Pilkington Activ™ Approved Cleaning Agents November 2003

Pilkington Activ™
Approved Cleaning Agents
November 2003
This document lists those glass cleaning agents which have been tested by Pilkington, and approved for use
with Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass.
If you have any further questions, please contact your Pilkington Sales Manager.
Additional advice can be found in the "Pilkington Activ™ Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines".
Other products may be compatible, but if they have not been tested by Pilkington they will not appear on
this document.
Please do not use abrasive cleaning agents or equipment to clean Pilkington Activ™.
List of Approved Cleaning Agents
Ajax 3-Fach Aktiv
Ajax Antistatic
Ajax Citrofrisch
Ajax Fete Des Fleurs
Ajax Glass Universal Double Action
Ajax Glasrein Zitro-Frisch
Ajax Kristall
Ajax Streak Free Professional Glass Cleaner
Ajax Tip-Top
Ajax Window Cleaner
CIF Window Wipes
Cleani Glass Universal
Cosmofen 10 and 20 (with water rinse)
Decra Sheen (Regal Lead)
Denk Mit Glasreiniger
Domol Glasklar
Dow Corning's Silicone Eater
(will remove silicone but will not prevent releaching)
Elite Force 2000 UPVC Cleaner
Elite Force Extra Strength
Ettore Squeege Off (concentrate)
Fenosol S10 (For PVC)
Frosch Spiritus Glas-Reiniger
Graffiti Wipes (Ritec International)
Gunge Wipes (Ritec International)
Kristall Fenster
Mr Muscle Window Cleaner
Nationwide Glass Cleaner
Nova Window Cleaner
Ritec Glass Cleaner
Brand names of Sidolin cleaners:
~ Sidolin 2 Phasen (DE)
~ Sidolin Streifenfrei Aktivschaum (DE)
~ Sidolin Streifenfrei Cristal (DE)
~ Sidolin Streifenfrei Zitrus-Frisch (DE)
~ Instanet Ruiten / Instanet Ruiten Citron (B, NL)
~ Clin Windows / Clin Universal (Austria, Eastern Europe)
~ Bref Vitre / Bref Vitre Citron (F)
~ Bref Multiuso (IT)
~ Tenn Crystales e Superficies / Tenn Multiusos (S)
~ Sonasol Vidros / Sonasol Vidos e Superficies (Pt)
Safeway Vecta Window Cleaner
Spontex Glass Wipes
Spray Clean Glass Universal
Wilko Window Cleaner
Windowlene Spray (Original)
Windowlene Wipes For Glass and Shiny Surface
Zack Glasreiniger
November 03
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