: 01.08.2016
MANUFACTURER: P.H.P.U. AS, Chumiętki 4, 63-840 Krobia, Poland
In order to take full advantage of the controller capabilities and ensure proper operation
of the heating system, please read this user manual carefully.
EUROSTER 12M is a universal weather-based controller designed for control
of a heating zone equipped with a mixing valve with a three-point actuator and a central
heating zone pump.
All parameters are shown on the legible graphical display, and the device is very easy
to control with a knob and a button.
Control of a 3-point actuator of a mixing valve
Control of a heating zone pump
Weather-based setting of a heating zone preset temperature
Weekly operating schedule
Cooperation with a room thermostat
Switching the heating off automatically in case of external temperature increase
Function of switching a zone on temporarily with a preset temperature (floor
preheating, fast heating up of rooms)
Zone overheating protection, frost protection
Alarm indication
Ability of test switch-on of outputs
Anti-Stop system – protection of pumps against seizure
legible, graphic, backlit LCD
Set of temperature sensors included
EUROSTER 12M controller is equipped with an Anti-Stop system that prevents the
process of scale build-up on the unused pump rotor and the mixer. It automatically turns
the pump and the mixer on every 10 days when the heating season is over. Keep the
controller turned on to allow the function operation after the heating season.
1. 230 V 50 Hz power cable of the controller
2. 230 V 50 Hz power cable of the central heating pump
3. 230 V 50 Hz power cable of the valve actuator
4. Connection cable of a room thermostat
5. Outdoor temperature sensor cable
6. Cable of the controlled zone temperature sensor
7. Feeding temperature sensor cable
8. Power switch
9. LCD
a. Display
The display shows the following information:
 Current and preset temperature of the heating zone
 Current feeding temperature of the heating system
 Outdoor temperature
 Switched on devices
 Date and time
 Controller status (animation of mixer operation, heating season, alarms, etc.)
Example of screen.
b. Meaning of Display Symbols
– operation with hourly schedule
– pump output switched on
WINTER – heating season
– anti-stop system active
AF – frost protection switched on
– automatic operation function switched on; if the heating is off, the symbol flashes
Indicates opening of the mixer.
Indicates closing of the mixer.
The symbol is displayed if the mixer is neither being opened nor being closed
(e.g. within the hysteresis or during gaps between turning steps resulting from the PI
It is necessary to read this user manual carefully prior to the
commencement of the installation works. Incorrect installation and
improper use may lead to a serious hazard to a user or other persons and
result in material damage! Prior to mounting or dismantling and
maintenance of the controller, make sure that it is de-energized!
Dangerous voltages, hazardous to life, may be present on the controller
and its cables, therefore only qualified technicians holding authorization
for electrical works may be entrusted with the installation of the
Do not install the controller in rooms of increased humidity, substantial
dustiness or with presence of caustic or flammable vapors, protect
it against water and other liquids!
Do not install any controller showing signs of mechanical damage.
The controller is not a safety component of the heating system in the
systems with a risk of damage.
In the case of failure of control systems, use additional protective
When connecting the power cables, pay particular attention to the correct
connection of PE conductors.
Do not misuse the controller!
The device is not intended for use by children!
Failure to meet the safety and maintenance rules results in loss
of warranty!
Using a pair of screws, mount the controller box on a wall or any other supporting
structure (screw anchors with screws are supplied with the controller). Screw the power
cables to the connections of the controlled devices according to the description and the
drawing. Make sure to keep the proper designation of the cables. Connect the neutral
conductors to N terminals, phase conductors to L terminals and grounding conductors
to PE terminals.
Using hose clips, tighten the temperature sensors to the pipes and cover them with
thermal insulation. At installation, avoid leading the cables of temperature sensors
parallel to live cables. Moreover, make sure to provide the proper contact with measured
CAUTION! The controller should be installed in a place where the temperature
does not exceed 40°C.
CAUTION! Do not immerse the temperature sensors in liquids nor install them
at flue gas outlets to the stack.
The controller can cooperate with any room thermostat with voltage-free, normally open
(NO) output – e.g. any thermostat manufactured by EUROSTER.
Connection of the controller:
 Make sure that the controller is de-energized.
 Use a flat screwdriver to press the locking clips of the housing cover.
 Open the housing and remove the jumper from the joint.
 Lead a cable (minimum 2 x 0.5 mm² stranded wire) between the room thermostat
(or the receiver – in case of connecting the wireless version) and the EUROSTER
12M controller and insulate the cables.
 Screw the cables to the joint.
 Connect the cables to the COM and NO contacts in the room thermostat.
 Switch on the operation with the room thermostat in the controller menu.
Outdoor temperature sensor should be installed in a shaded place, preferably at the
north or north-east side, away from windows and doors, at a height of approximately
2 m above ground.
Outdoor temperature sensor connection
 Make sure that the controller is de-energized.
 Use a cross-head screwdriver to unscrew 2 screws fixing the housing of the
outdoor sensor.
Remove the housing cover.
Screw two cores of a 5 m long cable to the connection on the board (keeping
cable polarization is not necessary).
Fix the cable in the housing.
Place the cover and tighten it with two screws.
Mount the temperature sensor on the wall with screw anchors.
Before each and every heating season, the controller must be cleaned of any dust and
other dirt, the cables must be checked for their technical condition and tight fixing.
Do not use solvents and aggressive detergents to clean the controller, since they may
damage the surface of the housing and the display. If necessary, wipe it carefully
with a soft cloth.
The controller is operated by means of a knob with a button. Use the power switch to
turn the controller on. Once the controller is switched on a main information window is
displayed and an anti–stop system is activated for 15 seconds (AS sign is displayed).
Press the knob to enter the menu. Turn the knob to select the subsequent menu items.
Press the knob to select the required item. Proceed the same way to change the
parameters. Exit the menu using "Exit" messages or by pressing the knob longer (for
approximately 3 seconds).
In order to restore factory settings perform the following steps:
 Keep the knob pressed and turn the controller off and on. A configuration window
"Factory settings" will be displayed.
 If you want to restore factory settings, set YES for "RESET" parameter.
 Select the menu language.
 Store the changes by confirming the parameter "STORING/Exit".
Caution! Reset does not delete the menu language, date and time.
The user is provided with basic settings. Advanced options are contained in "Settings"
Caution! It is recommended to restore factory settings before configuring a new
a. Preset temperature
Enables changing the preset heating zone temperature or heating curve in case
the weather-based control is on.
b. Schedule
Hourly schedule of heating zone operation. Enables
of the heating zone on/off with an accuracy of hour.
If the operating times of heating zone are selected, the pump and the mixer operate
In the situation when the hourly operating schedule is not selected (lack of heat
demand), the pump operates in accordance with the selected setting "Continuous pump
operation", "Time-based pump operation" or "Pump switched off".
The parameters are available in the menu: "Settings — CH Zone", item "Room
c. Heating season
It enables switching off the central heating zone beyond the heating season (SUMMER).
d. Manual operation
Enables test switch-on of the CH pump and closing or opening of the mixer. The test lasts
for one minute or until leaving the menu.
e. Temporary activation
Enables manual switch-on of the heating zone with the preset temperature and operating
time. Upon expiration of the preset operating time, the controller restores automatic
This function is useful, e.g. for floor preheating or, in case it is necessary to switch on the
heating manually with a constant temperature for a particular period.
Temporary switch-on may be activated regardless (with priority) of the heating season —
SUMMER/WINTER, selected operating schedule or signal from the room thermostat.
It provides the ability to switch-on the heating at any time.
f. Date and time
This windows enable to enter current date and time. Please remember that only correct
settings enable a proper operation of the schedules and controlling algorithms.
g. Settings
Contains the settings related to the operation of the heating zone and the feeding sensor.
Mixer dynamics – determines the time of mixer response to changes in the zone
temperature. An excessive value may cause frequent cycling of the mixer,
whereas the insufficient value may cause slowness in achieving the preset
Mixer hysteresis – if the measured temperature of the zone differs from the
preset one by half of the value of the preset hysteresis, then the mixer position
is not corrected.
Alarm temperature
The zone overheating alarm is generated if the temperature of the zone sensor
exceeds the preset value of the "Alarm temperature". If the alarm temperature is
maintained longer than for one minute, then the pump is switched off.
The alarm temperature should be preset as the maximum safe temperature for
a particular heating zone. In the case of floor heating, it is recommended for the
alarm temperature not to exceed 50°C.
Caution! Incorrect setting of temperature level may cause improper operation
or major failure of the system components.
Weather compensator
Using weather compensation enables to achieve thermal comfort regardless
of external temperature.
Upon switching the weather compensation on, set the temperatures of the heating
zone for three outside temperatures. Based on them, the controller calculates the
currently required heating zone temperature.
Caution! Temperatures must meet the condition of: T10°C≤T0°C≤T-20°C,
otherwise the control will not work properly.
Room thermostat
Enables switching on room thermostat control and includes the operating
parameters in the situation if the hours are not selected in the schedule.In such
case (not selected hour in the schedule or open contacts of the room thermostat),
the pump operates in one of the three modes:
o Continuous — the pump operates continuously, the zone temperature
is reduced by the parameter "Temperature reduction".
o Time-based operation — the pump operates with a preset operating and
idle time period. In the operating time the preset temperature is reduced
by the parameter "Temperature reduction".
o Switched-off — the pump is not operating, the mixer is closed.
Automatic operation
Function enabling automatic switch-off if the temperature of the weather sensor
(outside) exceeds the preset value of "Switch-off temperature".
The heating will be restarted if the external temperature drops below the value
of "Switch-on temperature".
Feeding sensor ON/OFF
This item enables the controller operation with the feeding temperature sensor
switched off. In that case, the CH pump and the mixer operate based on the
schedule and the signal from the room thermostat.
Shutdown temperature
Below this temperature, the CH pump is being switched on, and the mixer is being
closed. If the feeding temperature rises above "Shutdown temperature" by 2°C,
the pump is being switched on, and the mixer is being opened.
Alarm temperature
Exceeding the feeding alarm temperature activates the alarm algorithm
to attempt to cool down the boiler. The heating zone is heated up to the alarm
temperature of the zone.
Correction of sensors
Correction of temperature sensors allows to correct temperature reading errors,
such as the ones resulting from improper contact between the sensor and the
The temperature of the heating zone is adjusted with the PI algorithm (proportionalintegral algorithm), which enables obtaining fast and accurate control for different loads.
The controller controls the temperatures of the boiler and the controlled zone.
Periodically, it calculates the difference between the preset and measured temperature.
If the difference exceeds half of the hysteresis value, then the mixer position is corrected
with the speed determined by "Dynamics" parameter. If the mixer was switched on to
operate at the same direction by at least 100 s, the controller switches the valve actuator
permanently to set it in the limit position.
The CH pump is switched on if the temperature of the feeding sensor exceeds the value
of the "Shutdown temperature" parameter by 2°C, and it is switched off if the
temperature of the feeding sensor drops below the shutdown temperature.
The heating zone is switched off if:
 The heating season (WINTER) is switched on.
 The current time is selected in the schedule.
 The room thermostat is active or operation with room thermostat is switched off.
 Automatic operation is switched off or the mean outdoor temperature is lower
than the switch-off temperature in the case of switched on automatic operation.
 The feeding temperature is higher than required or the feeding temperature
sensor is switched off.
CAUTION! The temperature preset for a heating zone is not displayed if:
 The feeding sensor temperature is lower than the shutdown temperature.
The room thermostat reached the preset temperature and switched off the zone
(pump operation switched off).
There is a stoppage set up in an operation schedule.
The zone was switched off automatically (it is warm outside).
Anti-Stop system activates the pump and the mixing valve directly upon each switch-on
of the controller (also upon restoring factory settings), and later — every 10 days. During
its operation, "AT" letters flash at the display.
If an alarm situation (overheating or sensor damage) occurs when the Anti-Stop system
is active, the operation of the Anti-Stop system will be ceased.
To ensure safe and reliable operation, the controller features a number of protections.
The list of alarm events is shown in the table below. In case an alarm situation occurs,
audible alarm is generated, and a relevant message is displayed. Upon resolution
of the alarm situation, the controller automatically resumes operation.
Feeding sensor
Controller response
Activation of an audible alarm. CH
temperature operated up to the preset
Breach of the feeding ALARM: FEEDING
Activation of an audible alarm. CH
temperature operated up to the preset
Feeding sensor
Activation of an audible alarm. Preset
temperature of the heating zone is
increased to the zone alarm temperature
of -5ºC.
Central heating zone ALARM: CH shortage
sensor shorted
Activation of an audible alarm. Pump
switch-off and mixer closing.
Breach of the CH
zone sensor
ALARM: CH breach
Activation of an audible alarm. Pump
switch-off and mixer closing.
CH zone sensor
Activation of an audible alarm. Pump
Outdoor temperature ALARM: WEATHER
sensor shortage
Activation of an audible alarm. The
controller operates with the temperature
preset for -20ºC.
Outdoor temperature NO
sensor breach
The controller operates with the
temperature preset for -20ºC.
The following diagram is simplified and does not cover all the elements necessary
for the correct operation of the system.
Outdoor temperature sensor
Room thermostat
Heating zone temperature sensor
CH zone pump
Mixing valve with actuator
Feeding temperature sensor
Controlled device: CH pump, 3-point actuator of a mixing valve with limit switches
Supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
Maximum pump output load: 1 A 230 V 50 Hz
Maximum mixer output load: 1 A 230 V 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption of the controller: 3W
Temperature measurement range: -30ºC... +100ºC
Temperature control range: +10ºC... +90ºC
Temperature control accuracy:
Hysteresis range: 2ºC... 10ºC
Visual signalization: backlit, graphic LCD
Operating temperature: +5ºC... +40ºC
Storage temperature: 0ºC... +45ºC
Ingress protection rating: IP40
Color: black
Mounting method: wall-mounted, screw anchors
Controller weight: 0.92 kg
Warranty period: 2 years
Dimensions (width / height / depth) in mm: 150 / 90 / 52
Line protection: WTA-T4A time lag fuse (inside the controller)
Length of cables:
Controller power cable: 1.5 m
CH pump power cable: 1.5 m
Mixer actuator power cable: 3 m
Connection cable of a room thermostat: 0.5 m
Outdoor temperature sensor:
CH zone temperature sensor: 3 m
Feeding temperature sensor: 1.5 m
Euroster 12M Controller with temperature sensors
Outdoor temperature sensor
Sensor hose clips (2 pcs)
Screw anchors (4 pcs)
Mounting template
User Manual with Warranty Certificate
P.H.P.U. AS AGNIESZKA SZYMAŃSKA-KACZYŃSKA hereby declares that the type of
EUROSTER 12M equipment conforms to the following directives: 2014/35/EU (LVD),
2014/30/EU (EMC), 2011/65/EU (RoHS).
The complete text of the Declaration of EU conformity is available at the following
Internet address:
This product is designed and manufactured of high quality materials and
components suitable for reuse.
The crossed out wheelie bin symbol located at the product means that the
product is subject to selective collection in accordance with the provisions
of the Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.
The product contains an internal battery subject to the selective collection in accordance
with the provisions of the Directive 2006/66/EC of the European Parliament and of the
Such marking informs that the electrical and electronic equipment and batteries may not
be disposed of together with other household waste after their service life. The user
is obliged to take the used devices and batteries to a point of collection of waste
electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. The entities collecting such equipment,
including the collection points, shops, and municipal entities, set up an appropriate
system enabling handover of such equipment and batteries.
The proper disposal of waste equipment and batteries contributes to prevention
of consequences hazardous to the health of persons and nature, resulting from the
possible presence of hazardous components in the equipments and batteries and from
inaccurate storage and processing of such equipment and batteries. The guidelines
regarding disposal of the batteries are included in the user manual.
A household plays an important role in contributing to reuse and recovery including
recycling, of the waste equipment. The attitudes influencing protection of the common
good of clean environment are shaped at this level. Households are also one of the larger
users of small equipment and its rational management at this stage impacts the recovery
of recyclables. Inaccurate disposal of this product may be penalised in accordance with
national legislation.
Remove the internal battery by following the below steps:
 Make sure that the controller is de-energized.
 Unscrew 5 screws fixing the rear wall of the controller.
 Pry up the knob and remove it.
 Remove the front of the controller cover.
 Take out the board with the display, and the battery from the sockets.
 Cut the pin-outs connecting the battery with the printed circuit board.
EUROSTER 12M controller
Warranty terms:
1. The warranty is valid for 24 months from the device sale date.
2. Claimed thermostat together with this warranty certificate must be supplied
to the seller.
3. Warranty claims shall be processed within 14 business days from the date
the manufacturer has received the claimed device.
4. The device may be repaired exclusively by the manufacturer or by other party
clearly authorized by the manufacturer.
5. Warranty becomes invalidated in case of any mechanical damage, incorrect
operation and/or making any repairs by unauthorized persons.
6. This consumer warranty does not exclude, restrict nor suspend any right
of the Buyer ensuing if the product would not meet any of the sale contract terms.
sale date
serial number/ date of stamp
and signature
tel. 65-57-12-012
Business entity that issued this warranty certificate is:
P.H.P.U. AS Agnieszka Szymańska-Kaczyńska, Chumiętki 4, 63-840 Krobia, Poland
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